Thursday, September 2, 2010

on the road again

booooo, my mom is leaving today. i feel bad for being such an impatient jerk. i haven't really had any time to decompress and relax since the first week of august- like, thankfully i've had a lot of fun stuff to do and cool friends hanging around but i'm sort of like... at a breaking point where i need to be able to sit in my room and watch netflix and fart without any obligations. still, that's my mom, and i shouldn't have snapped at her so much. i feel super super super guilty and like the worst child ever.

it's all for you, damian

we had a pretty low-key evening last night- i was super exhausted after work so we ate chinese food and watched a very riveting television show about celebrity murders. blehhhhh i love my mom more than anything or anyone and i'm going to miss her. christina and i may go to florida though in the winter !!!!

i have a credit evaluation interview with a lady from the program i'm in for school in a few minutes. i have... 15 classes that would theoretically transfer and 3 that wouldn't (i got Cs in them). i'm actually assuming that zero will transfer or that i'll get one or two electives at best, so i don't have my hopes up, but it can't hurt to try- if two classes transfer, that makes this ordeal one semester shorter.

why are owls so wise

i actually took too long to write this so i already talked to her- she said she'd do the evaluation tomorrow morning and tell me what could possibly be transferred, and then i have to get syllabuses from all the classes. whattttt. i went to college like ten years ago ! she also said that she thinks more stuff than i think will transfer, which might be kind of cool and less bleak. i'm stilllll not going to get my hopes up though.

in other news, i'm excited for the long weekend and excited in general to be able to relax with some giant boring books

civil war

speaking of boring, i'm going to go do some work now (ZING !), which includes, today, digging 5050500505 t-shirts out of our basement.

p.s. my friend dean is supposed to stop by tonight to give me a birthday present he got me like 4 years ago. i am NOT banking on him showing up.


  1. "then i have to get syllabuses from all the classes"

    WHAT. Who are you, Hercules?

    ps adult mutant ninja turtles

  2. isn't that RIDICULOUS??? i have no idea how i'll actually get those.

  3. Could you just use descriptions from the course catalog, maybe? (It'd probably be online.) I was able to, but this was for an art degree where my actual portfolio held more credit than my actual credits anyway.

    HAHA my verification word was "unfacin"

  4. And my second verification word was "redness"