Monday, September 20, 2010

walk the dinosaur

hey dudes ! i had a wonderful and very benadrylled weekend ! on friday, i came home and actually wrote my essay- i had to write an essay about huckleberry finn, and then write an essay about my essay where i went through every line and had to paraphrase each line (to say what it SAYS) and then explain what each line DOES. it wasn't as tedious as it sounds ! then i had to read a chapter of beyond the culture wars by gerald graff and do a SAYS/DOES outline for that. what a weird book- this is my first year back at school in a billion years and it is some like... weird academic-y jargon-y book about problems in academia. why would i care about that? i have no clue what he's even talking about. like, going to school to learn about going to school doesn't seem interesting to me.

stuffy library

the class is pretty rough. so far it is like... middle school type stuff, but the instruction is muddled and the assignments are tedious. i'm bummed, because i have a lot to learn about writing and i'm not sure i'm going to learn it in this (required) class. we have to do a class blog and i know that not everyone is a superstar blogger or whatever, but everyone's entries are so weird and tedious and are a mishmash of incomplete sentences. also even though they can be about ANYTHING, most people write about the class. i feel like a jerk complaining about it though !

on saturday, i went to hannah's to meet my new kitten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hannah found a teeny tiny baby kitten, and i get to take her home in 3 weeks. she's about 3 weeks old now (though she seems to be around 4 weeks developmentally and 3 weeks in size? so she may just be tiny). she is seriously like... the cutest kitten in the world. she put her paws on my face and nibbled on my chin and alksjdkaslks she's so cute. hannah is a saint for taking care of her !


after that, i went to target to get some qtips and new bedding and ended up running into jeanne, mike, ryann, and ned ! and then a few minutes later, benji ! it was pretty neat, except i was self-conscious about my eye and the fact that i was sort of covered in kitten pee. i got some bedding and some qtips and headed home, where i met up with mouse and benji (again !), fresh from their jiu jitsu lesson. i made them spaghetti with field roast sausages:

field roast

and mouse and i tried to sell benji on band of brothers. benji isn't a tv person but he's a cool human so he'd probably love band of brothers. i got to hang out with mouse a little too after benji left, which was nice because i don't get to see him as much because of school.

on sunnnnnday, i did some reading for my genocide class- this week we have to read saviors and survivors by mahmood mamdani. it's about darfur, and my professor said that she considers it to be genocide denial. so far, that seems pretty right on, but i have to claim ignorance here and say that i really don't know enough about darfur to know if what he's saying is completely preposterous.

saviors and survivors

i have a lot more reading to do, because i hope to write my paper for the class about genocide denial, so i think i need to actually stick to my plan of reading when i'm supposed to be reading ! after doing some reading, though, i went to jeanne and mike's house for fake thanksgiving ! ryann came too. we made quorn roast, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and brussels sprouts, and i brought a cherry pie and some pastries. the food was so good and i had the best time, and i'm glad i got to hang out with ryann again cause she's cool. also thanksgiving is the best possible meal of all time and i want to have it again right now?

someone else's vegan thanksgiving

what else? i'm off of work today because my eye totally sucks. benadryl made the swelling go down, but i didn't take it last night so i could get up for work today, and it came right back. the hydrocortisone my doctor suggested (did i mention that? my doctor suggested benadryl and hydrocortisone on friday for 3 days, and if it wasn't gone today, come back) seemed to make my face redder, and the really itchy spot is my tear duct. this really, really sucks.

what else? oh, in times of stress, i get fixated on stupid things. troll dolls. bill paxton. floaty pens. right now, it's, uh, how i met your mother. i will say right off- this show is not funny. it has a good cast (minus the main character, who is like jimmy fallon taped off the radio, and then someone made a tape of that tape, and so on and so on and so on) and good writers and almost good jokes, but the delivery of every line is so horrible, the laugh track is really weak and oddly placed, ugh. it's a TERRIBLE show. and yet i am downloading all five seasons and have bought some episodes on itunes.

how i met your mother

- why would the main character's voice change as he aged so he turns into bob saget instead of having the same voice?
- how do two assholes in nyc afford such a HUGE apartment?
- how do they afford to go drinking every single night?
- why bother living in nyc if they don't go anywhere but their apartment and the bar directly downstairs?
- some of the stuff barney does is super sketchy/sexual assault-y. why are they friends with him? especially the women?
- who on earth would tell their children some of the stuff that goes on on this show? why would a child ever care how their parents met?
- why am i so attracted to jason segel?

these are questions i cannot answer. i hope this passes soon.

anywayyyyyy see you tomorrowwww


  1. that show is awful hahah. i too am attracted to jason seigel and i have no idea why.


  2. it really, really doesn't seem like any kid on earth would EVER care. also jason segel is such a frankenstein but i like those, and also we have a lot in common (dracula, muppets, frankenstein)

  3. jason segel's freaks and geeks character ruined him forever for me. i can't even like him as a friend.

    i want to make a thanksgiving casserole sometime. like just dump all of the stuff you eat at thanksgiving in a dish and cover it in croutons and bake it. i bet it would be delicious.


    Lady R

  5. brooke, as a lover of like... mush, i want that soooo bad now. oh god !

    jeanne, jason segel WROTE that song !!!!! 'is your green army jacket the only thing keeping you warm tonight'

  6. thats my favorite part of the song haha.

  7. "jason segel's freaks and geeks character ruined him forever for me. i can't even like him as a friend." <-- SERIOUSLY. Also, I watched that show with my old roommate and he was like, "Nick's the cool kid, right?" I wanted to punch him. NO.

    I love fake Thanksgiving - not that I've ever had it. It just sounds good.

  8. about your eye stuff - have you tried antihistamine eyedrops? there's a few otc kinds (i use alaway, but target makes a generic that ive used too), i started using them when last fall my eyes started randomly swelling shut from allergies and they've helped immensely. any time i feel them start to itch i put them in and have avoided swollen eyes since.

  9. yes, i've tried zyrtec eyedrops ! they definitely helped a little, but not totally- the problem isn't so much the eyeBALL but the skin around my eyeball.

    i remember liking nick on freaks and geeks- maybe i should watch it again.

  10. I like him and I have sympathy for him but I think I just saw him as the "average kid" who was never quite smart enough or emotionally strong enough to be his own person? Hence the disco ending and the military considerations.

  11. i liked him until he and lyndsey started dating and it was revealed that he was a complete weiner! also lady l is so mortifying. and his disco moves.

  12. I MEAN LINDSEY wtf why did i spell it like that

  13. Just wait until the later seasons. Barney is the worst as far as the crrepy stuff he does goes!

    Both of my roommates started watching this show recently and I hate it because it means they pay less attention to me and I can't enjoy the experience with them because I have already seen all of the episodes.

  14. "i liked him until he and lyndsey started dating and it was revealed that he was a complete weiner! also lady l is so mortifying. and his disco moves. " <-- totally. I always wanted her to be a swifter hammer in breaking up with him because it grossed me out so badly. I get that she didn't want to hurt his feelings but she got stuck making out with him and whatever when she didn't even want to. It was the more enabling thing, ever and it made me want to punchisize everything.

    I like that I have so much interest in F&G characters still that I'll repeatedly revisit the same blog post to talk about it. word verification just came up as BORING. :(