Friday, September 17, 2010

a race against the clock !

hayyyy. i have to start getting ready to go to the doctor at 10, so i have to MAKE THIS FAST ! my eye is getting progressively more swollen and itchy every day- like, it goes down by the end of the day with zyrtec eyedrops + zyrtec, but every day when i wake up it looks worse than the previous morning. today it's veryyyyyy swollen. if it's allergies, which everyone keeps saying it is, i'm obviously allergic to something in my room, because it gets horrible overnight. and maybe it's no coincidence that it's my left eye, and i sleep on my left side.


christina just said they might SWAB MY EYE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

on wednesday, my writing class went okay- we were assigned a short paper to write over the weekend and another reading assignment, which should be fine, and we did group work, which was, as always, infuriating. the lady i got grouped with was super nice but she hadn't read huckleberry finn and hadn't done the reading for her class but was arguing with what i was saying based on what she thinks the book is about. buhhhhhhhh.

lasttttt night was my genocide class, and of course i loved it. we watched a christiane amanpour documentary for cnn called, scream bloody murder. it's available on youtube, and it's about the people who saw genocide happening and how no one listened to them. to break up the heartbreak and injustice, christiane interviewed everyone and seriously to every person was like, "would you say you... SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER?". also despite being so interesting, the last segment (part 14 if you're watching it on youtube) was pretty horrible and was about a hutu man apologizing to a tutsi woman for killing her family, conveniently leaving out the fact that the government required him to do so.


i'm so, so excited about this class. it's going to be tough because there's a tonnnnn of reading and a tonnnnnnn of writing, but it's so interesting and the classroom discussions are great. i want to talk way too much in class though so i'm going to have to curb that so other people can talk and so i'm not the older student who dominates the conversation and demands the professor's attention (aka the person i hateddddddd when i was 18).

oh, so far, the worst thing about going back to school, by far, is christians in the classroom. i don't think that religious people realize how boring their religion is to other people and how alienating it is when they talk to a group of people from other cultures/countries/religious groups in a university setting about their faith like it's an absolute given and absolute truth. like, the only book you like is the bible cause you DON'T LIKE FICTION? cooooool. you don't worry too much about the problems with the genocide convention that hinder prevention, international intervention, etc. because the victims will go to heaven and god will judge the perpetrators? that's so interesting and also like, almost sociopathic. jesus is probably rolling over in his grave right now because you're using him as an excuse to not think critically about the world around you.


okay, gotta go get ready to go to the doctor. i'm gonna go to work afterward i think, if only because i left my school books at work.

this weekend: studying, studying, studying, going to target to get allergy pillow covers (if the doctor says this is allergies), making dinner with mouse tomorrow, studying, having vegetarian thanksgiving with jeanne and ryann on sunday? and also possibly meeting a kitten to adopt (i don't want to get my hopes up yet !)


  1. My allergies get worse at night because I have tree allergies and sleep with the window open vs during the day when I'm inside an office, which is tree-less.

    "that's so interesting and also like, almost sociopathic. jesus is probably rolling over in his grave right now because you're using him as an excuse to not think critically about the world around you." this amuses and saddens me. damn your delivery!

  2. i have been getting SOME seasonal allergies, so maybe switching from AC at night to fan at night is doing it? but since it's specifically on the side that touches my pillow, maybe my dust allergies are getting ramped up?


  3. Did you try changing your air conditioning filter?

    Also, you just made me so glad I am in mainly accounting classes where I never have to hear about anyone's opinions or religion.

  4. I have not ! But I'm about to switch from ac to fan for the fall

  5. I double-dog dare you to use the phrase "Jesus rolling over in his grave" in front of the religious people. They'll be laying their hands on you and praying faster than you can walk away!