Monday, September 13, 2010

shyness is nice and shyness can stop you

what a wonderful weekend ! friday was jeanne's art show at benna's and it was phenomenal ! jess and laszlo came down from new york to go with us. everything was so beautiful in person and a million billion people came ! unfortunately, kat bought the sirin, but i bought a print of it ! and also bought prints of like.. every other possible thing. christina bought this one:


it was the most fun- jeanne's art looked so great and it was so impressive. there were a ton of people so i kept getting like social anxiety horror feelings, but i made myself stay inside and talk to new people and act fairly normal, though at one point i almost reached out and stroked a girl's hair? we were packed in like sardines and my brain misfired and was like, "if someone is this close to me it means we're on hair petting terms". luckily i didn't do it ! there were a million people there that i know and kinda know, and i got to meet nate's brother (finally) which was exciting !

after the show, we tried to go to the pope and were REBUFFED, so we went to the pathetic adobe which is always empty. i split a pitcher of apple margaritas with someone and got instantly hammered. p.s. apple margaritas taste like garbage. i actually got to talk to labuda for awhile, which is a feat (since i never leave my house) and got to talk to ryann and ned (ryann, ned, and kat are the friends of jeanne's that i'm trying to pokemon) !


on saturday, jess, laszlo, christina, and i tried to go to mi lah (not to be confused with my lai), a vegetarian restaurant in center city with a really amazing looking brunch menu. we got there at 2:30 (brunch is from 10-3) and.. were told that the kitchen was closed. we ended up going to monk's since we were already on 16th street, and we had a good time. i wish they lived here, but i'll have to settle for emailing jess and getting a weird al bro tat with laszlo.

weird al

when we came back, there was a beautiful stray cat on our porch and we petted her before dropping jess and laszlo at the bus station. then we went to whole foods, where i got a vegan carrot cake for carol's party that night ! when we got home we couldn't resist the beautiful stray anymore and i decided to take her ! so, if everything works out with her health / her relations with pizza, i'm going to keep her. her name is weirdo and she's really super tiny (like 6lbs) and very sweet and nice and has big eyes and a teeny mouth !


god she's great ! she's so soft ! and tiny ! after getting her situated in christina's room, mouse picked me up and we went to carol's house. i only got to see carol for a little bit, but i got to pet three great cats and hang out with jeanne and look at all of carol's stuff in her bedroom- she's the only person i know who has a kurt russell action figure.

the thing

i also saw her lil wayne - the carter record's spine and thought it was a tia carrere album about wayne. everyone was hanging out on the roof, and i was wearing a dress and didn't really know anyone and didn't feel comfortable like, awkwardly climbing out there and showing everyone my vagina so that was sort of a bummer. we left around 10:30 and went back to my house and tried to find videos of dusty's love on the internet (dusty's love being a saturday night live thing mouse is obsessed with, about a blind girl played by sarah michelle gellar who is in love with a disgusting alien who eats horses?). SURPRISINGLY, we came up empty-handed !

on sunday, i tried to do some reading for that social contract class but it was so oppressive and uninteresting that christina and i cleaned the livingroom as a distraction. after assessing the reading for the class, though, i decided that that class would be too hard to take in conjunction with my genocide class, and i dropped it. i signed up instead for a mandatory writing seminar (which i have to take at penn- no previous composition or english course i took can be used to fulfill that requirement) about huckleberry finn.

i'm your huckleberry

What is a literary education good for, anyway? What makes a Great Book? In this class we will look at the debates and crises that have shaped literary study over the twentieth century. Our entry point into these controversies will be Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which has been alternately celebrated as a “Great American Novel” and trashed as a childish, racist, and outdated relic. As a critical community, the class will engage with debates over this novel and reflect on our own literary educations—what they have been and what they should be. Students will write, peer review, and revise several short essays throughout the semester. They will also keep a class journal, in which they will write informally both inside and outside of class.

the class meets on monday and wednesday, but only for 1.5 hours, which shouldn't be toooooo bad. hopefully i can handle it with the genocide class !

oh, mouse came over to to meet the kitty and to copy some good music from christina (i also might do that soon). tonight is my first meeting of the aforementioned writing class and i'm nervous and excited. i hope i can do it !

okay talk to you later.



  2. Cat!

    I wish my shitty school had more than two interesting lit classes. They're all super boring except the young adult novel class ! which I am taking next semester.

  3. christine, you'd LOVE her

    grace, penn seems to have like... dozens of cool writing classes ! but the three open right now in this semester are art history (yawn), greek heroes (possibyl interesting but requires a big research paper), and this one.

  4. I want to be charmander! congrats on the new kitten friend!!