Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i say that every hour

first update from my new laptop ! i'm at home today because i got the brilliant idea to try to find a suitable schoolbag in my closet last night and got the worst dust allergy attack ever. my sleep patterns have been iffy at best lately, but i had watery stinging eyes/sinus pain/tooth pain (a weird allergy symptom i get)/a runny nose/an itchy throat until 5am or so. the worst part is that i didn't find a suitable bag. actually wait the worst part is that i feel like shit !


yesterday i heard back about my transfer credits. out of 20 possible credits, seven will transfer. i expected zero, so that is really encouraging ! work will pay for me to take six credits a year, so 7 credits takes a whole year off of my school career. the only trick here is that i have to get the syllabuses for those seven classes so they can determine if they fulfill requirements or if they're electives. surprisingly, i tracked down 4 of them within hours, and the other 3 are allegedly on their way- i had to get current syllabuses because um... i took the classes 9 years ago, but they accept those.

after work, i met up with mouse at green line (where i had a vegan chicken salad sandwich and giant iced coffee). before he got there, this dude came up to the counter behind me and said, "do you guys have any SKIN MILK??????" and i cracked up in the dude's face and was horrified by how rude i was being and then it made me laugh even harder so i was just like... laughing like a maniac for five or so minutes. ahhhh. it's still making me laugh to think about it ! mouse and i went on a short walk and got subpar fruit at supreme and a hairbrush at cvs.


and thennnnnnn when i came home, i transferred all of my music onto my new laptop, installed some programs on it, filled out my refund form for the free ipod i got with the laptop (i sent it to my mom) and did some other junk.

two more things !

1) i need comfortable and cute walking shoes. i need shoes that are as close to being barefoot as possible (that aren't those shoes with the individual toes), and are good for wide feet. the most comfortable shoes i've ever had, the birkenstock annapolis, are like $170 everywhere or on ebay but not in my size (i accidentally won a pair that are too big). i might go with the birkenstock eden?


2) i start school tomorrow and i'm really fucking scared. i'm nervous about like... every possible aspect of everything, from not being smart enough to the professor not liking me to the desks being uncomfortable for fat people. ugh.

anywayyyy blehhhhhhhh blehaslkdajslkgg wish me luck bleh.


  1. When my allergies are really bad my teeth sometimes burn. Like right along the gum-line. It really sucks.

    Good luck tomorrow, BLEH

  2. mine feel like they're HOLLOW AND FULL OF PAIN

  3. ""do you guys have any SKIN MILK??????""

    maybe he wanted platypus milk
    pps good luck tomorrow <3

  4. thanks guys ! i'm very scared and i'm going to die

  5. Platypus milk!

    I miss school - you will love it and have fun!

  6. i love that when you talk about going to green line and then cvs i can actually picture it!!!

  7. i'm glad 'platypus milk' wasn't overlooked, haha