Friday, September 3, 2010

i've made a huge mistake

mannnnnn. i've been hemming and hawing about getting a new laptop for school and yesterday i impulsively decided to go get one, and i made a terrible choice. i used a friend's macbook pro and loved it, and mistakenly thought she had a 17". THEN, on the table at the store, there were two sizes of macbooks which i thought were the 15" and 17", and the 17" one looked perfect for my needs, so i got the 17" one. wellllll it turns out i'm very stupid and there is actually a 13" macbook and the two i saw were 13" and 15" and the laptop i got is fucking gigantic. i don't mean to complain and have like, the brattiest most privileged problems ever- it was just a stupid mistake on my part and now i'm stuck with a very expensive laptop that isn't actually convenient for my needs.

macbook pro

it was only $100 more than the one i MEANT to get, and wow will look great on it, and it's really beautiful and will be great for watching movies and whatever, but it's just like... not practical. i like to bring my laptop on vacation with me or bring it places outside my room (away from all my cool stuff) to do work or bring it to friend's houses and sit in silence while we're both on our laptops and i don't even think i have a bag big enough to fit this thing. blehhh.

i know this is the stupidest problem ever and it's my own fault for not understanding how measurement works so i don't blame you for not having sympathy.

i want it now

i didn't end up doing much last night. i watched the phillies game (9 run 7th inning?) and i intended to clean my room but what i ended up doing was laying on my bed watching youtube videos for like three hours instead of cleaning my room. you'll be happy to know that the gin blossoms music has held up, and that i now know how to crank that (courtesy of soulja boy).

big plans for the weekend: doing nothing, knitting, reading, setting up my new laptop, having adventures with mouse? christina invited me to go to the south philly taproom with her and amber tonight. i obviously love christina and i haven't seen amber in YEARS and i love her too, but i'm pretty wiped out and socially exhausted right now. maybe i'll be brave. the south philly taproom used to serve lion meat


they also have stuff like wild boar and bear bacon (which isn't exciting to me because i'm a florida redneck). i wonder what the vegetarian options are? mandrake root tacos !!!

mandrake root

vegan dodo eggs.

so, yeah. buyer's remorse, exciting weekend with mouse, exciting evening with christina and amber?, boring weekend holing up in my room reading about the civil war and watching survivorman.


  1. i heard the taproom serves up a mean rack of vegetable lamb of tartary

  2. alskdjalksjdlkasjd !!!! that's already vegan !!!!

  3. eye of newt(on's own veganewt)

    i think it's cute that we'll be reading the same books at the same time on separate coasts

  4. me too ! civil war book club for two !!!!!!!!

  5. I'll try not to post any *spoilers*

  6. Roxy, I feel unusually sympathetic to your laptop plight. I too have a ridiculously huge laptop, and hate how impractical it is. At least now you can get rid of the desktop?

  7. i'm probably going to keep my desktop computer

  8. Ps. Brooke, I think about "Overstuffed sausage vs overstuffed sausage!" every day and it has yet to Not blow my mind.

  9. Mike, I was at a party last weekend and I regaled a few people with your theory of food density! they seemed pretty into it.

  10. I have the 17" for work, and it is a little bit of pain. There are bags you can get, but not as many options. I ended up getting a Timbuk2 one that fits it perfectly, but it's a backpack and might be more than what you're looking for. I actually end up carrying mine around without a real laptop bag a lot, just have to be careful.

  11. aw man, a backpack ! that sounds kind of grim. i'm going to check etsy.