Tuesday, September 21, 2010

men like you can never change

man. my writing class. i'm not sure what's up, but like... everyone curses and criticizes the class and class material constantly in class and in our writings, and it's the weirdest classroom environment in the universe? i feel like i'm on the bad news bears.

in class we had to bring an extra copy of the essay we wrote and do peer review of other peoples' essays. we weren't allowed to edit the copy, we just had to make an outline of the paper from our point of view so they could review it and see if their paper was actually saying what they meant to say. i guess that's a useful exercise? the paper i got needed editing but since it wasn't my job, i didn't do it. it did say "huckleberrey finn," "huckleberry fin," and "hick finn" in it though.

i feel guilty or like i sound snobby (or worse, classist) about this but my class is comprised half of privileged ivy league snots and half adults who have been working in professional jobs for 5+ years.

some dunces

after class, i came home and typed up my peer review and... watched tv for like 4 hours. i was in a really thick haze of allergy medicine fog (how do people with allergies DO this every day?) and couldn't make myself pick up another book. today, i'm refocused- i'm going to:


1) re-write my essay based on my peer review
2) read more of that mahmood mamdani book at lunch
3) write a quick paragraph about whether or not the kent state shootings count as genocide (someone asked this in class so we have to write about what we think)
4) go to the green line after work WITHOUT MY LAPTOP and read more of that book

i think i scheduled my classes well- having tuesday and friday as no class days gives me a lot of time to work on homework and special projects and reading and stuff. oh, and my eye feels a lot better today- it's still itchy but it isn't swollen or red. maybe i'll take the opportunity to put my new sheets on tonight?

okay, time to get to work !

p.s. hannah sent me a video of the kitten playingggggg. i wish i knew how to post it !


  1. normally i'm a dog dunce person, but that cat dunce is my favorite.

  2. new sheets are my favorite! it's so hard for me to leave ross without some under my arm.

  3. ross is my favorite place to get new sheets ! though i did not um, change mine tonight.

  4. My favorite peer editing mistake is "Things suck as Harry Potter."