Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we are 139

yesterday was my 138th entry ! hayyy.

this morning my eyes were so swollen and i looked like this guy:

beauty and the beast

christina put zyrtec eyedrops in my eyes, which was super relieving, and i took a zyrtec- the alavert i was taking just wasn't cutting it, and i feel a little better, but i also had to drink a 32 oz iced coffee to combat it and now i feel like, Very Insane.

the bigggggg news is that weirdo's owners found out we had her, so we had to bring her back to them. it was a bummer because she's back outside already. the cat seriously has zero street smarts and is constantly almost getting hit by cars. i guess they'll be sorry when she's dead? we'll miss you, weirdo (and i reserve the right to name any future cat i get "weirdo II" with a silent "II").


at least jeanne got to meet her ! jeanne came over and petted her forever, and then we ordered delicious thai food. i had crazy allergy head/face so i didn't feel like going anywhere, so we hung out at my house and talked. jeanne is coooooooool. after she left, i read some of huckleberry finn. wow, huckleberry finn is a total sociopath ! i remember his exploits sounding a lot more fun and clever when i was a kid and now i'm like, "what a maniac." i'm kind of kidding, but kind of not kidding too. reading nothing but huckleberry finn and a million genocide books and articles this semester is probably going to turn me into an empty shell of a person who eats a lot of corn pone.

corn pone

i got some yarn in the mail, too, to make baby stuff for some babies ! first, i'm making mouse's nephew scottie a tiny little mailman replica cardigan (using a patch from one of mouse's old work shirts), and this pattern:

baby sweater

and knitpicks worsted swish superwash in dark navy:


and i'm going to make the presto chango cardigan for helen's upcoming baby

presto chango

with garnet heather swish worsted yarn, which looks a little like this but is more vibrant with black heathering:


and these faux jet buttons from etsy:

jet buttons

i'm pretty excited to do some baby knitting, since it seems like things will knit up fast and i have a little while before i need to finish, but i ammmmmm a little worried about knitting time vs. school time. i barely knitted anything over summer, but knitting in the summer also kind of sucks. oh, i also bought these buttons on etsy, for use with... some other baby thing? maybe a fancy baby sweater?


they seem too beautiful to waste on a baby (i love babies, but they don't know an ornate button from a shit-lined shoe) but they're also super tiny and i think they'd get lost on any kind of adult garment. i just need to meet a really elegant and fancy and worldly baby. maybe a millionaire baby? dannielynn birkhead? hillary swank?

million dollar baby

i guess i should get to work- i'm going to read huckleberry finn on my lunch break, and do a little reading for my genocide class. i have to write a response paper for that class, which is intimidating because i don't really know what that is. here's what the professor wrote us:

I encourage everyone to try out a response paper for Thursday. This will help you codify the definitional questions involved in the study of genocide and perhaps clarify some deeper thoughts you have on the subject. It will also give you a chance to see how these response papers work. As I mentioned last Thursday, guiding questions will be posted each week. Feel free to use them as a guide when writing your response paper. I have found that the most successful response papers engage one question or a set of closely related questions in a sustained way. Response papers are semi-formal--please correct spelling and grammar before handing them in! You should also feel free to draw on personal experience, and by all means use the first person.

hopefully this all works out and it isn't graded too harshly- we have 13 weeks in class and only have to write 10 papers, so i could skip it, but i want all the feedback i can get, so i'm going to try my best and try not to be too worried about "doing it wrong."

okay cya !


  1. be careful, babies love to eat buttons. berry and beale like to eat buttons too. and rocks.

  2. "a tiny little mailman replica cardigan"

    cutest and best

  3. mike, the buttons will be firmly sewn onto an outfit- i'm not handing the baby a handful of buttons.

    brooke, it will HOPEFULLY be really cute and the best??? i hope.

  4. I hate crappy cat owners. I totally had neighbors that let their friendly black cat meander near the cemetery section of our block where people started drag racing sometimes (and speeding all the time) and I warned them a few times like, not to be an ass, dudes, but no one can SEE your cat and everyone speeds here. Maybe keep her the f inside. I talked to them twice in a friendly but firm way and they argued with me so I dropped it. "No, she's fine. She's been outside since she was an 8-week old kitten!" (...right, of course she has!)

    Of course I found their cat dead in the street and had to call up to them that their cat was dead in the street. And they flipped out like they had no idea such a thing could ever happen OMG. I wanted to punch the wife in the face SO FUCKING HARD.

    Anyway, thankfully that doesn't happen to lots of cats who shouldn't be outdoors but are anyway so hopefully you won't have a similar experience (you probably won't)!

  5. having managed a feral colony with my family in FL i will not be surprised if something bad happens to her- aside from cars there's so much horrible and dangerous shit that can happen that the odds are stacked against her, especially since she isn't afraid of people and DOESN'T MOVE WHEN CARS APPROACH HER.

  6. i meant YOU are the cutest and best

  7. Dang. Maybe you can just steal her and hide her eventually! Well, I am sending good thoughts her way, for what that's worth.

  8. I like those buttons! They would be cute in a cluster of three on a saggy beret for a little "flair" or whatever you would call that. It would be cute! I haven't knit all summer and I had no desire to at all, but I just started making a bag on Friday and I've been like... devouring it. But like, reverse I guess. I'm bad with words today.

    P.S. I needed to catch up on your blog so I printed out a bunch of entries at work so I could read them as physical documents while I ate lunch ;D

    P.P.S. HI! I miss you!

  9. ahhhhhhh you are the cutest ! i miss you too !!!!! come visit? mouse's birthday is the first weekend of october. or wait, second weekend !

    what bag are you making? is it on RAVELRY?

  10. Yeah! It's on Ravelry! It's a stretchy cotton market bag called the Ilene Bag! I'm almost done so I'll put up pics on Ravelry this weekend maybe. Also, I think Nick and I will likely come to visit you sometime in the next month or so I hope. We have been talking about it for a while...