Friday, August 27, 2010

woke up too late

what's up dudes ! i have learned this morning that angel on angel is a vampire, not an angel, and completed my financial aid forms (to possibly get grants !) for going back to school. what a productive morning !

having my mom here is great, though she asks a thousand questions and nothing makes me cagier than people asking me a bunch of questions ! i've tried to keep my temper in check. having christina around is a great buffer because christina is endlessly patient and is like... the most socially intelligent. plus my mom has essentially kidnapped her and calls us 'her girls' and calls her 'my other daughter' now.

chopped liver
me, the old baby

we haven't really done a terrific amount of stuff. yesterday we went to bobby's burger palace, a restaurant on penn's campus owned by bobby flay. i wasn't hungry (annnnnd they don't have veggie burgers anyway, and i already had an upset stomach so i didn't want to eat grilled cheese), but i had a few of christina's sweet potato fries and they were pretty incredible

sweet potato fries

then we went to the last word (the huge used bookstore in my neighborhood), where i was overwhelmed as usual. i grabbed a nice old library copy of the figure in the shadows by john bellairs

figure in the shadows

and this YA novel by joyce carol oates called big mouth and ugly girl. i think joyce carol oates is an abysmal writer and i've absolutely hated every adult book i've written by her, but maybe she's... better at writing YA books? i thought i'd give it a shot.

bigmouth and ugly girl

i have tried reading mockingjay a little, but after catching fire, i don't really care anymore? like, the obvious outcome is that peeta will sacrifice himself for katniss, she'll get to live and be with gale, the rebels will win, and life will be hard but the fight will be worth it. disclaimer: please don't tell me i'm wrong if you've already read it cause i'm like 70 pages in. haha.

i alsooooo bought the graveyard book by neil gaiman- i feel sort of lucky that he released an extremely popular novel based on my favorite chapter in a short story book a respectable time before i read the short story book, because it was $3 on amazon !

graveyard book

to counteract all the YA fiction i'm consuming, i also got used copies of shelby foote's the civil war: a narrative because brooke hyped it up so much to me when she was here. my american history to 1865 class actually weirdly stopped short of the actual civil war? so i'm going to slake my thirst with 99239230923 pages about it.

civil war

anyway, what else? oh, we went to cvs and then we came home and my mom dyed my hair for me. as a person who has extremely tangly hair and was formerly a CHILD with extremely tangly hair (who lacked the adult shame and instinct to brush it), having my mom comb and mess with my hair was very triggering !!! i was going OW OW OW OW STOP OW OW GODDDDD OW STOP every five seconds. she did a really good job though. i dyed it this color:

dark auburn

but it is not quite purpley art teachery red in real life, because my hair comes out the same shade of auburn no matter what color i dye it.

tonight i'm going to go see dangerbird and red devil in my neighborhood (sans mom) and then come home and hang out with my mom. she's totally a night owl- she stays up until like 3-4am. so much for trying to fix my sleep schedule.

p.s. i took vacation days monday and tuesday to hang out with her so i MAY not update.


  1. " also got used copies of shelby foote's the civil war: a narrative because brooke hyped it up so much to me when she was here. "


    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! I actually went back to the book store here and got that set for $35 too, haha.



  3. hahaha my mom specifically told me she knows i have a blog but she'd never read it cause i wasn't the one who told her about it, but i will pass on the review of me to her, chrisine !

    brooke !! i got all the books for like $3 each on amazonnnnnnnnnnn !!!! i can't wait to read it.

  4. oh mannnnnnnnnn i shouldve looked on amazon! where's my dapper dunce cap.

    christine i misread your name as 'christina' at first and got so confused, haha. have you read shelby foote's civil war narrative?