Thursday, August 5, 2010

i hear the mermaids singing, each to each

hey buddies. right now i'm uncomfortable because my dress keeps riding up and my butt is touching my chair. at least this makes it very funny when other people sit at my desk.

my week is a little bit more calm now- i've done all my major assignments until after class tonight so i can have a day of relaxation... at work. i'm KIND OF getting the hang of the cases because of a helpful comment left on my blog last night, but i'm going to have to make myself a cheat sheet for the future. last night we learned how to say things in past tense. one thing that was making me uncomfortable is that we had to watch and answer questions about this song, "ich bin nackt," and one of the lines is basically "my neighbor sees my tits" and our professor keptttttttt asking us, "what does her neighbor see???"


after class, i somehow persuaded paul to kill attumen with me in karazhan, despite the fact that he hatesssssssss doing that stuff. i've never really done kara, but i do attumen every week to try to get his mount.


after that we messed around in there a little to see what other bosses we could kill- we killed the lady who is kind of like freya and consecrates all the time, some rich guy having a dinner party, and romulo and julianne. one part of kara is an opera house, and you have a chance of getting one of three 'plays' as a fight- big bad wolf, wizard of oz, or romeo and juliet. that fight was pretty funny and romantic- the spells julianne casts are eternal affection, powerful attraction, blinding passion, and devotion.

romance !

then i played resident evil 5 with ken ! unfortunately, his headset was messing up or something so i couldn't hear him, so we just gave up halfway through- it was really scary though, we had to go through a mine with only a little bit of light and there were gross zombies everywhere. we also ran into the aforementioned irving, but he was whisked away by a lady in a cape (cathy????). it was okay, but the best part of playing games with ken is talking to him so i gave up.

hooded figure

i understand that listening to other people talk about video games is boring but yesterday was the first time in a few days that i've been able to zone out and do stupid shit instead of concentrating on school or work ! no court would convict me !

oh, i pre-ordered mockingjay, the next (and purportedly last?) book in the hunger games series. i was so so so utterly disappointed by catching fire though that my expectations are pretty low. if you haven't read the books, they're about a bleak future where the US is separated into impoverished districts based on production of goods, by a tyrannical oppressive government. to keep the people in line and entertain the rich people in the capitol, two kids from each district are chosen in a lottery every year to fight to the death on live tv.

hunger games

i LOVED the hunger games- totally bleak and suspenseful with a strong female heroine, unflinching portrayal of poverty, love, mental illness, having to MURDER people, etc. totally gory and disgusting and brutal at times and tender and sweet at other times. i seriously loved every minute of it, except for the wolves, which were somehow bad CGI even though it was a book and not a movie? but the sequel, catching fire, was dull and full of romance in comparison. like, there were zero doubts about who would live or die and too many boring scenes hanging out in the capitol eating food.

don't get me wrong, it was still a decent book, but nothing to write a whole blog thing about ! but, yeah, i have my reservations about mockingjay, but i'm curious to see how the story turns out, and it was only $9 with free shipping.

i don't have a history lesson for you guys today. i hope you aren't too disappointed !

p.s. i decided to get a mary wollstonecraft tattoo


  1. please tell me the mary wollstonecraft tattoo will have a banner underneath that says "fuck you, ballbag"

  2. that's basically all it's going to be !

  3. the cases are sort of starting to make sense to me, since i asked my teacher to give us sentences that had one of each of the 4 cases in it, using all 3 genders!

    but i know i will just sound like an idiot to a german speaker, so my goal is to be a polite idiot with good pronunciation.

  4. my goal right now is to fulfill the language requirement for my degree... if i accidentally learn german in the process, BONUS !

  5. I TOTALLY agree about the wolves being like bad CGI!! Haha!

  6. i can't think of a better way to describe it but they were so distractingly inappropriate for the book and it was like jar jar binks strolling into the frame and being like MEESA KILL YOU

  7. I just wanted to say that one night vig and i two manned all of karazhan, except for one optional boss, and vig beat the chess boss BY HIMSELF, because it was like, 5am and i couldn't even think straight.

    so i had to watch him try this chess thing for two hours and he actually did it

  8. Do you know about this Mary Wollstonecraft tattoo?
    Written on the body, or, wearing one's heart on one's epidermis

    And did you end up getting one?