Friday, August 20, 2010

chipwich for sale

there is free food at work today, and my advice for everyone is just eat the fucking food and stop talking about the food. WHAT'S THIS? WHAT'S THIS? WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? WHO BROUGHT IN FOOD? WHY IS THERE FOOD?

between today and yesterday (where one other person and i spent 5 hours cleaning out a closet with only brief and annoying interruptions from other people) i'm very ready to have two days off of work. i love my job 90% of the time and love 90% of my coworkers but i am Over Them right now.


i guess the highlight of my afternoon was that i registered for fall classes ! unfortunately, the two classes i wanted were on tuesday and thursday and i wanted to leave at least one of those days free in part for *cough* raiding *cough* (in case cataclysm is totally awesome). i know that sounds lame and nerdy but i think i'd die of jealousy if my friends were raiding without me. also i can just take the other class next semester ! i have other reasons, too, but that one was the first one i thought of D:


anyyyyyway, the classes i registered for are:

Course title The Social Contract
Course description This course examines the history and significance of social contract doctrine for modern social and political thought. In particular, we will study the works of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and J.J. Rousseau. We will also study the utilitarian critique of social contract doctrine and the utilitarian views of David Hume, Adam Smith, J.S. Mill, and Karl Marx's criticism of liiberal-democratic justice. This course thus serves as an introduction to many of the major figures in modern political philosophy.

Course title The Comparative History of Genocide
Course description In this seminar we will study modern genocide with an emphasis on the causes of genocidal processes, possible preventative measures, and social healing after the fact. Particular focus will be on the Holocaust, Rwanda, Bosnia- Herzegovina and Darfur, but other cases will also be examined, including the Herero and Armenian genocides, the genocide of Iraqi Kurds, Guatemala and Cambodia. Using scholarly texts, fiction, film and other media, we will discuss the definition of genocide and its representation, the long- and short-term historical contexts that enable genocide, the question of the uniqueness of the Holocaust and the value of comparative genocide studies,the problem of international response, and the relationship between genocide and other forms of social and political violence.


i'm excited ! though i regret not being able to take creative non-fiction this semester !

after work, mouse and i went to watch rocky on the art museum steps !


it was put on by rolling roadshow, and they totally didn't have their shit together and the movie started an hour late, with a bunch of super loud unpleasant sound and video loops of good luck chuck, but they were totally lucky that rocky is such a good fucking movie and that no one in the audience had batteries to throw. here's a quick recap !

south paw, south jersey, south camden


working hard nowwwwww

cut me, mick

adrian !!!!!!

we had a good time. mouse is cool.

no big plans this weekend- tonight i'm going to see mouse's band at millcreek (one of my exboyfriend's bands is also playing. we aren't on bad terms but we used to be, and i haven't seen him in like 238283 years. it will probably be normal and we won't talk to each other !), and on sunday i'm doing something fun? i assume almost all weekend will be consumed by finishing my craft swap project, ughhh. bye guys !


  1. ahhhhhhhh those classes sound SO AWESOME.

  2. man, I got chills just looking at the recap of rocky. I'm so mad I was dying of allergies and didn't get to watch that and tear up in public around a bunch of philadelphia jerks.

    oh and butthole, get on some sort of non-aim chat so we can talk without my coworkers thinking I'm at work.

  3. brooke, i'm super psyched ! i wish i could've taken creative non-fiction this semester though !

    jeanneeeeee it was awful without you ! well, maybe not, but it was great to hear people cheering during his fight like it was a real fight.

  4. my dad said when he saw it in the theater in philly when it came out people were standing up and cheering during the fight!

    haha my friend jeff's parents saw it when it came out and walked out because they couldn't understand what stallone was saying. how lame is that?

  5. everyone was so psyched, and i think a lot of people hadn't really watched it before so they were actually feeling that stuff for the first time.

    there was a little boy behind me with a fake muscle chest and boxing gloves !!!

  6. Did I miss the Hunkiest Founding Fathers list? Or is it still coming?