Thursday, August 19, 2010

cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning

ugh. today is clean up day at work, meaning that we have to spend the entire day cleaning our office. i have to make this fast ! i'm like supremely annoyed already and want to punch everyone in the face. i cleaned out my area in december and only have stuff i want to keep, but i feel guilty not doing anything. at the same time, i'm not going to start on cleaning shared areas without them because... i don't put any stuff in those areas and would only be assisting them as a courtesy to them.

yesterday i seriously had no idea what to do with myself because i'm used to having to either go to class or do homework every day ! i laid on my bed for like 25 minutes smiling because i didn't have anything to do ! mostly i worked on my craft swap project and watched survivorman because i have a weird boner for les stroud.


sigh. i know he looks like such a stepdad but he's so cool and he has cool chest hair and he knows everything about the earth and will eat gross stuff and can build shelters. last night he was like twisting up roots and drinking the dirty water from them. sigh.

anyway, this scarf. if you recall, i'm making an entrelac scarf for my recipient in an anonymous craft swap. the deadline to get it to them is 8/27. i'm almost totally done and then i have to block it. i think this may be my last obligation knitting project. like, the pattern is super super super fun to knit (though i sort of hate the way it looks) but the whole process has been totally joyless because i'm stressed about finishing it in time and stuff.

someone else's more beautiful entrelac scarf

what else? oh, on recommendation, i read m is for magic by neil gaiman. the last thing i read by neil gaiman was coraline, which i was pretty lukewarm about, but m is for magic is short stories.

m is for magic

for the most part, i really loved it, but it was like eating a delicious dodo egg omelet. like, eating something really great that you've never tasted before and knowing once it's over, that's it. in a couple of pages he created a really beautiful reality for the story to take place in and then as soon as you get comfortable in that world, the story is over. he gives very little explanation- like, he'll refer to character histories, or that someone is a living boy raised by ghosts, and he won't tell you WHY that happened, just that that's what's happening now. that's one of my favorite things (especially in science fiction- i don't care WHY the technology works, i just want to see what it does !). that said, a couple of the stories were total stinkers (humpty dumpty story, rogues society story).

oh my god. i have to go. i seriously am going to go ballistic because my coworkers are so annoying ! like, we're being 'casual' today since we're cleaning instead of working, and... i don't usually have to hear them talk this much. also a startling number are totally helpless and are like, "WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS? WHERE SHOULD I PUT THIS? HOW DO I RECYCLE? WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS? SHOULD I KEEP THIS?" about every. fucking. thing. they. pick. up. alskdjalksd.

hopefully i hurt myself today doing a bunch of stupid manual labor and can take off tomorrow ! bye !


  1. I love that scarf, roxy!

  2. thank you ! i might actually make myself one too since i have some green/brown/cream yarn i really like.

  3. i also love books that create their own realities and do not explain anything!! you should read magic for beginners by kelly link if you have not already. half the people i recommend this book to hate it though so be forewarned.

  4. I hear the living boy raised by ghosts is a short story adaptation of a chapter in "The Graveyard Book" - It's a really fun book..

    Also second the "Magic For Beginners" recommendation. And Kate Atkinson's "Not the End of the World" -