Monday, August 23, 2010

a light so dim

what's up ! hey ! it's monday and i feel refreshed and totally not annoyed at work even though i had to make a stupid powerpoint ! what's up !

on friday, i got out of work at 3 and immediately came home to take a giant nap. afterward i knitted for awhile, and then got ready to go to mill creek to see mouse's band. mill creek is in my neighborhood and is a fairly cheap and large bar with good food, buttttttt they didn't uphold the smoking ban until recently so i tried to avoid it. luckily they actually started to, so i could go there and bring my knitting and not end up stinking. i had a really good time- drinks were like $2.50 and dangerbird was good. i had minimal pleasant interaction with my exbf where we acknowledged that we barely remember dating aside from watching event horizon together and playing video games.


i haven't actually gotten drunk in awhile so i was trying really hard to act serious but everything i was saying was nonsense. also when i drink a lot i can't feel my teeth and christina said i was tapping my teeth constantly. whateverrrrrr. i had a good time, and mouse was unusually funny- i think he had a pepsi or something.

on saturday, christina and i had a wonderful day out. we went downtown to see a movie at the prince music theater. i've seen lots of movies there, as part of the film fest- almost all smart people boring silent movies with organ accompaniment and stuff- but since they are sort of struggling to stay open right now (and will most likely be sold by TD bank soon), they're showing first run movies. soooooo we saw the other guys at the prince !

the other guys

it was... surprisingly good? it was really really super fucking weird, so of course christina and i liked it. i can't really give an intelligent review of it because it was just a bunch of weirdos being weird for 90 minutes, but it had a surprisingly low incidence of misogynist and homophobic jokes (though it did have a few, but i guess the joke was that marky mark was an asshole). i recommend watching it for free when it's on hbo.

after the movie, we... went to ihop ! i don't think i'd ever actually been to one before, but i felt like a teenager in the suburbs (though in the suburb of my rural shithole, WE used to go to denny's ! and the rich kids went to steak and shake). i want to invent a restaurant where they serve you one half of a pancake because that's all i ever want.

i got these without all the shit on them !

i got the harvest grain and nut pancakes which were pretty good, and they also watermelon lemonade which was cool. after we ate we were stuffed, so we came home to try to entertain ourselves without cable. we watched serenity, which i surprisingly didn't hate (i am Not a Joss Whedon Person) ! it was funny and entertaining, and redbelt from the movie redbelt is in it. he's super handsome and a wonderful actor and i really wish they'd chosen him to be the doctor instead of matt smith (that was a rumor for awhile)


i also finally finished my craft swap scarf ! i even blocked it, which i've never done before. the only thing that makes me feel weird is that like... it emitted a gross sulfur smell when it got wet and i still think it smells weird? anyway, it flattened out beautifully and is definitely long enough (which is what i was worried about). i just have to make a card for it and get it in the mail tomorrow. blocking really makes a huge difference, i feel stupid for never doing it before.

please ignore the dirty underwear and lampshade

on sunday, mouse and i were originally going to swim somewhere, but the weather was shitty, so we went to the mall. i saw two movies in one weekend, which is unusual cause i almost never go to the movies ! we decided to see the expendables because we're both meathead jocks.

the expendables

what a surprise that my idea of what is cool and sexy does not match up with a 60 year old man's idea of cool and sexy? the women dressed like sylvester stallone got their costumes from kelly bundy's estate sale and the men dressed like... well, old douchebags. lots of the scenes were super tight shots of peoples' faces (rough when the cast is mostly like... plastic surgery disasters whose faces look like the dumpster behind the leather and ham factory) because some of the actors were never in the same room as others (there's a whole scene with stallone, arnold, and bruce willis where it's obvious they were never all in the same place) and the dialogue was full of super awkward one liners delivered poorly by stupid musclemen or thoughtful stallone-written dialogue sputtered out by people whose action movies never required them to learn english.

randy couture (mma fighter) played the crazy one and they kept talking about how crazy he was and how he sees a THERAPIST, but randy couture is like a bowl of oatmeal who can wrestle and was totally bland, but they did put a hawaiian shirt on him to indicate how zany he was. overall, i think this may have actually been a slightly better movie if stallone hadn't tried to shove every action movie star ever into it. the plot was mildly interesting and some of stallone's intelligence and sensitivity accidentally leaked out at some points. i also appreciate that stallone didn't actually get to kiss his love interest because she was super young and gorgeous and he was older than her father (a character in the movie).

speaking of her, what does it say about modern film that when the bad guys capture her, i was relieved when they only waterboarded her instead of trying to rape her? i've never seen a movie with a female hostage or prisoner where she wasn't raped, assaulted, or nearly raped and assaulted, so it was refreshing that they... well, used some other kind of torture? of course like 20 minutes later some prison guards try to rape her, though, but at least stallone saves her (um, spoiler?).

overall it was terrible, of course, but i appreciated that everyone got their moment to shine- randy couture got to wrestle steve austin, jet li got to karate dolph lundgren, mickey rourke gets a sort of touching soliloquy (he's such a good actor, too bad he looks like a hot dog you microwaved too long), jason statham got to beat up 2 different groups of guys, "crews" (the... pepe le pew of the movie white chicks?) got to blow people up with a gun, etc. plus i have a weird boner for dolph lundgren that i've had my entire life, so it was nice to see him wearing sleeveless shirts and picking on people who were smaller than him again. i do feel bad that eric roberts and steve austin were such BAD GUYS though- eric roberts is a soulless businessman who exploits a whole nation because of his greed, and steve austin is a thug who likes hitting women. luckily they both meet an end that involves guns, swords, AND fire (spoilers !!!!!).

dolph lundgren

jet li and jason statham were pretty fly too.

after the movie, we walked around the mall for a bit, which was fun because like what the fuck are me and mouse doing at the mall? we gawked at the rich people and how expensive all their stupid shit was, and i got some body butter at the body shop on sale (strawberry, satsuma, and moringa). then we went to su tao, the vegan chinese buffet in malvern. that didn't go that well because neither of us were buffet hungry, but i really wanted to go there cause i haven't been since my... 25th? birthday.

su tao
featured: spring rolls, fried vegetables, lemon chicken, some other chicken, steamed dumplings, fried rice

thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i came home and was very quiet while christina watched 'true blood' (which was excruciating because i kept wanting to go 'true BLEHHHHHHHHHH' in a dracula voice ! but i didn't !) and started my herringbone neck warmer with the sheep shop one i bought last weekend.


the pattern is super easy and fun to knit- i had a hard time making myself put it down to go to bed ! but eventually i did, and then i woke up and came to work, and now i'm going to eat lunch because it took me forever to write this.

p.s. when these aging action movie dudes get plastic surgery, why do none of them get their broken noses fixed? they all go right for lip plumping.


  1. I think you might like Firefly. I'm not a Joss Whedon person either (though i do like buffy) but it's really good and it has a corny impassioned beautiful theme song.

    "picking on people who were smaller than him again"

    as a smallish person this is my LEAST FAVORITE THING EVER and I wish I could outlaw it!!

  2. oh my god nevermind that last part, i misread it as picking UP people who were smaller than him. hahaha embarrassing.

    ps my captcha thing was 'corment'

  3. hahaha i love that you don't mind being picked ON, just picked up !!!!

  4. it's true! when someone picks you up there is like...nothing you can do about it. except pelt them with your tiny helpless fists while your feet dangle terrifyingly.

  5. haha i can't say it's ever happened to me. maybe one day i'll meet a giant !

  6. I agree as a tiny person! I hate being picked up! But I do think its fun to try and fit in boxes.

    I couldn't like Firefly because I tried to watch it with Robeson and he kept going "wait, wait, you'll love this part it's going to be so funny" and totally diffusing all the humor that I guess was supposed to be there? Also I don't really like non-signorney weaver space stuff to much, so maybe there was no hope.

  7. i was bothered by the spaciness too but christina pointed out that it's incidentally in space but supposed to be a western, so i liked it more ! christina is a very good... person at showing you stuff she likes, she never does the 'watch this part' thing.

  8. Mickey Rourke DOES look like a microwaved-too-long hot dog but I never would have thought of that! You are the best at analogies!

  9. i wish i was better at NICE analogies !

  10. true bleh!

    the buffet food looks delicious & my coworker caught me looking at yr blog & groaned along with me about wanting chinese food now. he said that it was "glistening just right."

    i have my period & it like sends chinese food desire through my brain every month.

  11. hahaha 'glistening just right' made me not want chinese food everrrr

  12. Ugh. Your analogies. "Poke Mike, he feels like an over stuffed sausage!!!"

  13. Brooke, if you are ever in Philly again, I will help you work on this.

  14. Mouse, I'll definitely be in Philly again, so I will take you up on that! I can't wait to learn to fend off giants with defensive teabagging or whatever it is you guys do at the dojo.

  15. Brooke, be careful. I couldn't resist Mouse's dojo-siren-call any longer and went for a free lesson. Everyone there took turns beating me up, and I was so delirious from blood loss and oxygen deprivation that I couldn't find my car afterwards.

  16. Mike, maybe you and I can spar when I return. Overstuffed sausage vs overstuffed sausage!