Monday, August 2, 2010

tell her it's over

buhhhh work is annoying. i came in ready to tackle both school work and work work for the day, only to find that i have to help label 900 t-shirts for some stupid thing. i spent all morning so far opening and lifting boxes and i inexplicably only have deodorant on one pit.

my weekend was good though ! on friday, i stayed in to try to get some work done. i had my german class interview and got a 45/50 ! i currently have an A- in the class, so i need to try harder to solidify my chances of getting an A. i really, really, truly don't think i got anything else done though. i did some knitting and watched goodbye lenin.

goodbye lenin

the movie is about a set of siblings (one being daniel bruhllllll) whose mother, a loyal socialist lady, has a heart attack and goes into a coma during the fall of the berlin wall. when she wakes up, she can't suffer any kind of shock (lest she have another heart attack), so her son persuades everyone to put on an elaborate farce where none of this happened. it was a pretty cute movie, but i can't imagine that it would be interesting if you don't know anything about german history? like a lot of the cuteness and jokes hinge upon events in history and stuff !

on saturdayyyyyy i went to the green line to theoretically work on my paper. i stopped at a garage sale on the way to buy myself this:


both jesse and eric were working, so unfortunately i didn't get much work done. i haven't really talked to eric in a few years so it was good to see him ! also jesse is the funniest most interesting person. she told me some good jokes (not fit for the internet) and showed me some cool maps of holes in the ground ! after awhile, though, i gave up and went to cvs and impulse bought a bunch of pens

two packs of these

they were buy one get one free !! between the hydra and the pens i spent $5, but i'm trying to be more critical of my consumption and not spend that $20-40/mo on stupid stuff ! i finally finsihed my paper at 5:20 (it's due at 6) and showered and got ready to go to shakespeare in clark park with mouse. but guys ! surprise guest ! benji was at mouse's for a jiu jitsu lesson and he came with us. i was super happy to hang out with him because he's the funniest handsomest, and also cause mouse wanted to watch the play and wouldn't let me talk to him but benji would.



oh yeah, the play was a midsummer night's dream, which is actually my least favorite shakespeare play. i also always forget that going to plays doesn't mean a bunch of stuffy british thespians and it usually means drama club people so i'm always a little disappointed (i'm coming around, but it's hard for me to take them seriously because drama club people were LITERALLY the only people lower on the totem pole than gifted nerds !). we sat in a bad place, anyway, and couldn't really hear or see the play. we were right behind a kid eating an entire block of cheese like a candy bar though, which was pretty cool.


benji went home after the play, and we met up with nate at my house and watched futurama. nate declined attending the play cause he remembered what plays are like, but i'm glad i got to see him.

on sunnnnday i slept super late and worked on work stuff and knitted a little bit. i tried to motivate myself to do my history reading but did a pretty awful job. i mostly managed to set up the DVR for shark week (since i'll be too busy with school to watch it) and eat a sandwich. when mouse got out of jiu jitsu, i went to his house because his sister and mom and SCOTTIE were there !!!! scottie is like, the cutest baby in the entire world and his feet are so fat and he made teeny little mouth farts at me.



also, did you guys know that baby spit up is really disgusting? i think baby spit up and drool are like, the deciding factors in me not having kids- unfortunately, this is also the same reason that i will miss out on many beautiful dogs:




silvery !

(never mind that i also would never buy a dog from a mill or breeder so my chances of having a purebred dog ever are slim anyway !)

we also went to capo giro, where i found out that all of their sorbettis are vegan. i'm so bummed, because we've gone here a thousand times and mouse sadly drinks a decaf americano while we talk about how good the gelato and sorbetti is. i had nectarine and dark chocolate.


after that, i came home and finished my german homework (voice recordings about 'run lola run' !, online exercise, essay) and did some more work work and ended up going to bed before i did my history reading. on my agenda for today: history reading ! and maybe watching one of my history lectures after lunch.

what's up, guys? this is already week five of my six weeks of classes ! it went by super fast. i hope i can hold it together enough to do well in both.

p.s. i want a coffee milkshake more than anything on earth right now?
p.p.s. dogs dogs dogs dogs
p.p.p.s. brooke is coming to visit me aug 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.p.p.p.s. christina is home from maine !!!!



    I haven't been to your blog in forever.
    I actually don't even know you. I just think your clothes are neat and so are your glasses.

    I saw this and thought of you.
    Seems like you're over the whole thing.

    Shame, really.

  2. oh my god scotty's feeeeeeeeettttttt
    confession: i've glanced at the cover of 'goodbye lenin' a bunch of times but never looked at it closely, and as a result i thought it starred tobey macguire (mcguire? whatever i'm not opening another tab to check the spelling)

    a block of cheese being eaten like a candy bar is so gross to me. CHEESE BREATH!

  3. how could you everrrrr think he was tobey mcguire !!!!!!!

  4. i just searched for an image of the movie cover to post in my defense and realize i totally have no defense. haha.

  5. i loved goodbye lenin! did you have to watch it for class or were you just feelin it?

  6. i actually already had it at home from netflix before we had to watch a clip from it for class- i'm in weird love with daniel bruhl so i netflixed all his movies !