Friday, August 13, 2010

everybody wants some

i just spent like ten minutes reading jersey shore cast bios. i've never really watched the show or heard anything about it (though oddly MOUSE seems to know a little about it?) and i'd read the wikipedia description of each person and then do a google image search and like... apparently guidos all look the same to me. there was one photo of three guys from it and it just looks like the same guy photoshopped in four times?


also did you guys know that it's like the real world with guidos? i thought it was just like a random guido safari of a pack of guidos who were already buds.

okay, i haven't updated all week because it's finals week and i've been super busy, but the most important development is that BROOKE IS AT MY FUCKING HOUSE RIGHT NOW.

brooke at a different house but she is at my house now

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. we got her from the airport last night in a carshare car (getting slightly lost on the way home !) and we had the best time laughing. i seriously was in physical pain from laughing so hard ! i had to go to bed pretty early (well, 1:30) cause i had to work, though :(

my last summer class was yesterday night by the way- my last history class was tuesday, and it was fine, but for some reason i felt like crying at the end of german? i guess cause i've spent 4 days a week talking to those people for six weeks. i did my history final exam yesterday, and now all i have left is:

- german final exam
- german test (i know, right?)
- voice presentation (i have to record a spoken paragraph about myself)
- german voice interview at 3:30 today

i tried to find an octopus doing lots of work, but i found this punk octopus

i'm not entirely super confident about my german stuff. i still don't exactly understand the cases and my vocabulary as far as knowing the genders of nouns isn't great. hopefully i do okay? this class has been a ton of work so i hope homework is weighted heavily, but the syllabus is like 40 pages and i don't feel like looking !

anyway, i guess i should cut this short and go study. i have off of work monday and tuesday, so i probably won't update. sorryyyyyyy dogs.

big plans this weekend ! we're going to eat a bunch of food and go to museums and also see people from our dour feminist messageboard, and hang out with mouse and hang out with jeanne !


  1. i never watched/paid attention to jersey shore because seeing a guido triggers me! haha

    i wanna be on a dour feminist messageboard.

  2. i don't think you'd like this one :(

  3. Snooki is "trending now" on Yahoo.