Monday, August 9, 2010

all the stars were shining bright

i have had the weirdest craving lately- fruit punch gatorade. i don't like gatorade OR fruit punch, but i can't stop thinking about it. i just got one and i'm choking it down right now despite its disgustingness.


i'm gonna try to do a quick weekend recap because i have a lot of work to do today- i didn't write my german essay or do the quiz online this weekend and i have to do it ASAP. i guess, despite what i said before, i still don't get the different cases. i also need to watch some history lectures and do some reading.

too much homework

speaking of homework, on friday i stayed at home and did some homework. i tried to get as much as possible done, which ended up only being 2/5 of what i was writing. HOWEVER, i finished it around 2pm on saturday (instead of 5:30 like the last few weeks) and went to trader joe's and dropped my laundry off. i spent most of saturday night bro-ing down with christina (who i have barelyyyyy seen lately) and:

1) working on my craft swap project
2) catching up on DVR'd shark week stuff

entrelac scarf

my craft swap scarf is really coming along. unfortunately, the due date is like... this week? and there's no way i can finish it this week. i didn't think about how much school would affect my free crafting time before i signed up, but all my finals stuff is this week (for my german class it's like.. 4394093 things? and a history exam that should take HOURS), plus brooke is coming ! anyway, i'm on my final ball of yarn and one solid weekend should do it, so i petitioned for extra time.


the shark week stuff i watched was all pretty good, too- as a result, though, i have a new favorite hunky zoologist. you guys know i'm not shallow (not really anyway) and my other celebrity crushes are like... kevin james and snagglepuss, but dave salmoni is the handsomest charmingest and loooooves animals. he lived in the wild for 6 months with lions !!!! the best part about all this is that he didn't have any shark experience and was totally a terrified wimp the entire time.


he is also a dictionary defintion hunk with a ninja turtle bod if you want to check it out.

on sunday, mouse and i went to tyler state park ! we met up with mike, which took forever cause he got lost and his dog got diarrhea in the car. my intent was to take portraits of them butttttttttttttttt mouse wore a damn tie dyed shirt and mike took his shirt off immediately and tied it around his head like a roofer, soooooo. we walked around for a bit and settled at a picnic table near some corn fields and talked about guns? as i've mentioned, i don't know anything about guns, and i have very little interest in shooting, but i agreed to go shooting with them if i could shoot an ak-47. they both seem to be into the 1911, which is nice and everything, butttttt i don't know or care about guns !


those are mike's dogs, beale and berry (they were found on a highway in memphis, hence 'beale', the worst name for anything ever). they were cute and everything but were totally uninterested in petting so i'm basically uninterested in them !

after the park, mouse and i went up to his mom's house to hopefully see the baby butttttttttttttttttttttt he was asleep ! jenny let me gently squeeze his foot though. i did get to pet mouse's parents' dog, daisy, who is one of my favorite dogs and totally made up for mike's duds.


after that, we went to whole foods and i came home and knitted and worked on my german homework, before going to bed way too late and now i'm awake and very tired and cranky. and this entry still took me HOURS to write even though i didn't do anything or put any jokes in. oh well, at least you got a hunk.

p.s. blehhhh jeanne's on vacation and i miss her !
p.p.s. there was a show on the history channel about the war of 1812 and two people asked me my opinions about stuff independently of each other ! aw.


  1. "mike took his shirt off immediately and tied it around his head like a roofer"

    ahahahakha yesss. as the daughter of a roofer, i love this so much.

    maybe mike's dogs are the june and jennifer gibbons of the canine world!


  3. Pupsi-Cola Addict by Beale Mikesdog