Friday, July 30, 2010

let us go then, you and i

blehhhh stressed ! last night i had class, which was okay- the discussion in history was infuriating at times because one dude, who is like... some 20 year old undergrad, is convinced that the woman who wrote the chapter we had to read was totally wrong about what she wrote even though it's something he never researched (it was about political roles and actions of women post-constitution when they didn't have the right to vote or run for office). he was like, "no, women didn't do ANYTHING, the author is WRONG, women didn't do ANYTHING." and he harped on it for the whole class.

wind bags
to be honest, this is exactly what i visualized when i searched for "wind bag"

then i had german, which was okay despite missing a class- i had to look at my notes a lot. and speaking of that, the covers fell off of both of my notebooks. despite being messy and apathetic about most stuff, i really hate when my school supplies get messed up. it's like the lamest control issue of all time- i don't like having pens that are low on ink, unsharpened pencils, crinkly papers, etc. i have three boxes of crayons that have never been used because i can't figure out how to use 96 colors evenly.


by the way, the crayon thing isn't part of my stupid peewee herman adult child thing, but part of my lifelong interest in having lots of little things in different colors.

normally i'd be able to relax a little bit right now, but i have a big project to finish for work today which i'm pretty sure i won't be able to get done, and after work i have a german interview. i'm pretty nervous- i'm having trouble with some of the articles. learning another language has taught me a lot about what i DON'T know about english- like, when he talks about using stuff in the dative/nominative/accusative/etc. i actually have no fucking clue what that means and just guess. i should probably look it up. whatever, i'm a product of the florida public school system !

pooooor dunce

after my german interview, i may go see mouse's band in fishtown, depending on whether or not he wants to give me a ride (it's easy to get to on the el, but taking the el at night alone makes me nervous because i've been followed/jerked off at). i should actually stay home and do homework but i like hanging out with mouse and i haven't seen the rest of the dangerbirds in awhile ! on saturday, mouse, nate, and i are possibly going to watch 'a midsummer night's dream' in clark park and eat food? and i'm not sure what i said i'd do on sunday, but i haveeeee to do my history reading.

oh yeah. my application for school won't be processed til they have my summer grades, and my semester doesn't end til 08/13. boooooooooooooooooooooo.

today's founding father is benjamin rush, notable philadelphian and doctor who is sort of like the andrea zuckerman of founding fathers. he was super smart and accomplished but his role in history is like, a lame background character who appears to move other character's development along.


he is best known for encouraging john adams and thomas jefferson to reconcile their bitter fued. totally more important than pioneering in mental health and the study of addiction, his bold commitment to abolition, founding dickinson college, representing pennsylvania at the continental congress, and inventing dr. rush's bilious pills (mostly mercury, but they were a wonder for the humors !)- jefferson and adams NEVER would've gotten back together if it wasn't for benjamin rush !

to-do list for the weekend
- german interview
- german blog essay
- german voice postings
- history essay
- history reading
- clean bedroom
- read m is for magic
- do the work i've been slacking off on from work

p.s. my humors are pretty bilious today
p.p.s. brooke is coming to visit NEXT MONTH !!!!


  1. haha I draw squares all over my sketchbook so I can use my colored pencils evenly

  2. that's like.. the best idea i've ever heard

  3. jefferson and adams NEVER would've gotten back together if it wasn't for benjamin rush !


  4. it's true !!!! they were fworn rivalf

  5. two weeks dude!!!!!!

    man if i could recreate that exact outfit the dunce is wearing, i'd never wear anything else; that's my exact dream uniform. most dapper dunce ever.

    " part of my lifelong interest in having lots of little things in different colors."
    hahaha i have this. i have a big glass jar just full of a bunch of weird junk (like, some buttons, a my little pony brush, a big marble, some weird beads, a barette, a plastic fruit etc) that is all different colors, and i like to gaze at it when i need soothing.

    also i LOVE your historical anecdotes so so much

  6. ohhhhh my god, can our street gang be the dapper dunces !!!

  7. aaaaaaah cases (the grammar kind) are like MY FAVORITE THING EVER!!!!!!!!

  8. "ohhhhh my god, can our street gang be the dapper dunces !!!"

    hahahah YES!!
    btw i just noticed that the stool that dunce is standing on is like ":D"

  9. also: that looks like a picture of young dunce hitler?

  10. ooh girl that IS dunce hitler !

  11. I am the same w school supplies but thankfully I can use crayons however I want but I hate when you have to peel the label off. Luckily I don't use crayons that often so they can retain their labels.

    And YES I totally went through the same thing w language crap. The what of the what? I am hoping that's why I'm so crap about other languages and not just that I'm an "American."