Thursday, July 1, 2010

we gotta get out of this place

okay ! let's look at the to-do list ! it's slightly augmented !

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes
- view the online portal for my history class and do the set-up for my german class
- tune up/grease/clean bike
-work on craft swap project
- straighten up the kitchen and living room
- go back to trader joe's for some frozen crap
- catsit hoolie !
- brush my own cat and clip her toenails

last night was a good night ! i came home from work and minimally straightened up the living room and took the garbage out (luckily the living room wasn't too messy cause.. i haven't been in it for awhile !) and then christina came home (i haven't seen her in foreverrrrr cause her class was ending) and jeanne and mike came over. i was really excited because jeanne is the coolest person and mike is also extremely cool, and he'd never been to my house before !

nervous hostess

jeanne had me get this russian movie from netflix called wolfhunter. actually, it's called wolfHOUND, but it's cemented in my brain as wolfhunter (why would something be called wolfhound? that's redundant. doghound. wolfcanine. wolfdog.). basically it is a ye olde tymey story about a child whose parents are killed by an evil dude and who is forced into slavery who mysteriously becomes good at fighting and saves/avenges slaves. he also wolfhunts for the guy who killed his parents.


the movie is billed as conan the barbarian meets lord of the rings and i can't say it's really wrong? like, it's as shitty as any conan movie and as pretty as any LOTR movie ! the story was a little bit confusing because my brain kept refusing to pay attention but like, some cool wind happened and maybe some stabbing? the best part of everything, though, was that there were capable female warriors and it wasn't a big deal or odd that they were there, and the conqueror of the black bear (the like... chieftan of a weird little group of druids) was a tough fat lady ! and the princess was very tough and beautiful (and of course falls in love with wolfhunter)

that guy? not wolfhunter. just this other guy who is identical to him !

mike also brushed pizza for me so i could take it off my chore list ! i really appreciate it, and it was also exciting to show him the majesty of the furminator. i think he was really impressed.

furminator !

after the movie was over, mouse stopped by and we watched some futuramas and mike drew some cool monsters (which you can see on his blog here) and jeanne paged through christina's art history book looking for a dragon (and came up empty). everyone went home and i got some quality time and cuddling with christina (her class is really cramping our style !!!) before going to bed.

also, remember my plan to get mouse to buy me a watermelon?

"i'm going to try to get him to bring a watermelon too but i'm not entirely sure how that's going to go. my plan is that he and i can both have some watermelon and then WHO WANTS TO CARRY A CUT WATERMELON HOME?? so i get to eat the rest of the watermelon."

it backfired when my power went out and we had to eat watermelon at his house? it actually backfired again, per his flickr.

This is for Roxy. Her plan to scam me out of my watermelon backfired and I ended up eating it with my family. In your face.

This is for Roxy. Her plan to scam me out of my watermelon backfired and I ended up eating it with my family. In your face.

there was a third picture where he got his family members to eat watermelon but i'm not posting it, because it hurts too much (and i don't know if it would be weird for them). suffice to say, i'm disappointed that what was supposed to be my watermelon became his baby nephew's first solid food.

okay guys, tonight's the night ! i have to do my history homework tonight, and i have to check out my bike, because i'll be in center city tomorrow and can get tubes or whatever if i need them. wish me luck !


  1. lasdfkhalsdaklsd MOUSE!!!!!

    that wolf movie sounds like something I wish I'd already seen so I could just think about the parts I like.

  2. it definitely has really funny dubbing ! i think you'd like it, there's a really good bat companion in it and no misogyny (in the beginning they hint at a rape but it doesn't happen).

  3. OMG! I just bought a Furminator after a co-worker let me try her's. They're the best! Everyone who owns a cat needs a furminator! I hate it when I sound like a commercial!

  4. i definitely feel weird advertising it, but it's one of the best purchases i've ever made. i just need to brush my cat more !

  5. ooooooh i do LOVE a good bat companion! maybe it can be the movie that gets me to stop torturing myself with horrible horrible Fringe (i keep forgetting to take the rest of the fringes off my queue so netflix keeps forcing me to watch them :[)

  6. hahaha fringe is THE WORST. no passion for the weird !

  7. no passion for the weird is seriously theeeee best description. all that money and they phone it in SO HARD!!! the only thing i have liked so far is when agent dunham is criticized for being 'too emotional' and she's like 'dudes always say that but guess what, my emotions make me a better agent'

    also astrid is real pretty and has the best hair in the world.

  8. COMB with me if you want to live!

  9. ahahsdhlkasljdajsdlkasjk !!!!!! i meant to tag this entry with "botched sequel" but i forgot