Friday, July 23, 2010

philadelphia freedom

hey guys. hey guys !!!!! last night i had class and i was super exhausted and kind of unprepared so i felt stupid in both. in german, i just sort of babbled and guessed for over an hour, and in my history class, i blurted out that they don't let you sit in george washington's chair at independence hall and immediately realized no one else would want to or try to.

independence hall

afterrrrr class christine came over and it was like, the best? she and i were both like... jumping up and down and flapping our hands and spazzing out when we saw each other. she's like... the funniest weirdest person? with the best facial expressions. and a high school freshman knowledge of like five different languages !!!! she also was a major cat creep and used the phrase, "whatever baby wants, baby gets" MORE THAN ONCE to pizza, and kept a little tuft of her hair.


oh my god it was the best. christina came home drunk, with harpoon crystal wheat (which is the best and tastes like lemons), and we spent our final hour together talking about cats and ukrainian people. after that, instead of working on my homework i watched an episode of fraggle rock with ken. hey, i didn't notice this until yesterday, but fraggle rock kind of sucks? they're always fucking singing ! ken thinks that's what the "rock" in fraggle rock refers to, whereas i take that to more literally mean the caves (made of rock) that they live in. also look at this weird fraggle from wikipedia:

Powerdriving Cecil, a friend of Red's. Has a peculiar habit of asking female fraggles if they want to be "powerdrived".

that is the weirdest and is making me think that maybe someone invented bogus fraggles for the wiki? anyway, the only aspect i was really into was how small the fraggles are compared to the gorgs

fraggle rock

what else? oh, i submitted my application for school today. i have been sitting on it for awhile, but the deadline is august 1 and i finally just bit the bullet. i really hope i get accepted- i've been doing pretty well in my classes and despite hating homework, studying, giving up free time to class time... wait, where was i going with that? i guess i like it. i don't know. wish me luck !

tonight mouse and i are going to mike and jeanne's house to eat food and maybe watch a movie ! i'm really psyched because jeanne just moved in and her cat and mike's cat are friends, and i don't think i've ever seen jeanne living in a real grownup house (we lived together in two different hellholes though !). we were going to maybe make pizzas- a vegan one for mouse, and maybe this olive potato pizza that mike g. and i made once:


but i'm having a weird allergic reaction on my face and i don't want to eat food or have anyone look at me so maybe i'll just bring a popsicle and sulk. blehhh. tomorrow mouse and i are gonna watch movies, and sunday i may go to shakespeare in the park for free and watch a bunch of insufferable fucking nerds do a midsummer night's dream !

blehhh. to-do list for the weekend:
- finish history reading
- finish history timeline
- take german test
- do german voiceboards
- write german essay
- try to watch the netflix i have
- go grocery shopping

p.s. a cursory google search reveals that "powerdriving cecil" can ONLY be found on wikipedia !!!!!!!


  1. "ken thinks that's what the "rock" in fraggle rock refers to"

    whoaaaaaaa this NEVER OCCURRED TO ME! i always thought it referred to actual rocks as well.

    maybe you could construct a horizontal phanton of the opera mask to shiled your allergic reaction from the world's cruel gaze?

  2. I haven't even finished reading this but I had to comment on the fact that Christina brought home Harpoon CRYSTAL WHEAT. Nick and I have been looking EVERYWHERE for it and no one has it! AHHH

  3. MAYBE YOU GUYS SHOULD COME BACK TO PHILLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    brooke, we talked about that last night and i also said that the phantom got scarred from 'burning hot organ pipes' and i realize now that that is incorrect.

  4. i'm sorta rusty, but if i don't forget immediately i can bring my camera !