Monday, July 19, 2010

steve the popcorn

hey guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on friday, i rushed home from work to do my german interview. basically the professor meets with you one on one and asks you 2309823 questions in german. i got 46 out of 50, and i have turned in all my work so far, so i think i'm doing pretty well ! immediately after, i met up with mouse, nate, and anna to go to a wilmington blue rocks game in delaware. kati and alan were also there, which was a pleasant surprise !!!!! i have to say, minor league baseball is a total mindfuck. the team looked like high school kids ! their mascot was a moose (um, rocky bluewinkle) but they also had a piece of celery who ran out when the team scored a run? and the kids in the stands had celery stalks?

celery stalks at midnight

in addition to that, they had two sherlock holmses, an eating contest, a contest for who had the dirtiest car in the parking lot, and a three year old setting off fireworks. i've never felt so sophisticated in my life, and i'm a florida swamp redneck ! i had a good time though because nate and anna are the best, i never get to see kati, and i'm glad i got to hang out with alan again because he is the nicest ! mouse, of course, was also pretty sharp. oh, and i coveted a stuffed celery so much that kati bought me one !!! haha. not proud !

katherine celery driscoll

on saaaaaturday, i spent six hours doing 45 minutes worth of homework. i wrote outlines for my essays on friday night, so i just needed to write them and submit them, but i dragged my feet forever and complained forever and basically wasted a whole day. it was okay, though, because i needed a little rest ! i'm concerned though that my history essay thing was wrong because my professor culls together the best answer from peoples' submissions and the best answer was nothing like mine.

sad nerd

after work, mouse and i went to whole foods, where we got stuff for dinner and some okay fruit, and came to my house with the intention of watching doctor who and baking brownies. while the brownies were in the oven, mouse got sick and started puking, and the doctor who discs started skipping ! we ended up watching futurama while mouse frowned on the couch, and then we... watched superbowl XXIII? it was on espn classic.


it always bothered me that i didn't understand football, but every time i try to learn i immediately forget what's going on. it doesn't help that the action stops constantly so i turn my head away from the tv and forget to look back. but basically: each team has four chances to advance their position (called 'downs'), like in world war I. if they make it 10 yards in one down, the number of downs starts over. the center hikes the ball to dan marino, and he passes it to someone else on his team who has to run with the ball as far as he can go. there are people on both teams trying to block each other and block the blockers. a touchdown is 6 points, if you kick it through the thing you get 1 more point. you can kick it through the thing at any time for 3 points (field goal).


we had a good time, though, and by the end mouse felt good enough to eat two brownies (i think the reason he stayed so late was that he wanted to make sure he got to eat a brownie !).

on sunnnnnday, christina and i (mostly christina) cleaned our apartment (which was a mess, our landlord's dudes fixed a leak in our livingroom and took everything off our walls/moved everything away from the walls) and i cleaned my bedroom. we also went grocery shopping and ran some errands. i kept MEANING to study, but instead did every possible thing other than that. mouse came over on the way home from his mom's, feeling well enough to have a warmed brownie with coconut milk ice cream, and watched a shark show on netflix with me. i'm glad i got to hang out with mouse a lot, because he's the best.


okay, i have two more things !!!! the first is that i'm going to try not to buy any pens anymore. i was looking for some highlighters yesterday, and found this in a bag:


i used to collect floaty pens, those pens that you tilt and a picture or object slides through water in the barrel- mixed in with those were a bunch of unopened and opened pen sets and random pens and markers. this probably represents 1/2 to 1/3 of the pens and markers and highlighters i have. i posted that picture on flickr to hold myself accountable, but when i was out on sunday i bought more highlighters. so, no more pens !

the other thing is that i finished reading the girl with the silver eyes.

silver eyes

it was pretty good, though not entirely fleshed out. it could've been even longer ! basically a weird girl with silver eyes who has telekinetic powers discovers that her mom worked at a pharmaceutical company while she was pregnant with her, on a drug that was discontinued because it was harmful. she has never fit in and been an outcast/weirdo her whole life because she can't/won't control her powers, so when she hears that her mom had three pregnant coworkers, she tries to find those kids to see if they are like her (they are !). additionally, a misunderstanding leads her to believe she's being investigated for using telekinesis to kill her grandma.

overall i liked the story, but something that struck me was that every single book i've read so far in this recent batch of purchases contains some form of fatphobia or fucked up comments about fat people. this one is the worst- she has a babysitter who is a big fat disgusting fat slob fatty fat slob who eats an incomprehensible amount of food (and i'm saying this as a person with an eating disorder) to show just how fat and slovenly and disgusting she is. in all of the books, there is a bad character who is fat, or a character who is described as nice DESPITE being fat and enormous and fat and ugly. re-reading some of my most beloved books from childhood sort of jolted me because so many books contain hateful shit about fat people and i wonder in what ways that subconsciously affected me and my peers? like, i don't even REMEMBER it from when i was little, and i was definitely always fat.

anyway, that's about it for now. i got a small amount of knitting done and i'm stressing a little. monday-tuesday-wednesday are the worst/busiest for me schoolwise so i'm not looking forward to the next three days.

p.s. wikipedia list of notable hutts


  1. Oh my god, I think I finally understand football!

  2. keep in mind i could also be totally wrong !

  3. Speaking as someone who thinks sports are tedious, confusing and generally impart negative values to children (though I recently beat like 40 people in a World Cup bracket??), that particular baseball game sounds like the tomb ride. The fact that they have a vegetable (never mind that celery is a pretty crummy vegetable) mascot, like, warms my heart.

    Now that you've done the seemingly impossible and explained football in plain English, against all odds, it sounds even more boring! Between the general boringness, plus the constant stops and (when watching on TV) commercials, it seriously boggles my mind that people are able to enjoy football.

  4. the celery was like.. the weirdest. i found this article with the explanation:

  5. OH MAN. That celery article was much needed. Also "Johnny Damon played here. So he is what we call 'With Celery.'" WAT.

  6. Either you're 'with celery' or you're against it.