Tuesday, July 6, 2010

are you there god? it's me, roxy

ughhhh i just realized i have a team meeting in 30 minutes so i won't be able to finish this until after ! ughhhhh ! ughhhh. what's up guys? i just ate a trader joe's mini quiche for breakfast (spinach and mushroom) and it tasted exactly like a white castle? minus the ketchup. muy bueno.

white castles

i had a pretty great and actually relaxing long weekend ! on friday we were dismissed unexpectedly at 11, so i went downtown to meet biz (biz being my best friend from sixth grade who incidentally lives in philly now !). we had a rough plan of buying stupid shit and eating and i'm happy to say that we stuck to it ! we stopped by the place i'm catsitting to check on miss hoolie (she was okay !) and then walked up walnut looking for places to buy cheap jewelry. the first place we came across was the most bunk overpriced second hand store where i felt super guilty cause we made fun of everything and didn't buy anything, but it was like... some rich lady peddling size 0-4 garbage from the salvation army at like 10x the price you'd find it there?


we DID find tselaine at 19th and walnut which is like the cutest store ever with the best stuff, but unfortunately i like... don't ever want to spend money and am a cheapo so i just got some wind up dinosaurs there. but if you like purses and jewelry and notecards and foofy umbrellas and wind up dinosaurs you should definitely check it out !


christina met up with us after that and we ended up just going to nova ice (the cheap-o jewelry store) where i got exactly what i wanted for exactly what i wanted to pay- big colorful beaded necklaces for $5 each. i basically just wanted some necklaces to match my work dresses so i look more dressed up (without wearing something other than a $14 jersey cotton old navy dress) so i got dark purple beads and orange beads to match this dress

that crap on the bottom is flowers !

and a sort of slate blue one to go with whatever. then we went to sephora where i almost bought a $14 hydrocortisone stick (what does it say about me that i was in sephora and the thing i wanted to buy was... hydrocortisone? but it was awesome and i put it on the heat rash on my knee and it basically cleared it up in minutes ! my regular tube of hydrocortisone isn't doing ANYTHING !). i didn't buy it though cause i'm a cheapskate.


then we got dinner at pietro's and finally went to rittenhouse needlepoint. rittenhouse needlepoint is... a needlepoint store that's on the second story of a building at 18th and chestnut, and we always consider going there and never do. holy shit, it's the nicest store ! one of the owners talked to us forever and was super nice- they offer free classes on saturdays for beginners and the culture that they're trying to create around crafting to make everyone feel welcome and included is super nice and refreshing. also one of the owners' dad is a former wharton dean who is a really nice guy !

lulu, the owners' standard poodle. she kept walking in front of a fan and it looked very glamorous

christina and i went home after that (she got crewel supplies and is already making something beautiful) and i took a quick nap. mouse came over and monitored my progress in getting my bike ready for our trip on saturday. on saturday morning, we went to nockamixon state park in quakertown (quakertown is really cute btw !). nockamixon was really nice and surprisingly not crowded for a holiday weekend.


we rode our bikes a little (their path is short but really well maintained) and ate lunch at a picnic area and went swimming in their pool which was super exciting for me- i haven't been in a pool in FOUR YEARS or more ! i can't find my bathing suit top so i wore little shorts and a tank top and that was a sort of terrible idea because i forgot that boobs float, but only one person made a weird comment to me and also... i'm never going to see any of those people again.


after the park, we went up to mouse's mom's house because his sister was in town with scottie the baby. hooooly crap he's huge now and he laughs and his legs are so fat ! i held him for a little and he ripped out a ton of my hair and it was the best. he also got obsessed with the letters on mouse's shirt and kept trying to eat them:


after that, i went over to mouse's and we watched full circle, the first series in the doctor who e-space trilogy. the story was surprisingly deep for a doctor who serial ! basically these people on a spaceship have been preparing for 100 years to take their crashed ship back to their home planet, but they keep getting attacked by mysterious marsh men. it turns out that the survivors on the ship evolved from the marsh men and were unable to pilot the crashed ship because it was never their technology and the original survivors didn't leave instructions !!!!

marsh men

on sunday, christina and i went to trader joe's and pathmark to get groceries, and i got two watermelons and two pounds of cherries (did i mention i ate a pound of cherries at nockamixon? haha.). i've already eaten one watermelon with minimal help ! later that afternoon, jeanne, mike b. and carol came over, which was exciting because carol and i haven't really hung out yet but we've been planning on it. we mostly watched rocky and i shared some fruit with them. mouse came over too and after everyone left, i showed him more futurama because he wanted to see this:

pressed ham

did i mention that futurama is now available on netflix instant viewing? this has changed my life and i basically did very little other than watch it for most of sunday and monday !

on monday, i finally made myself do my homework. it was worse than i thought- i forgot how to take notes ! all i had to do was read three chapters, but i took six pages of notes on 20 pages. i finally gave up and just started writing down stuff i didn't know and finished the final 40+ pages in the time it took me to read 20. i'm a little nervous that i'm studying wrong or something?

henry hudson

i think it may also have been the boringness of the chapters though? i know it's an american history to 1877 course but basically every history class i took from elementary to high school was too- i mean, not EVEN to 1877, i feel like i learned indians -> revolutionary war like 900000 times already. i know which explorers explored what, who gave smallpox to who, which indians had mounds, who colonized what, etc.

after i finnnnnalllllly finished, ken and i played left 4 dead 2. we had to re-do the carnival campaign except carrying a gnome statue, and i mistakenly thought this meant that i would get a gnome. it turns out that my xbox avatar gets a depeche mode shirt? ripoff ! i wanted a gnome.

this IS the fat avatar !

then we watched a few episodes of futurama (don't judge me !) to the point where we were stupidly tired and i may have made a few rude smallpox jokes.

oh yeah. my classes start today. my first class is from 6-7 (history) and my german class is from 7:30-8:45. i'm super fucking nervous but i think i've done all of the preparation i can do ! wish me luck.

p.s. sorry i made an entry with two animated gifs
p.p.s. i forgot that we went to claire's on friday and i got a julius caeser laurel headband? it's really hard to shop there as an adult. they had like 80 different colors and patterns of... sports wrap?


  1. i know we are studying different subjects, but when i went back to school i also freaked about taking notes. i figured i would read the chapter twice. the first time writing down just the definitions, the second time writing down all the stuff that didnt stick the first time. i usually gave a day or two between the readings. i am sure you will be fine. if its all stuff you already know/remember, that means less notes.

    oh and i decided yesterday, while trying to play dragon age and my eyes hurting from reading the text, that i need a bigger tv for this damn xbox!

  2. unfortunately we have to read like 75 pages a week so i don't know if i'd have time to read everything twice :( but i have a really good memory so hopefully that will save me !

    i definitely need a bigger tv for mine but by 'need' i mean 'want' and by 'want' i mean 'ahhh i'm cheap i don't wanna spend any money'.

  3. ok, can we watch futurama as a party? and if so, let's just do that and quote every single line to each other.
    have you discovered puzzlequest yet? i love that game (it's essentially nerdy, d&d bejeweled). wonder if we could play that together...

  4. i don't see why we can't watch futurama AND the simpsons together???? longest party ever.

    i haven't played puzzlequest ! after my classes are over for the week i will check it outttt

  5. i'm dead serious about having a simpsons viewing party next time i'm in philly (which might be in august)...