Thursday, July 8, 2010

eating popcorn on a piano

ahhh, school. did you guys know school was a lot of work? my german class has kind of been light on homework so far (attending daily class, doing an interactive lesson on the deutsche welle site, recording answers to verbal questions, writing an introduction for myself on the class facebook... !!!) but the history class has been killer. i need to pace myself better as far as the reading goes- i need to do the reading over the weekend every week so tuesday and wednesday aren't super stressful.

time management
the time management octopus or banana

i'm stressed out already ! buh ! and it's only day 3 of classes. i'm also already resentful that i'm missing out on fun social stuff, like anna's birthday ! and now i'm anxious that i won't finish my craft swap scarf by august, though i guess i could work on that reallllly hard on the weekends or something. i'm trying to be really reasponsible about obligations now, and since it's the first time i've done this particular craft swap, i don't want to be late or a deadbeat !

someone else's beautiful entrelac stuff

i also watched a few futuramas with ken last night, including the one where bender becomes human. favorite. i wish i could make that 'wooooo' noise my text message sound or something.


oh, speaking of text messages, i also restored my iphone to factory settings by accident so i lost all the apps i had and my most recent like, cat pictures and shit. and most of my better sexts ! just kidding. or am i?*

what else? oh, i just bought a used copy of resident evil 5 to play with a friend. it looks kind of stupid and weird (basically, killing zombies and monsters and a matrix guy in south africa- has caused some controversy because the zombies are mostly black), but also like it'll be fun since it requires a lot of cooperation.

resident evil 5

some other suggestions for cool scary games where maybe i could kill monsters instead of zombies are also welcome.

tonight i have more class, which is already making for a boring blog. but !!! nate and anna can't use their phillies tickets for tomorrow so mouse and i are going to go ! and we might go tubing on the delaware on saturday? and then i'm going to spend a thousand hours reading and knitting and being miserable about having responsibilities i think.

p.s. what iphone apps did i have?
p.p.s. homework sucks

* yes


  1. Summer classes are awful, especially history summer classes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail for the first time because my history teacher is crazy and impossible and spends the entire class talking about the current state of Islam instead of African history to the colonial period.

    Once you start a normal semester it'll be a lot easier.

  2. i was nervous about my professor beforehand, but she seems awesome- she's patient and her approach/ideas are really interesting to me. and the other professor who recorded the lectures we watch is really entertaining to listen to and makes content that i've heard 10980293 times sound fresh !

    i think i just made a mistake easing myself back into school with online classes... how can i ease myself back in by doing something i've NEVER DONE BEFORE !