Tuesday, July 27, 2010

we both know how hard it is for both of us to try

dudes ! i have nothing to say, and only 30 minutes to say it !

yesterday i came home from work, fully intending to do some reading, and ended up dozing off until about five minutes before my german class. oooops. class was okay, except i got like... every answer wrong, which indicates that i should be paying more attention.


i just realized looking at that- i totally love dunces. maybe i'll be a dunce for halloween? my other idea was eye of sauron but i'm not that good with papier mache. but i but jeanne is !!! dunce of sauron.

after class i really truly intended to do my history reading and i ended up not doing it. a crappy behavior pattern of mine is that if there's something i need to do (homework, housework, errands), and i'm clearly not doing it, i also don't let myself do anything else. no reading, no watching tv, nothing. i basically like, laid on my bed like a log until it was time to go to sleep.


fyi, did you know that stasis apparently isn't just when aliens put you in a tube of goo? according to the google image search it's also some kind of disgusting skin condition where your skin rots off. anyway, i understand that this method of... being isn't really the way to be, so i'm going to make a commitment to doing my reading for school.

speaking of that, i have to try to find time to drop my high school diploma off as part of my stupid application. i was going to mail it since i have a busy few days but i suddenly got paranoid that it would get lost in the mail and then i'd be screwed since it takes 900 years for the florida board of ed. to send a new one.

i'm gonna have lunch with mouse today, possibly at magic carpet? possibly at the burrito truck? maybe i can convince him to walk over with me.

magic carpet
that looks super unappetizing, but it's vegetarian meatballs and rice from magic carpet and it's delicious

man, i told you guys i had nothing to say. i have to go help set up for a stupid meeeeeting now.


  1. that tin of magic carpet looks fucking delicious!

    one thing i find suspicious is that whenever i have something boring and important to do, i suddenly get motivated to do every other thing on planet earth that i've been putting off. but i also don't let myself do anything else till i finish my stupid boring task first, so school ends up being like 95% anxious mental dicking around and 5% anxious frantic last minute sloppy work. which is probably the best approach.

  2. hahaha you just described my 'process' like... exactly !