Monday, July 12, 2010

i just threw out the love of my dreams

i had a weekend of horrific tragedy !!!! well, maybe i'm being melodramatic, but lots of bad stuff happened !!! on friday, we had that work party, which wasn't soooo bad. i managed to avoid the tug-o-war, but they served lunch at 10:30am (i blurted out, "catered lunch at 10:30? i feel like a really rich kid whose PARENTS DIED !!!!" and my coworkers were like 'huh') and the food was kind of bad. they had veggie burgers without buns (veggie BURGERS dudes. they work just like BURGERS.), roasted vegetables with 290382903 bell peppers, and quinoa salad featuring bell peppers.

bell peppers

why do people think those things are food? why would they be so pretty if we were supposed to eat them? i left work around 1 (we got dismissed at 12 but i was playing scrabble with a few of my cooler coworkers) and took a nap and cleaned up my room before the phillies game. nate and anna very kindly gave us their tickets, and the thunderstorms stopped just in time ! unfortunately, the phillies played like shit for nine innings, giving up 7 runs and only scoring 1. we decided to leave early, which i've never done before, but it was hot and it seemed hopeless and we were sitting in like 2 inches of water from the storm (my feet were wrinkly when i got home !). by the time i got home (15 minutes?), the phillies had tied the game, and then as i watched on tv, cursing at christina (who understands because she lived in boston for 10 years), they won in the 10th.


i was so fucking pissed and had no one to blame but myself and mouse a little. i love the phillies.

on saturday, it was pouringgggg, so we rescheduled tubing for sunday and went to chinatown to eat lunch. we ended up going to new harmony, which is supposedly new again (it used to be 'harmony' but then it became 'new harmony' and the food got gross), and it was just okay but very cheap. i got general tso's chicken, a rarity for me, and it was mostly the friedest fried that ever fried and i couldn't finish it.

new harmony
new harmony vegetarian rest stop

then we went to staples. i'm kind of trying to spend frugally this week, but i ended up buying a bunch of pens and a pencil case because i'm a school supply nerd. my favorite pen, the pentel RSVP, was on sale ! and so were certain colors of bic mark its !


bic mark it

my problem here is that i have a gigantic oversize tote bag FULL TO THE BRIM WITH PENS, including a full unopened set of mark its and at least a dozen pentel rsvps. and like... i never write anything down ! haha. and i do my schoolwork in pencil. it was only $8, but i should probably try to curb spending $5-8 here and there on stupid stuff !

i came home after that and hung out with christina, and then mouse came back over and we watched jurassic park. it's really weird to me that the dinosaurs in that movie look real and the cgi looks great even almost 20 years later, but the cgi scenes of people driving cars looks super fake?


and then diana came over ! it was great to see her as usual. she's seriously the funniest cutest person. she lightened christina's hair and cut my bangs and we watched tv and drank soda.

on sunnnnnday, mouse and i went to south philly to pick up jeanne and mike at b2, where i got a good iced coffee and a bagel that weirdly tasted like meat. we went up to point pleasant (near new hope) for an exciting day of tubing.

delaware river tubing

pennsylvania is so beautiful and it was pretty hot out, so i was super psyched to get in the river, except i forgot to wear shoes. i remembered not to wear flip flops (the current takes them away), but shoes are necessary cause the bank and riverbeds are just jagged rocks. everything went pretty well, dragonfly larva excluded, until we got to a really shallow patch. everyone else floated ahead while i gingerly walked my tube to deeper water, and when i tried to get back on it I LOST MY TUBE.

i had to walk like 400 miles back barefoot on jagged rocks and at one point slipped and twisted my ankle, and then finally got back in the water to swim when it was deep enough. jeanne came out to rescue me during the swimming part. it was embarrassing and stressful and frustrating, but it was totally my fault for not wearing shoes- the walk back would've taken like 20 minutes with shoes. i probably would've still twisted my ankle though.


i finally made it back, sore, bruised, scraped, and sunburned, but luckily no one was mad at me. we drove back and stopped for ice cream (this place had too many choices and i choked and just got a soft serve cone with magic shell, but it was still good) on the way. overalllll i had a really fun time with jeanne, mike b., and mouse despite my struggle and hardship and pain.

once i got home, i was so sore and miserable that i just put on aloe, put on a futurama movie, and got in bed. mouse brought me some advil too. i ended up going to bed at 11pm (the earliest i've ever gone to bed ever !) and now i'm at work, feeling sorer but slightly less miserable, because there's twizzlers here.


let's take a look at that weekend to-do list !

weekend to-do list
- clean ! (i only cleaned the bathroom and my room though)
- DROP MY LAUNDRY OFF (mouse actually dropped it off for me but whatev)
- finish my history homework
- do my reading for history next week
- post the german essay i wrote on our class site
- do the other german assignments i have
- go grocery shopping
- restore all the apps i lost on my phone, and also my ringtone

i'm going to do my history reading at lunch today and maybe some after work before german, but i have no idea when i can grocery shop. school is cramping my LIFE.

p.s. there's a bunch of stuff i'm forgetting !
p.p.s. i'm hungry
p.p.p.s. poooooor roxy


  1. I have to interject about this weekend. While Roxy is trying her hardest to be modest, I have to tell the truth. Mouse, Jeanne, and I were all floating ahead of her and horseplaying, when we all fell off our tubes simultaneously and hit all of our heads on if that weren't bad enough a rare Pennsylvania Swimming Python appeared and tried to drag all of us below. THEN some jocks in a jet ski were doing laps around us and pointing. Luckily for us Roxy showed up, punched the python in the face, pulled all of us to shallow water and then used the python's unconscious body to knock the jocks off the jet ski, which she took from them and then used it to outrun Jaws. We never would have survived without her.

  2. MIKE, PLEASE, YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME ! anyone else would have done the same.

    p.s. you forgot to mention that i scared away a bunch of robbers carrying dollar sign bags by making muscles at them and then used their dollar sign bags to buy us ice cream.

  3. I also forgot to mention that Mouse and I swooned and you and Jeanne had to carry us back to the car. I mean your millionaire jet.