Friday, July 16, 2010

arbeiter der welt ! wereinigt euch !

buhhhh. tgif i guess. i'm anxious and bummed out and feel really overwhelmed. yesterday i came home from work for history class, which was okay- the class is online (as i mentioned) and by the fourth class meeting people still haven't gotten their shit together. peoples' microphones don't work, everyone is like, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?????" before they talk, one girl's microphone was basically in her sinus. it was an interesting class though, except for the part where we were discussing a chapter we read from a book (american slavery, american freedom by edmund morgan) and everyone got into a huge stupid debate about it. the debate was stupid because it was 1/2 people being like, "I DIDN'T LIKE IT" (who cares) and 1/2 people saying that it sounded like edmund morgan loves slavery? the book is a study of the contradictory nature of slavery and the commitment of virginia colonists to liberty and equality.


german class after that, where i had trouble paying attention. i have an essay to write this weekend, and tonight i have a one-on-one interview in german with my professor. i still have to CRAM for that at some point during the day today.

after my classes were over, i finished up some homework and read another YA book- this time wonder by rachel vail.


this is actually one of the worst books i've ever read. the protagonist/narrator, jessica, was popular in elementary school, but then her best friend went to camp with a bunch of other girls and they excluded her, and also she wore a dress to school that looked like a wonder bread bag and everyone called her 'wonder'. or something. the entire book is jessica being a spoiled, spiteful, miserable, angry brat. like seriously, she rages at everyone, calls people disgusting and ugly and fat, talks about how much life sucks and how much everything sucks, etc. despite the fact that her lifelong crush asks her out and the popular girls start trying to be her friend? there's zero analysis or lesson and no real plot or resolution. also, her mother is a shrink (and her dad owns a company that makes fat lady pantyhose? rachel vail's words), and she randomly has a little brother who obviously has tourette's syndrome, and i thought that a plot point in the book might be that he gets diagnosed with tourette's, but... no, he just throws stuff around and curses randomly and then disappears. terrible book ! not worth the 1 cent i paid for it.

hated it

after that, i gave up on studying and ken and i watched stuff from shark week on netflix. we were both hoping to see sharks biting a bunch of shit so we put on something called TOP 5 EATEN ALIVE, but it turned out to be 99% re-enactments of people getting attacked by sharks, with their sad amputations and scars. grim ! so we put on the episode of survivorman about sharks and that was much better. i'm going to interject and say that i want to marry every survival dude ever (also tied to my attraction to eagle scouts) and les stroud is awesome:

les stroud
i know, he looks like such a stepdad

anyway, he did cool stuff like fed sharks from spears and got bitten by sharks (wearing chainmail) and fed sharks a bunch of hams and turkeys !!!!! that last part was so funny, sharks HATE hams and turkeys.

great white shark

i actually thought this was weird until i just looked at that picture. i have the utmost respect for sharks, that picture makes me want to slam dunk a ham into its throat. swish !


i also drew this supplemental picture of a shark eating a ham. this shark is literally the only thing i can draw. as you can see, i can't even draw a ham. like 75% of the drawings i've ever done in my life are that shark. the other 25% is carebears and ladies in high heels.

tonight i'm going to a wilmington blue rocks (minor league baseball game) with mouse, nate, and anna. while i love baseball games, i'm going to have to bring my knitting because i don't know when else i'm going to finish this craft swap project. sorryyyyy blue rocks ! tomorrow i'm maybe going to trader joe's and probably hanging out with mouse, depending. sunday, homework ! ugh.

weekend to-do list
- ACE german interview
- finish german essay
- finish history essay
- start history reading for next week
- work on craft swap project
- clean my rooooooooom (my hamper fell over and i've just been dumping clothes into a corner)
- do some house cleaning

hold me to it, guys !

p.s. i'm slightly behind at work because i've been having trouble managing school/work/life ! stress !
p.p.s. hopefully i can fix that today


  1. The ham drawing is almost perfect. You just forgot the bone that sticks out of one end.

  2. i just assumed the shark already ate the bone and then spat the hame back out

    ps do you like that edmund morgan book?

  3. ye olde hamme !!! i actually didn't read the whole book, just the article. it was one of the... less dry things we've read so far and it was pretty interesting, though it was written like a cartoon historian wrote it.

  4. as a former english major, i can attest to the fact that 99% of the time when people's classroom input on a book is I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!! it means they didn't read it!

  5. i guess it could also mean that they didn't understand it. like, it was just one brief part of his argument where he explains that calling colonists/founding fathers hypocrites for fighting for liberty while having slaves oversimplifies a really complicated issue, and then goes on to explain a million things (that are not pro-slavery in any way) to support that. and everyone was like 'THEY WERE HYPOCRITES HE WAS MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEM'.