Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it's the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb that will keep us together

is it possible for bug bites to activate? i got bug bites this saturday while in the woods that weren't really red or itchy, and suddenly today they are mega itchy. HUH !

okay, first thing's first ! yesterday i had lunch with christina and chrysta which means i finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally met chrysta ! chrysta is a friend i met on the internet who is incidentally good friends with my friend nate. she lives in michigan (and definitely says "pop") and was in town to see unrest. man, she is cool and also very funny and also very satisfyingly short (as a slightly above average height person i love having short friends because i think it enhances my height).


then i went back to work and managed to get some work done despite being so nervous about class. i actually found out something good about a boring project i do every summer (it may become automated !) so that was good newsssss.

anyyyywayyyyy i came home after work and got ready for my classes. i was like.. instantly tired cause i was in my underwear and directly next to my bed, but i resisted. my first class was american history through 1865 and honestly was just mostly other students acclimating to adobe connect. the professor seems really nice- she explained a bit about our assignments and stuff, and then let us go a half hour early to work out microphone issues with other students. haha.

weird picture

my german class was a little more meaty. the professor had met with us previously to make sure we were able to use adobe connect so we only spent about 10 minutes on that, and we went right into our first lesson, which was just conversational introduction stuff in german. i'm not sure if it's because i've taken german or what, butttttttt no one but me seemed like they really knew what was going on? also i'm such an insufferable teacher's pet and answered every single question because no one else wanted to talk.

that's really about it- the history class seems like way more work than i expected (LOTS of reading !) but the german class maybe seems like a little less. i'm going to watch my history lecture today and do my german stuff and see if i can stay on top of it.

the two roxies
right: the hardened exterior i project to all of you. left: me in class

other than that, half a watermelon and a poor night's sleep.

p.s. the history professor said we had an open book 24 hour final and not one but two people thought that it meant that the test was 24 hours long.


  1. "also i'm such an insufferable teacher's pet and answered every single question because no one else wanted to talk."

    this is me in every class ._. i have an inner brian krakow that just will not be silent!

  2. hahaha. in my history class we have to make a timeline every week describing five events from the time that shaped that time period and THE BEST ONE GETS POSTED ON THE SITE AS A STUDY GUIDE. guess what i'll be doing !

  3. Ich möchte eine Tasse Tee! Woher kommen Sie!? Wie heißt du? Regenbogenfarben! Even I am finding my burning desire to be the valedictorian of introductory adult education German class to be unbearable but I just cant stop. It irritates me that I wont get a grade!

  4. hahaha. i'll make you a diploma !

    Guten tag! Ich heisse Roxann. Ich komme aus Florida, aber ich wohne jetzt in Philadephia. Philadelphia liegt im Norden von den USA.

  5. Ich weiß Sie haben eine Katze, sie heißen Pizza. Sie ist grau und wieße. Ich habe zwei katzen, sie heißen Catface und Kitten. Ich liebe alle Katzen!