Thursday, July 29, 2010

come with me if you want to live

okay i have to make this a quick one because i have both work work and school work to do today !

yesterday i skipped my german class ! this is the first time of the summer session i've skipped a class, and probably will be the only class i skip. i had a good excuse though- jess silk was here !!!!!!!!!!! she and christina are going on vacation together, so she came down so they could get a rental car. i was so happy to see her, she's the best/cutest/funniest. plus i like having a non-judgmental third party to observe how weird christina and i are. pizza was also excited and being super hammy


we mostly talked about feminism and painted our nails? i painted my fingernails a dark purple and my toenails a dark green, once again proving that i'm fixated on the incredible hulk.


after awhile i retired to my room to do my german homework. we had to watch a video for like... one of the stupidest songs i've ever heard? and answer questions about it (and record ourselves speaking them) and about the singer of the song, herbert groenemeyer. the song is like, "MEN ARE VERY STRONG, MEN CRY SECRETLY, MEN START WARS, POOR MEN" basically. it also doesn't seem to have a real melody or chorus or anything?

school seems to be going prettyyyyyy well. i actually finished my application for fall as of this morning, and i'm going to be really embarrassed and bummed if i don't get in, so if i suddenly stop talking about school in 3 weeks it's because i didn't get in and i'm miserable and embarrassed and don't want to talk about it everrrrrrr.

what else? i got this dress from target online (i heard about this immediately after. great ! i basically have two stores i can shop at and one is like 100% child slave labor and the other funnels money to intolerant racist and homophobic bigots !) and i'm hoping it works out- they have it in a few other colors and it looks like a perfect summer/fall dress and also it has pockets.

hulk shorts purple
in a color i call "hulk shorts purple"

last night i made a commitment to learn a few facts about each of the founding fathers, so i'm going to share that with you now ! i started with the signers of the declaration of independence and i will share with you some facts about the dudes with the funniest names.

founding fathers

1) button gwinnett - this dude always stuck out to me cause he's the first name on the declaration of independence. he was a representative of georgia. his signature is the most valuable american signature (rated worldwide in value comparable to SHAKESPEARE). he was killed in a duel (which he initiated) by lachlan mcintosh in 1777. alas, poor button


2) william whipple - representative of new hampshire. he crossed the delaware with george washington, and his slave PRINCE WHIPPLE may appear in the famous "washington crossing the delaware" painting. he died while FAINTING FROM A HORSE !!!


3) caesar rodney - representative from delaware, appears on the delaware state quarter ! revolutionary war guy who dramatically rode his horse 80 miles in a thunderstorm to break a tie in the vote for independence.

praise from caesar rodney

4) robert treat paine - representative of massachusetts. it would be so fucking funny if he was a doctor but he was a lawyer. his family were the principal founders of... newark, new jersey. zzzz.

robert treat paine

5) william williams - i'll never get over this type of name ! he was a representative of connecticut. only thing of note is that he showed up late and didn't get to vote on the declaration of independence, but he signed it anyway !

william williams

stay tuned next week for a list of the hunkiest founding fathers ! powder your wigs !

i gotta go do work now.

p.s. george washington is cool
p.p.s. i watched a show about terror birds with ken the other night where the terror birds kept smashing honeydew melons and now all i want on earth is honeydew melon, but i don't like it. and i feel guilty because i think dr. bunsen honeydew is made of it.


  1. this post is like, tailor made for all of my interests!!!!! <33333

  2. i'm so glad you like it !!!

  3. i'm powdering my wig right now

  4. Have you watched the HBO John Adams thingy? It's really good and accurate and "Hack" plays George Washington. Hack.

  5. i've realllllly wanted to see that forever, it's on my list now (once my class ends !)

  6. Why were these guys always running so late? (I mean I know fording rivers and stuff takes awhile but c'mon...)

    Who ever said "our nation" was built on the notion of hard work and perseverance?

  7. well to be fair, riding a horse 80 miles probably takes like 8 times as long as driving !