Friday, July 2, 2010

100th post !

hey dudes, i'm totally not posting my to-do list today because i didn't do anyyyyyything !

mr lazy

i have been going to bed too late lately and totally f'd up my sleep schedule. i can't fall asleep before 2:30-3:00am anymore ! on the one hand, it's pretty cool because i can bother my friends on the west coast, but on the other hand... i wake up at 7:30? anyway, because of that i usually doze off while trying to do something after work, and i ended up dozing off on my history book

the enduring vision

i woke up and decided it was too late to read books, so i logged on to wow to update my mods and crap and ended up doing blackwing lair with paul, gavin, and jeff. i started playing wow too late to ever go to BWL, and 4-manning a level 60 40-man dungeon is a different experience from the actual raid, so i had no idea what was going on. we were looking for some dragon's head for jeff and a goblin for paul but we ended up not getting either because it was super buggy.


boy, i already forgot how to play my character ! i couldn't remember my rotation at first or how to walk around, and we gave up just when i started to get the hang of it. paul, gavin, and jeff are three of my favorite people to play with though so it was nice to talk to them, albeit briefly and angrily (we um, kept wiping).

after that i farted around for awhile and watched some king of the hill on netflix. isn't it weird that mike judge made this great show with a tender, loving, realistic, respectful portrayal of working class texans and then went on to make the horrible classist shitshow idiocracy? anyway, i determined last night that joseph gribble creeps me out. he totally seems like a future serial killer or something. i'm uh, glad he's fake !

joseph gribble

wooo, weekend. i get out of work at 2pm today, and i'm going to hang out with biz in center city (biz being my middle/high school best friend who happens to live in philly now too !). i'm going to stop by and catsit a little, and then biz and i are going to eat italian food and look for crappy necklaces.

crappy beaded necklaces
not this ugly though

then after i get home, mouse is coming over so we can plan for our trip tomorrow. we're going to nockamixon state park to ride bikes and swim (with like, 10000 other people cause it's 4th of july weekend, which i forgot !). i'm a little nervous cause i haven't been on my bike in awhile but i'm sure it's just like riding a bike. i will take the opportunity of mouse coming over to grease everything and check my tires also.


the rest of the weekend will be spent on like, doing schoolwork and farting around the house and maybe hanging out with mouse again?

there's some other stuff i wanted to talk about but we just had a meeting and our director told us to go home ! haha. we hit our fundraising goal and participation goal (not that this has much to do with me, i'm not a fundraiser, but i'm on a fundraising team) so we get to leave. remind me to talk about young adult books next week !!!