Friday, July 30, 2010

let us go then, you and i

blehhhh stressed ! last night i had class, which was okay- the discussion in history was infuriating at times because one dude, who is like... some 20 year old undergrad, is convinced that the woman who wrote the chapter we had to read was totally wrong about what she wrote even though it's something he never researched (it was about political roles and actions of women post-constitution when they didn't have the right to vote or run for office). he was like, "no, women didn't do ANYTHING, the author is WRONG, women didn't do ANYTHING." and he harped on it for the whole class.

wind bags
to be honest, this is exactly what i visualized when i searched for "wind bag"

then i had german, which was okay despite missing a class- i had to look at my notes a lot. and speaking of that, the covers fell off of both of my notebooks. despite being messy and apathetic about most stuff, i really hate when my school supplies get messed up. it's like the lamest control issue of all time- i don't like having pens that are low on ink, unsharpened pencils, crinkly papers, etc. i have three boxes of crayons that have never been used because i can't figure out how to use 96 colors evenly.


by the way, the crayon thing isn't part of my stupid peewee herman adult child thing, but part of my lifelong interest in having lots of little things in different colors.

normally i'd be able to relax a little bit right now, but i have a big project to finish for work today which i'm pretty sure i won't be able to get done, and after work i have a german interview. i'm pretty nervous- i'm having trouble with some of the articles. learning another language has taught me a lot about what i DON'T know about english- like, when he talks about using stuff in the dative/nominative/accusative/etc. i actually have no fucking clue what that means and just guess. i should probably look it up. whatever, i'm a product of the florida public school system !

pooooor dunce

after my german interview, i may go see mouse's band in fishtown, depending on whether or not he wants to give me a ride (it's easy to get to on the el, but taking the el at night alone makes me nervous because i've been followed/jerked off at). i should actually stay home and do homework but i like hanging out with mouse and i haven't seen the rest of the dangerbirds in awhile ! on saturday, mouse, nate, and i are possibly going to watch 'a midsummer night's dream' in clark park and eat food? and i'm not sure what i said i'd do on sunday, but i haveeeee to do my history reading.

oh yeah. my application for school won't be processed til they have my summer grades, and my semester doesn't end til 08/13. boooooooooooooooooooooo.

today's founding father is benjamin rush, notable philadelphian and doctor who is sort of like the andrea zuckerman of founding fathers. he was super smart and accomplished but his role in history is like, a lame background character who appears to move other character's development along.


he is best known for encouraging john adams and thomas jefferson to reconcile their bitter fued. totally more important than pioneering in mental health and the study of addiction, his bold commitment to abolition, founding dickinson college, representing pennsylvania at the continental congress, and inventing dr. rush's bilious pills (mostly mercury, but they were a wonder for the humors !)- jefferson and adams NEVER would've gotten back together if it wasn't for benjamin rush !

to-do list for the weekend
- german interview
- german blog essay
- german voice postings
- history essay
- history reading
- clean bedroom
- read m is for magic
- do the work i've been slacking off on from work

p.s. my humors are pretty bilious today
p.p.s. brooke is coming to visit NEXT MONTH !!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

come with me if you want to live

okay i have to make this a quick one because i have both work work and school work to do today !

yesterday i skipped my german class ! this is the first time of the summer session i've skipped a class, and probably will be the only class i skip. i had a good excuse though- jess silk was here !!!!!!!!!!! she and christina are going on vacation together, so she came down so they could get a rental car. i was so happy to see her, she's the best/cutest/funniest. plus i like having a non-judgmental third party to observe how weird christina and i are. pizza was also excited and being super hammy


we mostly talked about feminism and painted our nails? i painted my fingernails a dark purple and my toenails a dark green, once again proving that i'm fixated on the incredible hulk.


after awhile i retired to my room to do my german homework. we had to watch a video for like... one of the stupidest songs i've ever heard? and answer questions about it (and record ourselves speaking them) and about the singer of the song, herbert groenemeyer. the song is like, "MEN ARE VERY STRONG, MEN CRY SECRETLY, MEN START WARS, POOR MEN" basically. it also doesn't seem to have a real melody or chorus or anything?

school seems to be going prettyyyyyy well. i actually finished my application for fall as of this morning, and i'm going to be really embarrassed and bummed if i don't get in, so if i suddenly stop talking about school in 3 weeks it's because i didn't get in and i'm miserable and embarrassed and don't want to talk about it everrrrrrr.

what else? i got this dress from target online (i heard about this immediately after. great ! i basically have two stores i can shop at and one is like 100% child slave labor and the other funnels money to intolerant racist and homophobic bigots !) and i'm hoping it works out- they have it in a few other colors and it looks like a perfect summer/fall dress and also it has pockets.

hulk shorts purple
in a color i call "hulk shorts purple"

last night i made a commitment to learn a few facts about each of the founding fathers, so i'm going to share that with you now ! i started with the signers of the declaration of independence and i will share with you some facts about the dudes with the funniest names.

founding fathers

1) button gwinnett - this dude always stuck out to me cause he's the first name on the declaration of independence. he was a representative of georgia. his signature is the most valuable american signature (rated worldwide in value comparable to SHAKESPEARE). he was killed in a duel (which he initiated) by lachlan mcintosh in 1777. alas, poor button


2) william whipple - representative of new hampshire. he crossed the delaware with george washington, and his slave PRINCE WHIPPLE may appear in the famous "washington crossing the delaware" painting. he died while FAINTING FROM A HORSE !!!


3) caesar rodney - representative from delaware, appears on the delaware state quarter ! revolutionary war guy who dramatically rode his horse 80 miles in a thunderstorm to break a tie in the vote for independence.

praise from caesar rodney

4) robert treat paine - representative of massachusetts. it would be so fucking funny if he was a doctor but he was a lawyer. his family were the principal founders of... newark, new jersey. zzzz.

robert treat paine

5) william williams - i'll never get over this type of name ! he was a representative of connecticut. only thing of note is that he showed up late and didn't get to vote on the declaration of independence, but he signed it anyway !

william williams

stay tuned next week for a list of the hunkiest founding fathers ! powder your wigs !

i gotta go do work now.

p.s. george washington is cool
p.p.s. i watched a show about terror birds with ken the other night where the terror birds kept smashing honeydew melons and now all i want on earth is honeydew melon, but i don't like it. and i feel guilty because i think dr. bunsen honeydew is made of it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

we both know how hard it is for both of us to try

dudes ! i have nothing to say, and only 30 minutes to say it !

yesterday i came home from work, fully intending to do some reading, and ended up dozing off until about five minutes before my german class. oooops. class was okay, except i got like... every answer wrong, which indicates that i should be paying more attention.


i just realized looking at that- i totally love dunces. maybe i'll be a dunce for halloween? my other idea was eye of sauron but i'm not that good with papier mache. but i but jeanne is !!! dunce of sauron.

after class i really truly intended to do my history reading and i ended up not doing it. a crappy behavior pattern of mine is that if there's something i need to do (homework, housework, errands), and i'm clearly not doing it, i also don't let myself do anything else. no reading, no watching tv, nothing. i basically like, laid on my bed like a log until it was time to go to sleep.


fyi, did you know that stasis apparently isn't just when aliens put you in a tube of goo? according to the google image search it's also some kind of disgusting skin condition where your skin rots off. anyway, i understand that this method of... being isn't really the way to be, so i'm going to make a commitment to doing my reading for school.

speaking of that, i have to try to find time to drop my high school diploma off as part of my stupid application. i was going to mail it since i have a busy few days but i suddenly got paranoid that it would get lost in the mail and then i'd be screwed since it takes 900 years for the florida board of ed. to send a new one.

i'm gonna have lunch with mouse today, possibly at magic carpet? possibly at the burrito truck? maybe i can convince him to walk over with me.

magic carpet
that looks super unappetizing, but it's vegetarian meatballs and rice from magic carpet and it's delicious

man, i told you guys i had nothing to say. i have to go help set up for a stupid meeeeeting now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

wipe it on your dress and send it to me

hey guys ! what's up ! unibrow summer may come to an end this week because i'm ultimately getting too self-conscious and am unable to resist sexist beauty standards. i'm trying !

i had a pretty good weekend. on friday after work, i did some german homework, and then mouse and i went to south philly to make dinner and hang out with jeanne and mike. they're the best? we made two delicious pizzas and one okay pizza- one for mouse that was vegan and was basically a hot open faced bell pepper sandwich (he seemed to like it though ! but i cruelly starved him for hours and hours before he got to eat it), a fresh spinach pizza, and the aforementioned potato and olive pizza (i used black olives but should've used kalamata, and should've salted the potato water more !). so we ate pizzas and watched the monster squad.

dear army guys

seriously, what a beautiful creech. i agree with mike who said something along the lines of, "omg that is the flyest creech on earth" and snapped his fingers. maybe i'm remembering it wrong? i also got to hang out with vinegar the cat (fig only made a brief appearance) who has grown into one of those perfect cats who is like a limp noodle when you hold him.

with his buddy, the wolfman

mouse has a sore back from jiu jitsu and had to work in the morning, so we left before the movie was over and i came home and finished my german homework. on saturday, i worked on my history homework and read the ghost next door

the ghost next door
the ghost next door by wylly folk st. john

i actually really loved this book. i've read tons of spooky ghost is haunting stuff until someone solves its murder/lays its soul to rest books for young adults (i'm looking at YOU, betty ren wright !) and there were a few pretty unique characteristics in this book.

1) the existence of ghosts is left ambiguous and there is a healthy amount of skepticism and arguments both for and against ghosts
2) the main character largely involves her parents and other trusted adults in her investigation of the ghost. this was super refreshing because, while i always advocate a healthy amount of secrecy from your parents, i'm a reasonable adult now and appreciate the portrayal of other reasonable adults who take children seriously and believe them.
3) the book contains seances and psychics and spiritualism which some of the adults are into, and are involved in psychic societies, and it isn't presented as weird ! like even the skeptics are polite ! and i love that as a skeptic because i love a good hoax seance !

i almost made it through the entire book before i got to the gross fatphobic part (the medium was so disgustingly fat she could hardly walk and the couch was buckling under her fat disgusting body), but it was still there. bummmmmmmmmer.


after that, mouse and mike g. came over so we could watch back to the future, because i'd never seen it. it was really cute and funny, and has one of my favorite movie elements: unexplained shit ! like, why was a cool high school teenager buds with a mad scientist? who cares ! just roll with it !

back to the future

i really did like it and think it holds up in a way a lot of 80s movies don't, but i wish i'd seen it as a kid because it was hard for me to shake certain elements of it? like... bif tries to rape mrs. mcfly? and then later in life the mcflys have a dude who attempted to rape their matriarch doing odd jobs for them? that said, tom f. wilson's performance as bif was amazing and he was so villainous and i'm sorry being such an a-hole ruined his career. or maybe being a big beefy doughface ruined it because he's basically like the archetypal character actor.

by the way, mouse usually laughs when mike g. ruins movies for me by talking and talking and talking and asking questions (ex. when christina was watching sabrina, asking "is that sabrina?" about every person on screen. or when marty mcfly sits down at the breakfast table and his sister is sitting there, asking, "WHO IS THAT?"), but the shoe was on the other foot this time. mouse's blood pressure jumped like 100 points ! it was great.

high blood pressure

on sunday, i mostly hung out and did errands. lazslo came over in the morning because he was here for a show the night before and he and christina got brunch ! it was nice to see him, he is my brother in weird al (besides my real brother. and mike b.). i got a car share car even though there was a big gigantic storm and went to trader joe's, the first of 29390283 errands. i found everything i needed, it wasn't too crowded, the handsome tall guy i like to look at was working, i got in and out in 20 minutes, and then... my car wouldn't start. i got soaked trying to figure out what the problem was, and realized i left my cellphone at home, so i had to go back inside soaking wet and sheepishly ask to use a phonebook and their phone. it took about a half hour, and the battery was totally dead, so i just had to return it and not run my other errands. fuck you, prius !


i came home and had some food and watched tv and knitted with my main man, christina. she was watching mad men, which i have to admit i don't really get. it's basically like having a shitty job and a shitty life in real time? like it's super dull and the thought of having to spend so much time and money on clothes and grooming stresses me out. i think it would be eased a little if i found jon hamm attractive but i think he looks like someone's dad. or like a future stepdad for me, since my mom thinks he is hot (you have some competition for my mom's affections, antonio banderas !).

hambone. not pictured: flippy

after that, i retired to my room to watch a movie on my xbox. i ended up watching the edukators, a daniel bruhl movie about anti-capitalist activists who accidentally kidnap a businessman.

the edukators

it was surprisingly non-annoying for a movie about young radicals ! daniel bruhl is the handsomest, though he had really unfortunate facial hair and i can't tell if he's a good actor cause he wasn't speaking english. i surprisingly understood a lot of the german dialogue too ! the only element that bothered me on a personal level was one dude "stealing" his best friend's girlfriend because nothing makes me feel shittier and sicker (i can't even watch daria anymore or the episode of MSCL where rayanne bones jordan catalano). i also felt myself feeling strangely sympathetic for the rich asshole they kidnap because it's probably really scary to be kidnapped.

blehhh. that's about it. totally demolished my weekend to-do list, except i didn't start my history reading so i'll have to put my nose to the grindstone today. i also need to bring some papers to LPS tomorrow to complete my fall application. i'm still pretty nervous about that. other than that, i'm wearing a sleeveless dress today.


though i'm generally self-confident and utterly unconcerned about peoples' feelings about my appearance i do have a slight hang-up about showing my arms. but like... i don't think fat arms are unattractive or weird or unacceptable on other women, so... why would that be the case for me? it feels pretty good to feel good today.

Friday, July 23, 2010

philadelphia freedom

hey guys. hey guys !!!!! last night i had class and i was super exhausted and kind of unprepared so i felt stupid in both. in german, i just sort of babbled and guessed for over an hour, and in my history class, i blurted out that they don't let you sit in george washington's chair at independence hall and immediately realized no one else would want to or try to.

independence hall

afterrrrr class christine came over and it was like, the best? she and i were both like... jumping up and down and flapping our hands and spazzing out when we saw each other. she's like... the funniest weirdest person? with the best facial expressions. and a high school freshman knowledge of like five different languages !!!! she also was a major cat creep and used the phrase, "whatever baby wants, baby gets" MORE THAN ONCE to pizza, and kept a little tuft of her hair.


oh my god it was the best. christina came home drunk, with harpoon crystal wheat (which is the best and tastes like lemons), and we spent our final hour together talking about cats and ukrainian people. after that, instead of working on my homework i watched an episode of fraggle rock with ken. hey, i didn't notice this until yesterday, but fraggle rock kind of sucks? they're always fucking singing ! ken thinks that's what the "rock" in fraggle rock refers to, whereas i take that to more literally mean the caves (made of rock) that they live in. also look at this weird fraggle from wikipedia:

Powerdriving Cecil, a friend of Red's. Has a peculiar habit of asking female fraggles if they want to be "powerdrived".

that is the weirdest and is making me think that maybe someone invented bogus fraggles for the wiki? anyway, the only aspect i was really into was how small the fraggles are compared to the gorgs

fraggle rock

what else? oh, i submitted my application for school today. i have been sitting on it for awhile, but the deadline is august 1 and i finally just bit the bullet. i really hope i get accepted- i've been doing pretty well in my classes and despite hating homework, studying, giving up free time to class time... wait, where was i going with that? i guess i like it. i don't know. wish me luck !

tonight mouse and i are going to mike and jeanne's house to eat food and maybe watch a movie ! i'm really psyched because jeanne just moved in and her cat and mike's cat are friends, and i don't think i've ever seen jeanne living in a real grownup house (we lived together in two different hellholes though !). we were going to maybe make pizzas- a vegan one for mouse, and maybe this olive potato pizza that mike g. and i made once:


but i'm having a weird allergic reaction on my face and i don't want to eat food or have anyone look at me so maybe i'll just bring a popsicle and sulk. blehhh. tomorrow mouse and i are gonna watch movies, and sunday i may go to shakespeare in the park for free and watch a bunch of insufferable fucking nerds do a midsummer night's dream !

blehhh. to-do list for the weekend:
- finish history reading
- finish history timeline
- take german test
- do german voiceboards
- write german essay
- try to watch the netflix i have
- go grocery shopping

p.s. a cursory google search reveals that "powerdriving cecil" can ONLY be found on wikipedia !!!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a bear oughta go on a diet

heyyyy dudessssssssss. i had two days off, so i didn't update because updating a blog from home is a draggggg.

what have i been up to? not much. catching up on sleep and doing schoolwork. on tuesday, ken and i played resident evil 5 for awhile and beat the second level- it's going pretty slowly because i don't have a lot of time for video games right now. still super scary, and a pretty fun game, though the first level was way scarier than the second. i'm enjoying the co-op aspect but it sort of stresses me out because i occasionally have to do important things to help my team and i'm used to like... hanging back and dps-ing a boss. the thing that i like the most, though, is (and forgive me if i screw this up, i'm too ADD to ever read or synthesize any VIDEO GAME LORE) the bad guy we are hunting right now is named IRVING.

ACK !!!!!
ACK !!!!!!!! irving is in another castle !!!!

i guess technically his name is ricardo irving and he once had the terrifying job of researcher at whatever company made the gross stuff and maybe he had to infect himself and he turned into a tentacle guy? i don't know.


i also bought fallout 3 for $8 used on amazon. i don't know when i'm going to have time to play it, but it was highly recommended to me ! i look forward to not learning the backstory of this game, too.

fallout 3

what else? school ! school is going okay. i had a really hard time with a history assignment where we had to be creative and write about a fictional mob (using real colonists based on their biographies) and then analyze the actions of the mob. i ended up making a mob who hung a stamp distributor in effigy, but i'm not really sure if i did it right.

stamp act

after i finish classes tonight, my summer semester will be halfway over. i haven't actually applied to school for the fall yet, so i need to get on that. i think i'm going to submit my application tomorrow !

oh yeah, i met with mouse for a little bit after he got off work, before my class- we got coffee and i got super amped up because i had a giant iced coffee in addition to the two mexican cokes i had earlier in the day. mouse is funny. his back is kind of hurt and i had to convince him not to go to jiu jitsu. i mean, he went anyway, but he promised he wouldn't do any jiu jitsu.

the moooooost exciting news is my friend christine is coming up from baltimore today and we're going to hang ouuuuuuut. i have class, but either christina will entertain her or she can sit quietly and pet pizza until my class is over. one exciting thing about christine is her cat is a fig pizza.

my cat, pizza

jeanne's cat, fig (pizza's bff)

fig pizza
philomena, the fig pizza

isn't that exciting?

blehhh i have to go do work but i have lots more exciting stuff to tell you guys tomorrow, mostly about homework and shit !

Monday, July 19, 2010

steve the popcorn

hey guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on friday, i rushed home from work to do my german interview. basically the professor meets with you one on one and asks you 2309823 questions in german. i got 46 out of 50, and i have turned in all my work so far, so i think i'm doing pretty well ! immediately after, i met up with mouse, nate, and anna to go to a wilmington blue rocks game in delaware. kati and alan were also there, which was a pleasant surprise !!!!! i have to say, minor league baseball is a total mindfuck. the team looked like high school kids ! their mascot was a moose (um, rocky bluewinkle) but they also had a piece of celery who ran out when the team scored a run? and the kids in the stands had celery stalks?

celery stalks at midnight

in addition to that, they had two sherlock holmses, an eating contest, a contest for who had the dirtiest car in the parking lot, and a three year old setting off fireworks. i've never felt so sophisticated in my life, and i'm a florida swamp redneck ! i had a good time though because nate and anna are the best, i never get to see kati, and i'm glad i got to hang out with alan again because he is the nicest ! mouse, of course, was also pretty sharp. oh, and i coveted a stuffed celery so much that kati bought me one !!! haha. not proud !

katherine celery driscoll

on saaaaaturday, i spent six hours doing 45 minutes worth of homework. i wrote outlines for my essays on friday night, so i just needed to write them and submit them, but i dragged my feet forever and complained forever and basically wasted a whole day. it was okay, though, because i needed a little rest ! i'm concerned though that my history essay thing was wrong because my professor culls together the best answer from peoples' submissions and the best answer was nothing like mine.

sad nerd

after work, mouse and i went to whole foods, where we got stuff for dinner and some okay fruit, and came to my house with the intention of watching doctor who and baking brownies. while the brownies were in the oven, mouse got sick and started puking, and the doctor who discs started skipping ! we ended up watching futurama while mouse frowned on the couch, and then we... watched superbowl XXIII? it was on espn classic.


it always bothered me that i didn't understand football, but every time i try to learn i immediately forget what's going on. it doesn't help that the action stops constantly so i turn my head away from the tv and forget to look back. but basically: each team has four chances to advance their position (called 'downs'), like in world war I. if they make it 10 yards in one down, the number of downs starts over. the center hikes the ball to dan marino, and he passes it to someone else on his team who has to run with the ball as far as he can go. there are people on both teams trying to block each other and block the blockers. a touchdown is 6 points, if you kick it through the thing you get 1 more point. you can kick it through the thing at any time for 3 points (field goal).


we had a good time, though, and by the end mouse felt good enough to eat two brownies (i think the reason he stayed so late was that he wanted to make sure he got to eat a brownie !).

on sunnnnnday, christina and i (mostly christina) cleaned our apartment (which was a mess, our landlord's dudes fixed a leak in our livingroom and took everything off our walls/moved everything away from the walls) and i cleaned my bedroom. we also went grocery shopping and ran some errands. i kept MEANING to study, but instead did every possible thing other than that. mouse came over on the way home from his mom's, feeling well enough to have a warmed brownie with coconut milk ice cream, and watched a shark show on netflix with me. i'm glad i got to hang out with mouse a lot, because he's the best.


okay, i have two more things !!!! the first is that i'm going to try not to buy any pens anymore. i was looking for some highlighters yesterday, and found this in a bag:


i used to collect floaty pens, those pens that you tilt and a picture or object slides through water in the barrel- mixed in with those were a bunch of unopened and opened pen sets and random pens and markers. this probably represents 1/2 to 1/3 of the pens and markers and highlighters i have. i posted that picture on flickr to hold myself accountable, but when i was out on sunday i bought more highlighters. so, no more pens !

the other thing is that i finished reading the girl with the silver eyes.

silver eyes

it was pretty good, though not entirely fleshed out. it could've been even longer ! basically a weird girl with silver eyes who has telekinetic powers discovers that her mom worked at a pharmaceutical company while she was pregnant with her, on a drug that was discontinued because it was harmful. she has never fit in and been an outcast/weirdo her whole life because she can't/won't control her powers, so when she hears that her mom had three pregnant coworkers, she tries to find those kids to see if they are like her (they are !). additionally, a misunderstanding leads her to believe she's being investigated for using telekinesis to kill her grandma.

overall i liked the story, but something that struck me was that every single book i've read so far in this recent batch of purchases contains some form of fatphobia or fucked up comments about fat people. this one is the worst- she has a babysitter who is a big fat disgusting fat slob fatty fat slob who eats an incomprehensible amount of food (and i'm saying this as a person with an eating disorder) to show just how fat and slovenly and disgusting she is. in all of the books, there is a bad character who is fat, or a character who is described as nice DESPITE being fat and enormous and fat and ugly. re-reading some of my most beloved books from childhood sort of jolted me because so many books contain hateful shit about fat people and i wonder in what ways that subconsciously affected me and my peers? like, i don't even REMEMBER it from when i was little, and i was definitely always fat.

anyway, that's about it for now. i got a small amount of knitting done and i'm stressing a little. monday-tuesday-wednesday are the worst/busiest for me schoolwise so i'm not looking forward to the next three days.

p.s. wikipedia list of notable hutts

Friday, July 16, 2010

arbeiter der welt ! wereinigt euch !

buhhhh. tgif i guess. i'm anxious and bummed out and feel really overwhelmed. yesterday i came home from work for history class, which was okay- the class is online (as i mentioned) and by the fourth class meeting people still haven't gotten their shit together. peoples' microphones don't work, everyone is like, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?????" before they talk, one girl's microphone was basically in her sinus. it was an interesting class though, except for the part where we were discussing a chapter we read from a book (american slavery, american freedom by edmund morgan) and everyone got into a huge stupid debate about it. the debate was stupid because it was 1/2 people being like, "I DIDN'T LIKE IT" (who cares) and 1/2 people saying that it sounded like edmund morgan loves slavery? the book is a study of the contradictory nature of slavery and the commitment of virginia colonists to liberty and equality.


german class after that, where i had trouble paying attention. i have an essay to write this weekend, and tonight i have a one-on-one interview in german with my professor. i still have to CRAM for that at some point during the day today.

after my classes were over, i finished up some homework and read another YA book- this time wonder by rachel vail.


this is actually one of the worst books i've ever read. the protagonist/narrator, jessica, was popular in elementary school, but then her best friend went to camp with a bunch of other girls and they excluded her, and also she wore a dress to school that looked like a wonder bread bag and everyone called her 'wonder'. or something. the entire book is jessica being a spoiled, spiteful, miserable, angry brat. like seriously, she rages at everyone, calls people disgusting and ugly and fat, talks about how much life sucks and how much everything sucks, etc. despite the fact that her lifelong crush asks her out and the popular girls start trying to be her friend? there's zero analysis or lesson and no real plot or resolution. also, her mother is a shrink (and her dad owns a company that makes fat lady pantyhose? rachel vail's words), and she randomly has a little brother who obviously has tourette's syndrome, and i thought that a plot point in the book might be that he gets diagnosed with tourette's, but... no, he just throws stuff around and curses randomly and then disappears. terrible book ! not worth the 1 cent i paid for it.

hated it

after that, i gave up on studying and ken and i watched stuff from shark week on netflix. we were both hoping to see sharks biting a bunch of shit so we put on something called TOP 5 EATEN ALIVE, but it turned out to be 99% re-enactments of people getting attacked by sharks, with their sad amputations and scars. grim ! so we put on the episode of survivorman about sharks and that was much better. i'm going to interject and say that i want to marry every survival dude ever (also tied to my attraction to eagle scouts) and les stroud is awesome:

les stroud
i know, he looks like such a stepdad

anyway, he did cool stuff like fed sharks from spears and got bitten by sharks (wearing chainmail) and fed sharks a bunch of hams and turkeys !!!!! that last part was so funny, sharks HATE hams and turkeys.

great white shark

i actually thought this was weird until i just looked at that picture. i have the utmost respect for sharks, that picture makes me want to slam dunk a ham into its throat. swish !


i also drew this supplemental picture of a shark eating a ham. this shark is literally the only thing i can draw. as you can see, i can't even draw a ham. like 75% of the drawings i've ever done in my life are that shark. the other 25% is carebears and ladies in high heels.

tonight i'm going to a wilmington blue rocks (minor league baseball game) with mouse, nate, and anna. while i love baseball games, i'm going to have to bring my knitting because i don't know when else i'm going to finish this craft swap project. sorryyyyy blue rocks ! tomorrow i'm maybe going to trader joe's and probably hanging out with mouse, depending. sunday, homework ! ugh.

weekend to-do list
- ACE german interview
- finish german essay
- finish history essay
- start history reading for next week
- work on craft swap project
- clean my rooooooooom (my hamper fell over and i've just been dumping clothes into a corner)
- do some house cleaning

hold me to it, guys !

p.s. i'm slightly behind at work because i've been having trouble managing school/work/life ! stress !
p.p.s. hopefully i can fix that today