Wednesday, May 12, 2010

xoxo, dracula

ahhhh i left my cellphone at home today ! i don't know why i've been so forgetful about it lately- weirdest.

yesterday i worked late and cleaned up the kitchen when i got home. christina like... deep cleaned the floors and stove over the weekend so it was like literally the least i could do. i made hamburger helper with veggie crumbles (aka salt with salt) and hung out in the livingroom and answered some work e-mails. sounds exciting, right?

salt for families

the big intrigue last night was that pizza wasn't acting like herself and we were getting super worried ! she was walking kind of low to the ground and refusing to get on the couch with us and kind of sadly crouching on the ground. she even did a mournful meow ! i checked her out and she didn't seem to have any sore spots, her belly wasn't hard, uh, her b-hole looked okay, her ears were clean, her nose was cold and wet, and she was eating and drinking and pooping, but seriously she was acting really weird !


after awhile, and with the help of the internet, we ascertained that she is probably hunting a mouse or a bug and it has her on edge. mama's little baby !

i decided not to raid so i could spend some quality time with christina and get some work done. we spent most of the night being worked up and hysterical and making fun of what not to wear which included christina saying, "oh my god, what if stacy london was a cat?" and me conjecturing that maybe pizza's soul was in our bodies and our souls were in hers. that isn't a thing that happens though !

after that, i leveled my priest a little bit. we're already almost level 50 because the refer a friend bonus is such an insane cheat- we get 3x xp for turning in quests if we're near each other. paul is just running us through dungeons and stuff with one of his alts- we've essentially done almost no real quests so far.

adelita and solanas
adelita and solanas, hanging out with their friend, the horde cloth quartermaster

we have another set to level to 60 (we each referred each other), but that may have to wait until after this event is over. i'm really enjoying it so far because i barely have to do anything.

i have to go do a training for registration for this event now buhhhhhhh talk to you later !

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