Monday, May 10, 2010

nothing on you

dudessss. i had a really exciting weekend where i got to do almost nothing ! on friday, christina and i dressed up fancy (well, we both wore dresses due to dire laundry situations) and went to tampopo, which was filled with obnoxious penn kids. i had some steamed dumplings and bi bim bap with tofu and egg

bi bim bap

it was okay- i sort of hate sesame oil and they put it in every dish, which was kind of a bummer, but the sauce was pleasantly spicy and i did okay with eating with chopsticks even though i'm normally like... an embarrassing honkey with them. after that, we came home and watched, uh, it's complicated. it was okay ! slightly less boring than watching old rich people do shit IRL.

it's complicated

there were a few funny/weird moments (like alec baldwin grabbing meryl streep's vagina and saying "home sweet home"? and her saying, "i prefer a lot of semen") that we were really into, but like i hate rich people so i couldn't get personally invested. also meryl streep was totally fucking radiant ("she just looks like somebody's aunt to me") and christina and i kept marveling over it ! after that we got into a hysterical competition to freddy krueger each other where we tried desperately to make the other look at us and then did a freddy krueger hand motion

1 2 freddy's coming for christina

on saturday, i didn't really do anything. christina and i went grocery shopping, where i rekindled my love for hamburger helper with veggie crumbles (i've been having trouble with eating disorder stuff lately with no real end in site. most foods i like seem gross or unappetizing to me. this will do for now.). paul and i leveled our alts to around level 26 (from 14) i think? and i did some reading, and christina and i caught up on DVR'd king of queens. haha. i think we watched like 12 episodes over the weekend? mouse came over for awhile to hang out before he goes on tour (more about that later) and i lent him my ipod, which will be returned loaded up with jiu jitsu and vale tudo videos i'm sure.

on sunday, we leveled our alts to like.. 42 or 43? then mike and emily came down because emily's 16th birthday was saturday. i bought her dinner, which was an empty gesture because her dad usually pays for her. emily is like... the coolest kid ever? she's so much cooler than i was at her age, and has been for as long as i've known her. mike was a delight as usual- this time he has ringworm and is taking some kind of anti fungal medicine that he has to sweat out?

dreaded ringworm
we all decided ringworm would be grosser if it was an actual worm than a fungus, but i actually think a worm is less gross

that sounded like something mike would make up to gross me out, but apparently it's true?

The single-dose regimens, or pulse therapy regimes, can be made more effective by having the patient exercise 1–2 hours after the dose, to induce sweating. The sweat is allowed to evaporate, and showering is delayed for a day, leaving a film of the medication on the skin

ew ! after they left, i talked to mouse on the phone for awhile. he's going to be on tour (mostly the midwest and some of the south?) until sunday, and i'm super bummed. i know the timing is good because this is my busiest crappiest week all year, and i have to work this weekend, but i feel all weird and mopey ! this is like, the longest we've ever not been butt buddies. i hope he continues to send me a lot of weird texts and isn't too bored.

cybermouse and dalexy, circa 2004

oh, speaking of that, we didn't even watch the new episode of doctor who. after that bullshit winston churchill and the tired dalek plotline, i am not super eager to watch them possibly ruin the angels from blink by doing them to death.

weeping angels

i mean, i'll watch it (probably tonight !), but i don't feel any kind of urgency to watch it every week as it airs. i hope i don't have to give up on the revival, but between it's general undercurrent of suckiness and having to listen to newjack doctor who fans share their dumb opinions with me, i'm kind of grouchy about it.

hey ! otherwise i'm in a good mood. my event is this weekend and i'm super busy, but since i made all the changes to my work process in january (writing stuff down, buying a printer, etc) i definitely feel more organized and under control than i have in previous years.

p.s. speaking of crappy tv, i guess the pacific ended? i wonder if i'll ever watch it. i heard it was good from paul (my resident WOW and WWII friend), but he also liked white chicks.


  1. i did not realize ringworm didn't involve an actual worm :[

  2. i got it a buuuuuunch of times as a kid from playing with feral cats ! it's just like, a weird itchy patch. much less exciting than 'ringworm' sounds :(