Wednesday, May 5, 2010

teenage cremation

hayyyyyy. so like ! yesterday i got my bill for my summer class from penn ($3300 for one 12 week summer class !), so i went to submit my tuition reimbursement stuff online and decided to check my class schedule- apparently, the class i registered for was canceled. thanks for telling me or indicating in any way that it had been canceled, guys ! so i registered for two online classes because i think i'm too chicken to go directly back to school.


these are the classes i registered for:

History of the United States to 1865
An analysis of American society from the founding of the Colonies to the outbreak of Civil War. Topics to be emphasized include: the interaction among European, Indian and African cultures in the New World; the shaping of the distinctive American character; the creation of an independent nation-state; and the crisis of the Union. Special attention will be given to biographical profiles of the men and women who helped shape American history during this period.

Elementary German I
Introduction to the basic elements of spoken and written German, with emphasis placed on the acquisition of communication skills. Readings and discussion focus on cultural differences.

since i plan to major in history i wanted to jump right in and take a bunch of history classes, but the online class options are limited. also, i haven't finished my fall application yet (for penn summer classes they write you a note like 'do u want 2 go here check yes or no' and if you check 'yes' you can register, but you have to apply for fall) and don't really have a "plan" as far as what classes i'll take. i assume i need a language and i already know german so this should be easy. or annoying, because i've heard online classes are annoying.

online classes
i tried to find a picture of a person in a mortarboard at a computer but came up emptyhanded

like, it's one thing to be jammed into a classroom with a bunch of idiots, but having to like.. post on a forum with them seems like it would be much worse, since people are a lot more brave on the internet. maybe since LPS focuses on working professionals and people over 21, the class will be full of like... grown-ups? but grown-ups are also stupid a lot of the time. please reassure me.

last night we raided, which was okay. we're kind of on auto pilot in ICC25. the new people in the guild are mostly okay, but two of them are dating and they are constantly flirting with each other and it's super fucking annoying. like, internet flirting in a way that indicates to me that they've probably never hung out in real life. their break-up is going to be hilarious. anyway, i can't wait until cataclysm comes out and i can just do ten mans with 9 people i like.

worgen and goblins
in the new expansion, i can also make a goblin dude !

today is a jeans day at work in honor of the phillies game tonight (i'm not going- they gave out free tickets this year but only for staff members. usually they let everyone have 4 tickets so you can bring friends !) and i don't own jeans so i'm wearing leggings and a skirt and a cruddy t-shirt. basically how i dress in real life, but i wore a t-shirt with the original neck instead of a gaping hole where i cut the neck off. FASHION.

i guess i'm going to go do a million works.


  1. ($3300 for one 12 week summer class !)

    holy fucking SHIT

  2. you will probably do awesomely in the online classes. i think the key to getting an A in one is "be literate."

  3. yeah. like... tuition for full time for a whole semester for the school i went to in FL was $2100. maybe less? i'm mystified.

  4. kristen, thank you for the support ! i'm worried mostly that i'll just be like 'what's happening on ladies aux? oh, jimmy laughed. i'm gonna watch this 40 times !' and then miss the lecture !

    also i have to revise and say i'm not actually mystified because penn is an ivy league school aka overpriced, so even the reduced cost of the LPS program is crazy.

  5. ahhhhhh i forgot penn is ivy league. jeeeeeeeeeeesus that is so much fucking money.

  6. i took an online language class my first semester back. it was a bunch of "you have two weeks to read this and do these assignments and post them in this forum." and then i had to buy a gamer headset and record myself speaking in spanish and email her the files. if you already know the basics of german, taking 101 online is probably the best idea.

  7. i also already have a gamer headset D:

  8. I love my online classes. You don't have to put on pants to go! I can't really take math classes online. I tried to take Economics online and totally stressed about it constantly. More reading-comprehension based classes are fine though. You can work at your own speed and when you feel like it. It also doesn't matter if you have any annoying people in your class because you don't have to read their posts. My classes cost $600 per 3 credit hour course, but I'm at a state school with 90 person classes. And the bathrooms don't have soap or papertowels or ever get cleaned.

  9. natalie, that is really heartening ! i hate wearing pants. these classes are 1 credit unit each and i'm not sure how many CUs it takes to graduate. one thing that's cool though is that this program has non-competitive admissions and is geared toward working adults, and most of the degrees can be obtained at night only, but you get the same penn degree that full time residential students get.

  10. i am taking library school classes online and it was a big adjustment to me to switch to them, and i 1000% prefer real-life classes, but i am okay with them now. usually the classes will have NETIQUETTE rules about how you have to be kind to everyone, and i will say that the majority of my fellow online library school students are adults that have real jobs and it is pretty pleasant to have to talk to them on internet message boards. there are always a few choads but they are kind of easy to ignore when you do not have to see their stupid faces or hear their stupid voices. THOUGH one of my classes does have VOICE CONFERENCE once a week and i am pretty into that

    also i have to say, phillies v. cardinals -- go cardinals

  11. yeah hopefully things will go as well for the cardinals tonight as they did yesterday. hahahaha f u pujols !

    that is also heartening to hear- penn's program will mostly be other penn employees and other working adults and i truly hope that it ends up being easy. i also am cheating a little by taking german since i can already speak german.

  12. Night classes are always waaaay better. I go to a 2nd rate commuter school so there are lots of early evening/night classes. I've taken 3 and those have been the only ones I didn't HATE everyone in them. Night class people have jobs and other obligations so they don't want their time wasted (which is good for group projects!). And if the teacher sucks, they make class tolerable.

    Also! The idea of people taking an intro language class online, if they don't already know the language, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!

  13. i think at the very least, it should be funny. i think we have to record ourselves and send it to the teacher? i'm fine with that because i already have a nerd headset from warcraft and i am pretty good at german.

  14. my friend brook took a spanish class online and i finished all of the coursework on her behalf in like four hours. and i haven't taken spanish since high school. haha.

    taking sociology classes online this semester honest to god made me want to fling myself off a fucking CLIFF and as a result I will be getting poor grades for the first time ever, but like...i go to community college with a bunch of ignorant assholes. i have faith that your experience will be better.

  15. it makes me so angry when people boo pujols because he is so genuinely kind-hearted and good and phillies fans are why i hate the phillies! i hope they run out on the field some more so that cole hamels will give up more runs

    also BEWARE thinking online classes will be easy, because that is what i thought, and i found them to be much more difficult than i thought they would be, and much more difficult (for me, at least) than IRL classes.

  16. i'm sure pujols is a great person- that's why it's fun to boo him, it probably really hurts his feelings ! fuck the cardinals !

    p.s. philly fans #1
    p.p.s. you're totally probably right, i'm very bad at managing my time and staying on task in an unstructured environment

  17. caveat, i do like cole hamels because he carries around a dog in a backpack

  18. cole hamels is like, the biggest whiniest diaper baby of all time, too. maybe we should trade him to st louis !

  19. it is okay to do, st louis welcomes everyone with open arms and heart and does not throw batteries at or boo anybody

    come to me, dog in a tiny backpack