Monday, May 24, 2010

have you seen my portfolio?

hey dogs. this weekend was pretty uneventful, which was cool because my mom will be here this weekend and my birthday is the weekend after !

on friday, christina and i were going to go to a college douche restaurant/bar by our offices called mad mex. they're only really notable because they have vegan dairy stuff for their burritos, they have 22oz cheap margaritas, and all their food is half price after 10. anyway, we had weird bogus chinese food at work for lunch and i felt like garbage, so i ended up at home in an imodium fog.


i ended up taking a nap and then just puttering around the house and hanging out with christina a little before we both went to bed FOR GOOD.

on saturday, christina and i got a car and went to south philly ! we were initially just running errands (grocery shopping/ac moore/home depot) but jeanne had the kitten again so we stopped over to visit jeanne and mike and this little dude:

the kitten

he's pretty great- he walks around and plays and pounces and meows and falls asleep for no reason while you're holding him. he's also eating real food and pooping ! jeanne decided to come with us to ac moore. i decided to learn to embroider and learn to crochet (i learned a little to make that amigurumi chewbacca) so i could make an afghan, so i got a bunch of supplies in roxy colors.

cheap red heart yarn for the afghan

embroidery floss for... "embroidering a flower"

i have loose plans for the embroidery stuff- i want to embroider some flowers on something? jeanne got some cool paper to go on the backs of her frames, and some sour patch kids ! after that we went to the grocery store and to home depot, where i got something other than neat colored duct tape and raisinettes for once. well, it was just allergy reducer febreze and some keys, and the keys were cut poorly and don't work, but it was okay. a relatively painless trip to a store that instantly makes me feel bored.

when we got home, christina got ready to go to a show at pi lam, and i got ready to sit home and be bored and feel sorry for myself. i didn't realize how dependent on other peoples' company i am- mouse and i have a loose standing hangout for saturday nights, but he was visiting his cool nephew:


and i've grown accustomed to christina keeping me company, so i was a total grumpy baby about having to entertain myself. i mostly looked at granny square patterns, looked at crochet videos on youtube, and taught myself how to make a granny square. i didn't come away with much because i was practicing !

on sunday, i made some granny squares:

granny squares
i'm going to make a bunch of them and connect them with the dark brown yarn i think

and hung out with christina. later in the day, mouse and i got indian buffet (where i ran into a germophobe in the bathroom !!!!!!!!!) and then went to see bj's band and my friend john from cleveland's band. john and i met online when we were like 17 and we didn't hang out in person until we were 24ish (well, that's how old i was? i just realized that i have no idea how old he is. good friend !!!!). our friendship is mainly based on wayne's world and farting, which is the best kind of friendship.

punk vest

his band, clan of the cave bear, was really good, and i got to meet his friend/bandmate whose dog i have admired on the internet for years !!! we didn't get to talk too long though because mouse and i left right after they played. the house where the show was is kind of weird and i felt like a dork and a fraud because i was dressed like a nerd.

i only work three days this week because my mom gets here wednesday ! i'm pretty psyched because we have off monday too. my main plans are to make sure my mom has fun. i'm already planning stuff that uh, i'm going to have christina cook for her (i don't really know how to cook meat !). we haven't gotten to talk much in awhile because my mom's busy season at work ends right when mine starts, so it'll be nice to hang out and make fun of law and order with her. she also really loves going to the laundromat so maybe i'll save some dirty clothes.


i have been asking questions about what xbox to buy and like.. i don't even really understand the answers, because lots of nerds are telling me conflicting things. i'm not sure what i need for my... needs. i just want to be able to play games and watch netflix ! that's all !

so many choices

i'm going to wait until my mom leaves though so i don't ignore her for video games.

okay, back to work. i have a bunch of stuff to do today and lots of meetings this week !

p.s. ha ha lost fans !
p.p.s. there were kittens on the roof at the show i went to but i didn't get to pet them

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