Tuesday, May 18, 2010

under the milky way

hang on i'm so hungry i'm going to die !

okay. last night was my first night of having a real life. i realized pretty early that i was being kind of melodramatic and that most of my freakout was definitely due to birth control issues, but i still felt a little bit of residual sadness. mouse was back from tour, so i went over to his house to welcome him back. i stopped at milk and honey on the way, which is this ridiculously expensive yuppie store that sells locally grown stuff for way too much fucking money and is kind of ridiculous and inaccessible since it's like, one block away from an economically depressed area. haha.

milk and honey

don't get me wrong, they have a lot of like beautiful delicious-looking fresh local food and the people who work there are nice, it's just a really odd placement of a store- like, i'm doing pretty well and i can barely afford to shop there. a handful of random greens is like $10. a carton of eggs is like $7. anyway, whatever, i went there and got a sandwich for dinner because there's not much else between my house and mouse's. i got a thai tofu hoagie which was um... some greens, like 3 pieces of tofu, and... guacamole? on the hardest roll of all time for all those squishy ingredients. for $7.

tofu hoagie
THIS is how you make a tofu hoagie (tofu bahn mi from fu wah)

i theoretically support what they're doing, but it's definitely like... an exclusive rich people place in a non-rich neighborhood. whatever, i guess it's a business, but it's just kind of an odd alienating presence at 45th and baltimore.

anyway enough about that place ! p.s. i also got a hank's root beer. but really, enough ! i got to mouse's and he regaled me with tales from tour- just fyi, when he hugged a naked lady, that wasn't a euphemism- a naked lady gave him a hug at a warehouse they were playing. it sounds like he had a pretty good time, and it was good to see him, but i was feeling kind of anxious and tired so i didn't stay too long.

when i got home, i didn't really know what to do with myself ! christina was in bed, so i watched some simpsons episodes on DVR and my friend perry and i shared our favorite poems with each other. that is not as dumb or nerdy as it sounds ! my two favorites are cascando by samuel beckett and the love song of j. alfred prufrock by t.s. eliot. i forgot what his favorites are cause i am self-absorbed !

beckett !

my only real goal for last night when i got home was to buy a new yoga mat. SOMEONE (mouse) got hot sauce all over my last one (because i left a bottle of hot sauce perched on the edge of an end table and left my yoga mat on the floor). i was much happier when i was doing yoga regularly- not for the relaxation factor because i basically never relax, but because i'm very impressed with how stretchy and bendy i am and it made my body feel good. i think i may have given my yoga dvd away though, so anyone have any recommendations? remember that i'm fat, but flexible.

yoga mat

i guess i'm doing okay. i miss my wow friends already, but not having the pressure to be home to raid tonight is pretty stellar ! mouse is coming over to catch up on doctor who (incidentally, after he goes to yoga).

the next few weeks are going to be super busy. my mom is coming to visit next week (and i have some time off of work !), my friend john from cleveland's band is playing here next weekish (i think?), my BIRTHDAY is right after that, and then um... then i can go back to being bored and anxious, probably. or maybe i will have snapped out of it at that point.

it's taken me forever to get this written today because i have so much leftover crud from reunion !

p.s. there's a BABY at work for me to look at !
p.p.s. i'm really proud of myself for making myself go out spontaneously last night, in the RAIN. i NEVER go out in the rain !


  1. there are lots of great yoga video resources online:

    http://www.yogadownload.com/ (Which is a subscription service, but the 20min videos are free. If you find one you like, you can download a longer version for to keep for just a couple of bucks.)

    http://www.exercisetv.tv/ (Some videos are free, but you can sign up for a 2-week trial and download one video that you like to keep. Monthly service is not that expensive, and you get to download 5 videos to keep a month. Side note: ExerciseTV provides most of the exercise videos for OnDemand.)

    YouTube has some great yogis who post their videos for free (Tara Stiles & Sadie Nardini, among others)

    Hope this helps get you started on the new mat!

  2. thanks, that's really cool ! my only problem is that i'd have to watch them on a real tv, and i'm super super clueless about burning stuff to dvd and crap (even though i have an awesome dvd player that can play any format). i guess i should stop being lazy

  3. my kingdom for the church and a tofu bahn mi right now

  4. if you come to west philllllllyyyyy we can eat tofu hoagies and watch dogs run around !

  5. i believe you mean WHEN i come to west philly :D

    now i'm singing 'hoagie and some dogs' to the tune of turkey in the straw in my head

  6. oh my god i love you. what was the cot thing? cot and a _______, homeless?

  7. Oh greeeaatt, the ice cream truck that comes around my neighborhood plays Turkey in the Straw, haha.

  8. haha mine too ! and it doesn't help that i don't know ANY lyrics to turkey in the straw !