Friday, May 7, 2010


first of all, i want to say happy birthday to natalie. natalie and i have been friends since gifted in middle school, and spent countless hours sitting silently on the telephone while we each read a book. i read so many issues of highlights for children (wayyyyy past highlights age) in her bedroom at sleepovers, and remember staying up late and watching 120 minutes with her at her house. she is definitely one of the people who was most influential in my current coolness, because she is one of the most effortlessly cool and smart and funny and charming people i've ever met. plus, she always had good dogs:


last night mouse came over to watch the last episode of doctor who. i was pretty bummed to see that the daleks are back yet again because um, again, some of them lived, and again, they fell through a thing in time, and again, he thought he killed them all but just kidding !!!! like, there were a couple of good parts in the episode (i really liked that the dude was somehow built by the daleks to build the daleks even though i'm not sure i understand how it works) but i'm soooo motherfucking sick of daleks. and um, we already had an amazing story arc during the london blitz in series one. plus the new fat imac daleks were dumb looking.


i guess it's kind of interesting that amy pond had never heard of them? i'm interested to see where that goes. oh, also, that winston churchill blew. how hard can it be to do a good churchill impression? i bet every fat actor in england has that in his repertoire.

after mouse went home, christina and i got some treats and hung out for a little bit before i had to raid. i tried to get out of it but they were short on people and some of the people i like asked me to come. the raid didn't end up being tooooooooo bad- we got putricide down pretty fast and made a ton of headway on sindragosa


the fight is pretty cool, but i was getting really tired toward the end and the third phase was confusing. i think i was the only person who died prematurely though. too bad no one will show up on sunday so we can kill her ! including me, probably, so i'm not complaining.

hopefully i won't have to do anything this weekend. i think mouse and i are seeing our friends' band saturday night, and i might go grocery shopping and stuff, but i have to work all next weekend so i want this one to be like... full of laziness and elastic waist pants and DVR.

p.s. crazy insanely busy at work but not too busy to update my blog so far !
p.p.s. i don't wannnnnnna work next weekend
p.p.p.s. ooooooops we didn't do knitting group yesterday ! but since it's just me and christina, i don't think it really matters. i haven't felt like knitting in a little while !

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