Tuesday, May 25, 2010

go ahead and ask her

hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!! last night i worked on a work project at home, like a dork, and crocheted ! that's like, mostly it ! i had to look up like 50302943 people in our system to make mailing labels for them and i got about half of it out of the way since it's so time-consuming. the actual work isn't time-consuming but our system is so slow that it takes like 5 minutes per person to look them up which is like four hours in internet time.

wasting time
i can't take credit for this clever graphic

i made it my goal to finish two more granny squares while i cleared our DVR of the simpsons and futurama, but i kept getting distracted and it took longer than i thought. i think it would take like 45 minutes or so to do a granny square if i actually focused but it took me like 900 hours because i kept putting it down. anyway, here's the two new ones:

granny squares

and here's all four together in case you are too lazy to look at the last entry !

all four !

what else? i'm also re-reading the fellowship of the ring, which i haven't read since i was 10-14 (when i read it many, many, many times). i lovedddddddddd these books when i was a kid and, re-reading them, i really regret seeing the movies. i wasn't too crazy about them when they came out, but like, i had everything pictured so vividly in my mind- what everyone looked like, what every place looked like, what every race looked like, etc. and now when i'm reading i just picture this:




i'm especially heartbroken about gollum because the movie gollum is really stupid and gross and i hate him. gandalf and saruman are okay though cause... 1) christopher lee is cool and 2) what else is a wizard going to look like? anyway, it is coloring my re-reading in a way that is bumming me out, because like... i'm an adult, i shouldn't have to think about elijah wood if i don't want to, and it also sucks to lose important magical stuff from your childhood.

i unfortunately have to cut this short because i have a meeting in 20 minutes that i have to prepare for. hayyyy.

p.s. my mom gets here after work tomorrow ! which means i'd better clean my room tonight and maybe drop my laundry off to be washed?


  1. "i'm an adult, i shouldn't have to think about elijah wood if i don't want to"


  2. haha it's true ! i don't want to think about his piercing blue eyes, curly locks, or charming gap teeth if i don't have to, and now i can't stop.

  3. aah, crocheting! my friend at work is crocheting me a crass backpatch!

  4. haha that is the cutest idea- i don't know how that would work since i just learned how to crochet but now i want to make a crass afghan !!!

  5. I, too, am a fan of "i'm an adult, i shouldn't have to think about elijah wood if i don't want to." That is now my favorite quote of all time.

  6. haha it's true ! it's the main reason i bothered to persist after age 18.

  7. i loooove your granny squares, holy shit!

    and did i ever tell you about the time syd made a wrongism while watching the lord of the rings and called gollum "gordon"