Thursday, May 6, 2010

alas poor ghostrider

oh man. yesterday christina made a tortilla de patatas for us for dinner, and it was the besttttttt. if you don't know what that is, here is the wiki ! but don't bother to go there because i'm going to tell you what it is ! it's like... sort of between an omelette and a quiche? it's a big egg thing with potatoes and onions in it.


i was super exhausted when i got home so i dozed off for awhile and woke up to a text saying my tortilla de patatas was ready, which clearly indicates that i have the best roommate. while we ate dinner we watched king of queens episodes that i DVR'd. i'm sure i've mentioned it, but i'm weirdly into "king of queens". i think kevin james is the cutest/nicest, and also i think the show is genuinely funny. i also like that the couple on the show is realistically working class? haha. like if they have to get a home repair done that costs $400 they freak out and have to borrow money or can't go to the dentist.

king of queens

unfortunately though, for how much i love it, i'll never be able to keep up with the DVR because it's seriously on tv like 8 times a day? on two different channels ! i feel like i'm being crushed under the weight of my crappy tv interests now. maybe this weekend i'll make an effort to watch as many episodes as i can !

after dinner, i leveled my priest with paul for awhile. he signed on his paladin and carted me and his warrior around on his grand ice mammoth (which is a mount with 2 extra seats so you can bring friends along):

ice mammoth
actually, i'm not sure if he has this one or the traveler's tundra mammoth

and we did ragefire chasm and wailing caverns and got from level 14 to level 23 in a couple of hours. jesus christ, wailing caverns takes forever ! i still had a good time, but i didn't get a raptor hatchling.

deviate hatchling
hee hee hee

i appreciate everyone's feedback yesterday about online classes. the overall impression that i'm getting is that they're easy but by no means super super easy, and that the people in the classes will be mature, but there will probably be some infuriating boneheads. that sounds reasonable ! the only thing i'm worried about now is like... how do i know what books to get? i haven't been in school in so long that i can't remember how to find this stuff out.


i'm only worried because i'm a little lazy and i might forget to check if i am not explicitly told where and when to look. actually, i just read what i wrote and it sounds like a baby going to college so i'm going to make an effort to like do the basic things i need to do to have a life and take care of myself.

oh ! oh ! hey ! remember how a few weeks ago, i was talking about the mcelrath salty dog chocolate bar? i got a bunch of them while i was in sacramento at the nugget market grocery store, and i can't find them anywhere in philly. anyway, i checked my mail yesterday and found this package from caroline:

caroline is the best

i seriously burst into tears when i opened it because it was so thoughtful- i'd JUST been talking about this chocolate bar to someone else the night before, and to have two randomly appear in my mailbox was like... the best, sweetest thing ever. caroline is the best.

i guess i should get some work done now. busyyyy week, next week will be twice as busyyyyy, and then i have to work all weekend. this weekend, i plan to mostly chillax and hang out with mouse before he goes on tour. hayyyy.

p.s. i love the phillies
p.p.s. i had to go to the bathroom and i got two phonecalls in a row and now i don't have to go anymore and i am afraid i'm going to get blood poisoning.


  1. your school's bookstore website should have a place where you can put in your classes and it will tell you what books you need! in my experience, though, sometimes instructors do not submit their booklists to there so there is a chance you would have to email and ask them what the books are. or wait til you get a syllabus. apparently emailing about it is a thing that everyone else does, because my teachers are always like, 65% of the class emailed me asking what the books are.

    my fatal flaw with online classes was that because i love the internet and talk about myself all the time on it anyway that an internet class where i shared my opinions would be like... no big deal for me. but it was hard! it seems as if you have a realistic view of it, however

  2. wow, you were totally right about the bookstore website thing ! i can add all my courses and it'll pull up a textbook list ! of course, there's none yet since it's only may and classes don't start til july.

    one thing i'm hoping is that both a german class and an early american history class wont' require me to share many opinions, unless there's some serious pro-slavery people or something.

  3. haha oh, if i log into our portal and view my class schedule, there's a link that says 'buy textbooks' that takes me right to an organized cart on the bookstore's website.

  4. i loooooooooove that hatchling!! i'm gonna call max my hatchling from now on.

  5. whaaaat! you can get blood poisoning from holding in your urge to go?? GREAT now I have more stuff to worry about getting

  6. brooke ! they have hatchlings in a bunch of colors and also a PUG pet that does the 'poop scoot'. it takes a minute but it's worth it:

    sandi, from my understanding of 'body science', if you don't poop it breaks up and absorbs into your blood and you turn into poop.

  7. please send me christina's tortilla as a return thank you gift.


  8. Heck, I would make Caroline her own dang tortilla cause I like her so much.