Thursday, May 20, 2010

just me and my baby

what's up dudes ! i had my first iced coffee in weeks (after my early spring cornholioing) and am psyched now ! what's up ! hey !

i didn't update yesterday because i called out of work. reunion finally caught up to me. i called out at 7:30 and went back to sleep and slept until like 2:30, which is a feat for me. i'm not that much of a sleeper and i never sleep that late.


on tuesday night, mouse came over so we could get caught up on doctor who. we watched the first episode of the weeping angel two parter. i was a little bummed because they brought back both the angels and the doctor's wife, which makes me think that this entire season will just be a rehashing of the previous seasons (and like, doctor who involves a certain amount of rehashing by nature, but do they really need to bring back cool original stuff and turn it into the next daleks or cyberman?). that said, the first part was pretty good. the part where amy was in the trailer with the angel video was genuinely scary, and there were some super funny moments.

weeping angels

i'm not really sold on matt smith yet but i'm learning to like him. i thought david tennant did a great job but i was never a HUGE fan or anything, so maybe i'm just overly critical of new doctors.

mouse also seems to be doing well. he apparently is not as bendy as the last time he went to yoga, so i'm not sure WHEN he'll achieve his ultimate yoga goal, which is sucking a gallon of water up his ass.

after that, christina caught up on gossip girl and i tormented her while she watched it, as usual. this time i made a gossip girl twitter for our apartment. it's been a little rough because i've only seen like 5 episodes and i'm usually talking while they're on. now that i've gotten the hang of it though i may have to add mouse into the mix or maybe mention myself because christina and pizza don't really do that much intriguing shit.

the blonde gossip girl is the most beautiful gossip girl of them all

yesterday i slept all day and kind of did nothing all day. i watched some DVR'd futurama (kind of a bummer, i haven't mastered fast forwarding yet so i occasionally see commercials for comedy central stuff and my brain melts a little) and checked out my class schedule for summer online. i haven't been back to school in awhile, is it normal for them to change class times 29382039 times?

i initially signed up for two classes, and my schedule was like this:

MW 6:30pm-8:45pm Elementary German I
TR 6:00pm-7:00pm History of the United States to 1865

that's pretty good, right? four days a week, but only one class per night and only one late night ! but when i checked yesterday, the german class had been changed, so my schedule was:

MTWR 7:30-8:45 Elementary German I
TR 6:00pm-7:00pm History of the United States to 1865

sooooo now the german class is every day, so i have 2 classes per night 2 days a week (which makes those nights a total bust) and one class in the middle of the evening for no reason on the other 2 nights. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining about a few hours of free school a week, but i was definitely trying to ease myself back in and picked a comfortable, easy schedule that wouldn't immediately ruin the social life i'm pretending i have as the premise of this complaint !


before you feel too sorry for me, this is also a six week summer session. and they're online classes so i don't even have to wear pants.

i'm back at work now, finishing a few things up. today is my yearly review and i'm oddly nervous. i know that i've been um, crankier in the past few months, and i've also been uncooperative with my annoying coworker, but i don't think it should be a big deal. probably? since i have extreme anxiety i can only be sure that i am going to get the most fired and most criticized ever, even if i didn't do anything wrong, but it did take me awhile to come up with those two criticisms of my performance. i guess my biggest fear about a review is my boss bringing up a shortcoming i wasn't even aware of? but i can't imagine that if i was truly fucking up, she wouldn't have talked to me already.

anxiety !

that picture reminds me that i was talking to my aunt about my anxiety a couple of years ago, which i referred to as cyclical anxiety, and she said it sounded just like her. and also now refers to it as her sickle cell anxiety by accident.

p.s. will one of you tell me what happens on lost when it's over so i don't have to watch it?


  1. I've been planning the same thing Re: Lost. This way I can spend more time watching quality television, like Americas Next Top Model.

  2. or as i like to call it, tyra's next top tyra. i actually cannot even watch that show anymore because i loathe tyra and both jays so intensely that it makes me upset.

  3. I laughed REALLY loud after reading each tweet from Gossip Roxy. Best idea ever.

  4. sickle cell anxiety!

    i LOVE that gossip guy's haircut! (the one writing gossip in a notepad). i might take my hair in that direction. this all one length thing is rough and it is approaching an unbecoming stage.

  5. his name is ed "gossip guy" westwick irl if you want to google him ! he usually has good hair. he's also like, a millionaire playboy rapist which is my least favorite type of person. also, he never tells any jokes.

    sandi, thank you !!! i'm going to work hard on it but it will be contingent on pizza and christina doing stuff.

  6. i heard he drives a black porsche with the license plate "1GOSSP1"

  7. Just piping in to say I hope your review is going well! Though I know you aren't one of those people who, like, worries about work all the time, it's obvious that you take pride in doing things well and are (this sounds stupid, but whatever) a team player, important traits that can be surprisingly rare in the workplace.

    In conclusion, Roxy #1.