Friday, February 19, 2010

rice is nice

ahhhh i feel like crap ! i stayed home from work today (though i will probably guiltily work from home even though no one cares and i don't have any deadlines or anything today) because i had a hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning. i went to bed at a really reasonable time for me (12:30) but had trouble staying asleep, and now i just feel... weird? that's the best way to describe it. i don't have cold symptoms, but i feel tired and achy and like i'm made of lead.

anyway, last night we went to thoreau, the new vegetarian restaurant at 10th and spring garden ! it was nice to see kati and kevin (and nice to hang out with mouse, of course) and i'm super lazy about trying new restaurants so i kind of killed two birds with one stone ! thoreau is super super tiny and poorly decorated- like, the tables are big and the chairs are big and comfortable, but there's like 400 of them crammed into a teeny room.


that picture is kind of deceptive- see how close together those tables are?

the staff is really nice, and until they get their liquor license, it's a byob with no corking fee, so i brought a bottle of crappy champagne left over from my hotel birthday party last year. we all ordered different things and everyone really liked what they got (though mine and kati's came out like 15 minutes after everyone else's because... the chef burned himself). this is what i got:

blue plate

Blue Plate
Rosette of purple Okinawa sweet potatoes atop sweet corn gravy, grilled avocado with edamame succotash, brochette of Szechwan carrot syrup-glazed shiitakes.

every single thing on the plate was delicious, though by the end of the dish the giant lump of sweet potato was a little dry and the succotash had red bell pepper (i should've asked, since bell peppers are not food). i enjoyed the mushrooms especially. i guess my only real complaint is that the price point ($20-$24 for an entree) is a little too high for meals with no real protein. i also thought that their garnish of a giant sprig of rosemary or a giant whole pepper for each meal was wasteful and silly looking. overall, i'd definitely go back ! no one got dessert, though, since we were all full (and mouse is on a 'diet' to stay under 145 for his tournament on saturday).

by the way, did you guys know that champagne and corn is a miserable combination?

i came home after that for our raid and spent the first half of the raid drunk and confused and the second half post-drunk and annoyed. i think one of my main problems with playing warcraft is that the guild i'm in is like... 50% cool dudes i already knew and then like... 50% real true nerds. i know being "nerdy" is cool now, but i don't mean like, a regular person wearing non-prescription "nerd" glasses and talking about how they love math- i mean like, mountain dew drinking 21 year olds who use constant internet slang and nerdily/arrogantly talk about their character's gear and anime.


mostly i can deal with those nerds (even though "nerd arrogance" is like... my least favorite trait. we all totally blow, buddy, and the sooner you realize it the sooner we can be at peace) but sometimes it weighs very heavily on me.

anyway, today will mostly be spent checking my work e-mail and watching the golden girls. hayyy.


  1. a huge sprig of rosemary on a whole pepper sounds like something i'd use as a garnish, haha.

    i have to give a speech in my COMM class on monday and I'm absolutely not going to have time to work on it before it's due, so i'm basically just going to stand up there and be like 'riiiice is niiiice, but it's only a graiiiin.'

    also did I tell you I watched a kind of cute/touching documentary about mmorpg players? it's called second skin, you can watch it on netflix instant viewer. it includes true annoying nerds, sad game addicts, and ends on an UPLIFTING note. kinda.

  2. a few people have told me about that documentary !! unfortunately i only ever want to watch netflix instant viewing while i'm working and my headphones broke bigtime and i keep forgetting to bring new ones in.

    you should make a 'don't put marbles in your nose' video !

  3. hahahah yesss. maybe i could dazzle everyone with a song medley from the wizard's baker!
    and i'm ooonllyyyyy
    one years
    and i'm very cold

    ps hope you feel better soon <3

  4. I went there last week for the first time and was a little annoyed with their hostess and whole seating arrangements. I agree about the poorly decorated part. Those chairs are too big! When we were there, the place was empty except 2 other couples. We were seated right next to the door (and it was cold). I asked to be moved someone warmer (hoping to get closer to the back) but no...we were moved to the front with all those windows and drafts. Duh! Anyway, despite the kinks they still need to work out, the food was good. I like that they don't use meat substitutes.

  5. i actually LIKE the big chairs, but only if the restaurant had like.. 3 fewer tables? we were right by the door too and there was another party seated right behind us and they kept complaining about the cold. i just think they need a bigger space, and maybe to add some kind of protein to their dishes.