Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i can't hide it

man. i'm cleaning out my bag right now

bella tote
the "bella tote" from fantella on etsy- best tote ever

and it's full of sand from california and hair from a ball of red yarn. it's pretty disgusting. i've been ignoring it for awhile but every day i'll pull my phone or ipod out and it'll be totally covered in sand or red clown pubes and like, that can't be good for electronics, right? i honestly had the best time in california but i don't need to keep the sand. and making that red elf hat was fun, but i don't need to keep the leftover fiber.

the contents of my bag
- cellphone (8gb iphone, the cheapest i could get after i smashed my blackberry huhuhuh)
- 80gb ipod (FREE !)
- checks (simpsons)
- wallet

by quietdoing on etsy

- keys (w/ pocket knife)
- moleskine weekly planner
- 2 baggu printed with abraham lincoln's weird face
- 1 pack of microgestin FE
- tide pen
- SEPTA tokens
- off-brand neosporin
- immodium chewables
- zantac 150
- neutrogena norweigian formula hand cream
- 1 set of teal/aqua polyhedral dice
- pens (black pentel rsvp, hot pink 'florida' floaty pen, purple papermate gel pen)
- lip balm (cococare cocoa butter, kiss my face sliced peach, cvs chapblock gingerbread, gal collection vanilla, eos summer fruit)
- knitting project bag

by seabreezestudio on etsy

basically telling you all of this is a total smokescreen to cover up the fact that i didn't do anything yesterday. i came home from work, napped, ate a hoagie, and raided. zzzzzz. the hoagie was good, but i didn't get any loot and i was lagging really badly and it totally blew.

more snow in philadelphia this week ! i'm hoping for a snow day but i'll probably just get a gross wet walk to work.


  1. i love that wallet so much!! i really want to knit a woodgrain scarf.

  2. oooooh. wait is that possible or fantasy? i LOVE this wallet, it's held up super well for like.. 4 years.

  3. i think it's probably possible! i am going to attempt it, anyway. i just need to buy some brown yarns and play around with chartmaking a bit.

  4. Oh man, I'd love to get in on this woodgrain pattern thing.

  5. i meant to check ravelry yesterday to see if there were any patterns...