Monday, February 15, 2010

ask me ask me ask me

ooooookay. i have found that i sort of miss blogging since i've been doing it since before blogging was invented, but having to tangle with wordpress and having my own domain was too stressful and weird for me, so i think i'm going to TRY to have one again here. luckily it's been cold and gross and i've been kind of anxious for a few months so not much has changed ! let's go over the major stuff.


1) i decided to start making some healthy changes in my life. i haven't been able to stick to them 100% yet, but i've been working on it. the list:

every friday i have to:
- go grocery shopping to get groceries for the week (i signed up for philly carshare again)
- pick up SEPTA tokens
- drop my laundry off
- straighten up my room/apartment

and i have to:
- walk to work or home from work at least 5 times a week
- ride my bike downtown when i go if it isn't raining
- eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day
- not order takeout or eat out except on weekends/with friends (exception- i'm gonna eat spinach or sweet potato burritos from the mexicali cart and big fruit salads for lunch 3 days a week and eat pb&honey and vegetables the other days)
- start saving more money
- take stuff to goodwill

and if i do that, i get to:
- collect the REMCO universal monsters i want
- play warcraft
- buy moccasins in black even though i don't NEED them


2) i leveled my paladin to 80 and have been tanking. haha. my rogue is still my main, but tanking is fun and learning how to tank is exciting, and having instant queues for heroics is awesome. like 1% of you will know what that means but whatever.

3) i've been knitting like crazy and learning new stuff and getting more confident about my skills. so far i've resisted becoming a yarn freak and only buy yarn that i have realistic projects in mind for, and it's working out pretty well and is still a pretty cheap hobby. my name on ravelry is "joanofarc" if you want to add me. right now i'm making the aviatrix hat for mouse's sister's baby (not yet borned)


which is finished but just needs a button- i oddly can't find the five billion leather buttons i bought? and i've been making these (god i hate saying this) mittens from a pattern inspired by the twilight movie??? just for the record, i totally hate twilight and think it's amateurish fan-fiction-y poorly written misogynistic garbage but these mittens are cool:


4) christina and i have kept our apartment clean and happy for the most part (we both have our weak spots but neither are particularly bothered by the other's !) and i love living with her- best roommate ever. i do think jeanne would also be a contender except i was a terrible inconsiderate slob when i lived with her so we never got a fair chance ! oh also christina and pizza are in love


5) jeanne had a bunch of art shows and is generally the best artist ever? here's the monsters she made for fun-a-day:


6) mouse has a tournament on the 20th and luckily forgot about making weight so he hasn't been a dour cookie-less phantom like he normally is when trying to drop weight ! he's been busy with class and stuff lately and i've been really lazy about doing stuff besides wearing yoga pants and watching hbo so we haven't hung out as much lately and it's a huge bummer. he also bought the old mats from his dojo so now he occasionally lives the dream:


7) oh yeah. i went to california in january and hung out with brooke (love of my life), caroline, lila, and paul. i went to san francisco and monterey (which was beautiful) but spent most of my time in sacramento. i had the greatest most relaxing trip, though i was kind of sick for most of it. i saw the pacific ocean (and put my FEET in it), ate the best produce in the world every day, saw the golden gate bridge and alcatraz, and watched 'wolverine' and also wore a snuggie.


8) i've been super productive and organized at work. my first step was cleaning my workspace:




after, before the cleaning staff vacuumed

and then i started making and following to-do lists and doing little things to make my job easier (like writing certain codes down instead of frantically searching my inbox for them every time, etc.). i also bought a printer for my desk, because they pay for toner and paper, and i'm 100% super mega lazy about getting stuff from the printer. it's been great so far.


9) i'm still me, a weird neat lady.


  1. This will probably never stop being weird for you, but I've anonoymously read your LiveJournal for years when I stumbled across it in like...God, 06? Anyway, hi. I'm Amanda, and I'm from Virginia, and I've always enjoyed your bloggggs.

  2. haha hi ! nice to meet you ! there are people who have been reading it since like, 1997 so on the creep scale you are wayyyy lower than them.

  3. i see you have my glam shots to keep you company. ilu!

  4. ilu2 ! i see those every day when i put my coat away <3