Thursday, February 18, 2010

ay ! monstruo

i don't want to sound like a shill, but if you have a cat, i would like to recommend two very important products. the first is the furminator pet brush


which is the most amazing pet brush i've ever used. it's pretty gentle but removes all of the fur trapped in the undercoat and seriously removes more hair than i thought possible. pizza sheds A LOT and this brush is like... 500x better than any brush i've ever used, and doesn't irritate her skin like this type of brush. the second product is soft paws, which are little rubber nail caps to go over your cat's claws to prevent them from scratching furniture.


when i got pizza, i was 20 or 21, and i didn't give a fuck about furniture so i never deterred her from scratching or taught her to use a post. now that she's almost 7 she loooooves scratching furniture and these are the best deterrent. she can still grip stuff with her claws and isn't bothered or hindered by them, and they fall off when she sheds her nails naturally. plus they are fucking cute.

anyway, i bring this all up because as soon as some new soft paws come in the mail, i'm having a cat grooming night. it was surprisingly easy to get christina to help- i just said we were going to play "cat beauty parlor" and she was like, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET ME GET MY ZYRTEC"


i didn't get very much done last night- i'm sort of off track this week as far as eating well and not being super lazy goes. i watched a movie on tv, knitted a few cable repeats on my mitten and tried to do a ten man ICC (but our internet kept crapping out. i don't think any daggers dropped, but they got to the lich king D: D: D:).

tonight mouse and i are going to dinner with kati and kev. i haven't seen kati since halloween and i haven't seen kevin in so long that i think our friendship reset and i don't know him anymore and i've never met him. we're going to thoreau, i think, a new vegetarian restaurant in the city owned by the same people who own blue sage.


i don't have super high hopes because most reviews say the food is kind of bland, but maybe i'll bring a container of that emeril seasoning or something. i also have been making the joke that we're going to "suck the marrow substitute out of life" and no one thinks it's funny. fuck the world.

that's about it for now. oh, mouse has a new nephew:


he really likes him so far, but i think mouse is disappointed that the baby isn't learning jiu jitsu fast enough. he'll probably give him another week.


  1. ROXY I bought one of those cat brushes and it's so much fun I think I'm going to brush my cats until they're BALD.

  2. man, try as you might, you won't be able to- sometimes i brush pizza forever and i'm like HOW IS THERE STILL HAIR COMING OFF OF YOU? HOW ARE YOU STILL HAIRY?