Monday, February 22, 2010

recommendations to make your life better and dumber

1) klean kanteen water bottles

klean kanteen

i saw these in the ferry building in san francisco (since like, zero stores carry them in philly) and was totally taken in by the colors. i didn't buy one because i was really pushing it with my carry-on anyway, but i made a vanity purchase of a 27 ounce orange and 27 ounce green bottle (one for home and one for work) a few weeks ago and i LOVE them. seriously, they are the only water bottle i've ever used that doesn't make the water taste like the bottle. they are super water-tight too and christina really likes the sport cap on hers.

2) baggu shopping bags


again, this is another thing where i was taken in by pretty colors and made a vanity purchase. i have a bunch of reusable grocery bags and i basically always forget to bring them because i do most of my shopping on foot or ON THE FLY, and these take up zero space in my purse and each bag holds a thousand things and are super comfortable to carry. plus derrr they come in a billion colors derrrrrrrrr. mine have abraham lincoln silkscreened on them.

3) noi sirius pure icelandic chocolate bar (milk chocolate/33%)


i got one of these at whole foods while i was trying to look mature and pick out an expensive dark chocolate bar but i decided i fucking hate those and wanted milk chocolate. these are terrific and each package comes with 2 bars, so $3.50 is a pretty good price.

4) berocco vintage yarn


i was looking for a soft, machine washable yarn recently for a few projects (mittens, a hat for a person who has gone through chemo, etc.) and the softest washable yarn i found at loop happened to be berocco vintage, which ALSO HAPPENS TO COST $6.50 PER 217 YARD SKEIN. i'm making a pair of long mittens with it and it's so soft and knits so beautifully. i love it.


  1. roxy! that icelandic chocolate is the best!

  2. i loveeeeee it. love it love it. i'm actually eating a little bit of one right this second !

  3. Oh, thanks for the Baggu site. I've been looking for bags JUST like this!

  4. they're kind of expensive but totally worth it !