Thursday, February 25, 2010

forever young, i want to be forever young

last night i off-tanked vault of archavon ! on ten man. which is basically like... nothing, but it's the first kinda "hard" thing i've done !


basically i had to like... stand on top of paul and then taunt the boss when he said "taunt" but it was still pretty exciting ! no paladin loot dropped except for a crappy piece of ret gear though.*

the other really cool thing i did last night was brush my cat and put new soft paws on her with christina's help, and then uh.... we put a snuggie for dogs on her? i got one on impulse the other night (after my horrific mushroom stew was comped, i felt like i had $10 to burn) at cvs and was waiting for grooming to try it on her because she'd already be bummed. here she is sulking between the couch and the craft table:


she finally came out and ran right to bill to protect her- christina thinks that's because he was not involved in the process of putting the snuggie on her.

snuggie for CATS


in less whimsical news, dealing with ED stuff (eating disorder, not erectile dysfunction, though i have also never had a boner !) has been kind of rough lately because of the crippling stupid snow on the east coast. i haven't been able to really keep up a regular routine. sticking to my plan has been rough too because the sidewalks have been snowy and icy and that's like an awesome excuse. i'm working on it, but it's slowwwwww goingggggg and frustrating and stupid.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for an early dismissal from work today, but i don't have my hopes up. for those who don't live in the area, we're supposed to get a SNOWICANE.

* p.s. i have decided to just talk about wow like you guys care or know what i'm talking about to get you used to it.


  1. I just read your whole blog. I had a lot of fun, but I'm glad it's short so far or else this comment would have come way later and I would have felt a bit creepy. Oh welllll

  2. totally not creepy ! well, maybe a little creepy. but i made you a hat after i met you for like 15 minutes and i knitted a bunch of my hair into the hat and got an old lady to do a spell on it so you'd be my friend.