Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hole in my heart, the size of my heart

dudessss. last night, christina, bill, and i planned to go to tampopo for dinner, but it was closed. we didn't realize it until we got there (it's lucky we didn't bring our own bowls for 50 cents off !) and ended up going to local 44, which my brain sort of skips over every time i think of restaurants in my neighborhood. i'd never actually eaten there before ! their website describes them as "a small craft beer bar with tasty chow" (:O) and their menu actually looked pretty good. i considered getting a veggie burger with a fried egg, but upon finding out they use gardenburgers (grossest), i opted for the mushroom stew and a monk's sour flemish ale. i don't know anything about beer and i don't like sour stuff OR phlegm so i really took a chance there.

sour flemish

two important things about that beer
1) it tastes like a glass of vinegar
2) i really liked it

the mushroom stew was a different story. i'm not really a picky eater and definitely not a fussy customer and usually feel bad and try to choke down food i'm served that i'm not super into, but this was absolutely the grossest thing i've ever been served at a restaurant. i liked all the ingredients- mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions, and this was like... those things boiled in plain water with zero seasoning, spices, herbs, anything. not even salt and pepper ! it was like the last inch of dirty dish water plus the stuff in the drain catcher. the mushrooms were super tough and rubbery and everything else was mush. i finally worked up the nerve to tell the waiter and he took it off the check. their french fries were good, though, and i'll probably go back to drink, but their other vegetarian options are falafel (if i was going to get falafel in my neighborhood i'd go to saad's) and gardenburgers, so there isn't much there for me foodwise.


after dinner, i came home and knitted and did some heroics and watched part of i love you, man with christina (bill went to visit a friend in south philly) and finally admitted that i kind of like rush (bad experience dating a prog rock dude? though if i'd admitted to liking rush 8 years ago i would've found it romantic that he jumped out of bed to look at rush bass tabs and forced me to pick songs for him to play, which resulted in him saying, 'too hard. too hard. too hard. okay i can do that one.')

in other news, my dresser totally fell apart about a month ago


and i haven't put my new one together yet (it's leaning up against the dresser in that picture) so my room is a hilarious disaster area covered in clean and dirty clothing. not sure why the dirty clothes thing happened since this doesn't impede my hamper use? slippery slope, man.


but i'm tired of kramering on piles of clothes and i'm resolving to put it together sometime this week. and if not this week, this weekend ! and if not then, later i guess, who cares.

p.s. you guys should check out jeanne's blog cause it has some neat stuff.


  1. is that dinosaur yr new roommate?

  2. i'm crazy for sour beers, and i especially love the monk's one! sour ales in general are very hard to find and often expensive, i'm jealous you guys have it locally. and glad you liked it.

  3. have you ever been to monk's (the place it's brewed for) in philly? it's one of my favorite places on earth

  4. yes! i love that place. last time i was in town i beelined straight from the airport to monk's and then drank an embarrassing but satisfying number of sour ales.