Monday, February 22, 2010

i heat up, i can't cool down

heyyyy guys ! what's up? i had a decent weekend. i basically already can't remember what i did friday- i went to the grocery store (opting to walk instead of taking a car because there was still a lot of snow on the ground, and because i didn't need much) and knitted for awhile. when christina got home, we hung out and she knitted something with the yarn she spun from the fiber i got her and it looked so fucking beautiful-


this is the roving, i can't find a picture of the yarn and i don't think she took one of the little thing she was knitting

on saturday, i woke up early to go to mouse's grappling tournament. i'd been to larger tournaments with him before and they mostly are like, not a fun thing to attend because there's 6-12 matches going on at a time, there's no real set schedule, and they last for like 12 hours, but this was a smaller tournament held in south philly. mike came down to support mouse (mike also does jiu jitsu, albeit not brazilian jiu jitsu like mouse) too and wanted to make a banner for him, but i nixed the idea because i don't have any big paper. mouse competed in the no-gi flyweight (under 145lbs) division and the gi flyweight blue belt division.

bluest gi

he didn't place, but he did win an award for bluest gi ! p.s. a gi is that karate suit he's wearing.

after the tournament, mike, mouse, and i went to indian buffet and whole foods (where i got like $8 worth of olives from the olive bar) and then came back to my house to watch the invention of lying. honestly, it was kind of cute? like, i think ricky gervais is a really lazy comedian and his shit is getting oooooold, and it was definitely problematic (like, we're supposed to view jennifer garner as shallow when gervais is only really interested in her cause she's pretty?) but it was dumb and entertaining and cute.


i also inexplicably love jennifer garner? i've only seen her in one movie i think (the tv edit of 13 going on 30?) but i love her.

after everyone left (and christina went to go pick her friend bill up at the airport), i got in bed and started reading when you reach me by rebecca stead, and didn't stop until i was finished.

when you reach me

holy shit ! the book is about a girl named miranda who lives in nyc in the late 70s who is obsessed with/trying to wrap her brain around a wrinkle in time and deal with being dumped by her lifelong best friend when she starts receiving mysterious notes that predict the future. it is one of the best time travel books i've ever read and my brain has been twisted up since i read it. it's like... a super heartfelt, realistic time travel book? haha. there's absolutely nothing i didn't like about it.

yesterday mouse and i met up at green line to eat food (vegan chicken salad on a bagel for me, lentil and spinach burrito for him !) and made an impromptu decision to go to delaware for a little bit to see bj's band and josh and jane's band. it was really awesome to see them because i never leave my house anymore and only interact with them on like, facebook.

josh and jane

josh and jane. not sure which is which?

the house also had two great dogs (one was a three-legged pitbull ! the other was some pointy bandana dog) but delaware "punks" totally blow and the atmosphere was weird. we stayed for about an hour and a half and came home. on the drive home, i got mouse to agree to watch band of brothers with me (since i haven't watched it since... december of 2009 D:) so i can get psyched for the pacific.

i'm working on a few projects at work but i do want to post some product recommendations later.


  1. i can't believe i missed you guys. ughghghghgh! delaware punks are the worst but we have great punk house dogs.

  2. there were dudes there who were trying to covertly make fun of me for being fat, but it was like... that tiny livingroom? with like ten people? i chose not to draw attention to it but just kind of waved at them to let them know i could hear them. haha.

  3. omg i can't believe josh and jane showed up wearing the same outfit lolololol

    roxy i can't wait to read that book, it sounds perfect.

  4. jane said the best comment she got about her outfit was someone calling her 'gandalf the gay'. i wish i could lend you this book cause it's SO GREAT.