Monday, October 4, 2010

when i'm dreaming of you

i had the best weekend and now i don't feel well !! i'm not sure if it's allergies (since my eyes itch) or what, but my nose has been gushing, my head and neck hurt, and i've felt super super super exhausted since yesterday afternoon. i called out of work, but i still have to go to class tonight because i missed class wednesday. blehhh.

welll here's all the good stuff ! on friday, i picked up weirdo II from jeanne ! i had to drive in south philly, which is sort of a nightmare of narrow streets and jay walking guidos, and was not able to parallel park to go inside (her street is REALLY narrow !), but weirdo and i made it home and she is the cutest sweetest smallest best dude ever. seriously, i cannot convey how fucking small she is ! here is a picture of her being small with me:


mouse stopped by on friday night to visit her and loved her, of course (he is interested in kittens)- we also discovered that she's obsessed with food. the second he opened his burrito and she could smell it, she frantically climbed all over him, meowing and then ran down his leg and bit his burrito !!! it was the funniest weirdest, but during the course of the weekend she did that with:

- thai curry
- pickles
- bbq seitan
- twizzlers

basically any food sends her into a ridiculous frenzy and she screams and tries to bite your food. it's very cute now that she's tiny, but will possibly not be that cute when she's big !

on saturday, mouse, nate, anna, and i went to linvilla orchards and met up with kati, alan, james, rachael, ashley, and sarah (who i FINALLLLLLY got to meet !). that sounds like a billion people, and it was ! linvilla is my favorite orchard, and it was packed.


i had the best time with everyone- we mostly looked at animals and ate food. a real stupid goat ate some corn out of my hand !!!!! and i saw a cow pee for like a minute straight. a horse too ! and we looked at some super gross emus. i also had french fries with vinegar, an apple cider slushie, a cider donut, and a slice of frozen chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. who knew such a thing existed? holy shit. i felt like cathy.


but because of all of that, i DIDN'T get a caramel apple, which is a bummer because caramel apples are my favorite food and i only get to have one a year (because i have terrible teeth !). i also didn't get to have deep fried oreos, which i get to have no times a year (only because i'm not often around them, not because of any kind of cathy-esque food rules). so many regrets ! i declined going apple picking (since i can never find any good apples on the trees) and instead bought some neat stuff at their store- i got:

- pumpkin butter
- orange blossom honey
- pickled baby beets
- sweet garlic dill pickles (!!!!!)

amish wedding?

anyway, i had the best time and got the worst stomach ache ! after all that, we came home and parted ways- i had a ton of homework and was super tired, and ended up crashing out and not doing any homework.

on sunday, mouse and i went to laurel hill cemetery (a gigantic beautiful victorian cemetery here) for the spirits and spiritualists tour. it was great, and laurel hill is beautiful (especially on an overcast day, because i'm a goth teenager), but there wasn't really thaaaaat much about spiritualism on the tour. we did learn about margaret fox, who was basically the inventor of spiritualism, who was very famous for being able to communicate with the dead with rapping and crap, and her love affair with the famous explorer elisha kent kane. they were going to be married, but his family forbade it because they were stuck up assholes !!!!!! anyway, he wrote her a bunch of romantic letters about how she'd be buried in his family crypt with him when she died (why don't guys do stuff like that anymore?) and after he died she was like, "actually we secretly got married and i want his shit", and i believe she ended up getting some of his shit.

elisha kane

his tomb is in the side of a hill just outside the cemetery fence (i think cause they couldn't fence around it?), and margaret didn't end up in there. boo. other than that, there wasn't too much spiritualism on the tour, but he did show us all the famous graves (general meade, harry kalas, frank furness, charles thomson, etc.). i had a good time, and i tried to touch every tombstone to see if a ghost would haunt me, but it didn't happen.

after the cemetery, we went to whole foods, where i got $98329829832 worth of stuff from the salad bar/hot bar, and i came home to study and do homework. i didn't end up getting too much done because i was already starting to feel sick, but i got the main assignment i had due finished. today i have to do a little reading and maybe work on an essay, but i'm probably going to take mucinex and sleep.

class tonight- the syllabus instructs us to bring our laptops, which is awesome because it's rainy and gross outside and my laptop is too big to bring places, but i'll do it.


  1. ok well i love everything about this, obviously, but especially the part where the kitten bites the burrito <3

  2. Awww tiny kitten! You guys look so dang cute.

  3. i wishhhhhh you guys could pet this thing !

  4. Cheesecake on a stick is my favorite splurge at the MD Ren. Festival! I haven't been in a few years but I cannot go to the Ren Festival and not get a cheesecake on a stick. It just feels wrong. God, I want one right now.
    Funny, I didn't know they sold them anywhere else!

  5. i wish they sold them at my houseeeeee