Friday, October 22, 2010

oooo-ooooh BLACK DIAMOND (replacements version)

i'm not kidding, guys- school has been the busiest ever the past couple of weeks ! between school work and work work (plus... not doing any school work over the weekend last weekend) the past week has been oppressively brutal. but on the plus side, you really haven't missed anything besides me reading books.

last night was genocide class, which was great as always. we talked about the armenian genocide and watched voices from the lake. there are a lot of totally brilliant people in my class but it sort of bugs me how some of them (even the brilliant ones !) kind of like, fuck off on their laptops and laugh at stuff when we're watching movies about... actual people being slaughtered? kids these days. i love it though, aside from that, and i can't say that there's one person who doesn't contribute positively to the discussion (though the guy who is studying religion and obviously sort of hates muslims is pushing it sometimes).

van cat
to avoid posting more grim genocide pictures, here is a turkish van, a cat who is from around lake van in turkey, where the armenians used to hang out

so... i'm excited about genocide. i'd love to study it FOR REAL once i'm ready (like, once i learn how to actually go to school). i'm kind of bummed that i took this class so early in my career because i feel like i'm not really able to engage fully or express my opinions in an intelligent way. every paper i've gotten back has been an A+ with really encouraging notes, but while i'm writing them i feel like a total clueless idiotic idiot. i guess i've been talking about it a lot lately, though, because my coworker printed out an article for me about ratko mladic.

f u ratko

i have to write two research paper proposals this weekend, which means i finally have to read this asinine book for one class and check out a bunch of articles my friend anna (a genocide scholar ! and like, an infinitely valuable resource to me as i'm exploring my interest in genocide) suggested to me and skim a few books (gendercide and genocide by adam jones and gendercide by mary anne warren), plusssss do my regular reading for genocide class and write my response paper for it.

right now everyone is trying to hang out with me this weekend, which is like... a really wonderful problem to have, but i might have to break everyone's hearts and hole up and read/write for most of the weekend.

some other notable heartbreakers

what else? oh, i figured out that i like lattes. i figured this out on our road trip when we stopped at a dunkin donuts of all places and i had what i now realize was a really disgusting latte, but without the context this week has provided, it seemed great. now i've had one every day of this week and have been somber cornholio with loose stools for days.

latte dinosaur

on that note, i think i'm going to switch to soy lattes next week.

i bought a large H bag from brooklyn industries just now because i need a big bag that fits my laptop and some school books (also i had a $40 GROUPON), but some evidence (testimony of camille cruz) suggests that my laptop may not fit in it.

large H bag

i'm sorry that all my problems are so fucking stupid privileged. my expensive laptop won't fit in this expensive bag ! i have too many friends ! my completely free college education is stressful !!!!!

what else am i gonna do this weekend? knit baby stuff for helen's baby (i've BARELY had a chance to do this), clean my apartment this weekend (it is horrifying me and stressing me out), go grocery shopping. spend a lot of time actually studying at green line (cause all my stuff at my house is too cool).

okay, i have a bunch of work to do at work right now so i'll TTYL LYLAS.


  1. Roxy, I need you to know that I'm on the phone at work and I was about to type "I fucking love you" as a comment to this entry but I accidentally fucking SAID IT OUT LOUD INSTEAD because my brain wires got crossed. So thanks to genocide and dinosaur lattes, I just told one of my coworkers that I fucking love them. basically.

    anyway I want to read all your books and knit so much baby crap with you.

  2. hahaha i finally got you back for JUGULA !!!!!!! i love you too and wish you lived hereeee.

    p.s. teen jugula

  3. teen jugula is the new katy perry single, i think

  4. I have the same bag and I seriously just brought my laptop to work in it today! Totally fits. Guess it depends on the size of your laptop. (Stating the obvious, huh.)