Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i don't want to change the world

goddddd i'm the worst blogger in fucking history ! i've been really fucking busy lately, almost entirely doing reading/writing for school. i'm seriously almost regretting my decision to go back, because i have so little time and i feel like i haven't seen any of my friends in weeks. i barely see christina and we live in the same house. blahhh. all this for a degree that will be totally useless ! five years of AGONY !!!!!!!!!!!

history degree !

i had a good weekend last weekend- on friday night, i forced myself to do some homework, KIND OF. which is, incidentally, also what i did on saturday. i seriously have never, ever, ever in my life had such a hard time reading a book as i did with beyond the culture wars by gerald graff (and i remember my recent experience with that mamdani book !!!!!). basically the book is about how educators should teach their students about conflicts and controversy surrounding literature and like... every single line of the book is a restatement of that sentence. and like... no offense gerald graff, i'm sure you are a really rad person, but you are a windbag of the highest degree and i hate your book and i fucking hateeeee you.

i'm gerald graff ! i'm a professor ! blah blah blah ! teach the conflicts, kids !

i spent most of the day studying at the green line, half with christina, half without, almost all with jesse (she was working), butttttt i didn't really get very much done. on saturday night, mouse and mike came over to watch the phillies break my heart and we got thai food (well, mouse got chinese food) and the boys played with the kitten. that was cool for me because she's a pain in the ass. i love her, but she's in like... extreme attack mode right now and my arms and neck (she likes to hang out on the back of the couch) are a mess of little bite marks and scratches. anyway, mike played feathers with her for awhile and mouse let her attack his shoes. i was happy to see them both because it's been forever. mike got mouse eskrima sticks for his birthday, so i'm looking forward to getting hit with eskrima sticks while i try to knit or watch movies.

quality wood
i chose this assortment of nunchucks and violence sticks because it says "quality wood"

speaking of the kitten, she is still totally obsessed with food. it is the weirdest thing in the fucking universe- there's nothing medically wrong with her, yet she constantly acts like she's starving to death. any time anyone else besides her is eating, she starts yelling at them and trying to get the food ! this past week, she has bitten, eaten, or tried to bite: vegan pizza, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, TOFU SCRAMBLE, pretzels, a piece of pineapple from pineapple fried rice. what the hell ! here's a picture of her being really cool:


on sunday, i ran some errands and went to whole foods to get food to try to make myself eat food (ED stuff has been weird lately. understatement). i got vanilla yogurt and gingersnap granola from the bulk bins (!!!!!) and pears for breakfast, and i'm gonna try to eat that in a minute. after doing mooooooooore studying all night (at the green line, where patchie entertained me and played good music), francesca came over because she was in town ! holy shit ! i didn't even notice she was short because she acts so fucking tall. she ordered vegan pizza and i ate some pretzels and it was neat. i'm sort of embarrassed because pizza was being aloof and weirdo was being a weirdo.

as for the rest of this week, i've been cornholioing on lattes and studying and i'm still pretty far behind despite my professor giving us a much-needed extension on our genocide paper proposals. i'm going to do my damndest to catch up and get all my work done today and tomorrow. i seriously doubt i'd spend so much time studying if my study habits were more efficient- as it stands, i spend like 8 hours zoning out and read like 2 pages and then the next day spend 5 hours freaking out about how i spent so much time zoning out and then read 2 more pages. life ! is weird.

the only other news is that cam was totally right and my laptop didn't even come CLOSE to fitting in the h bag. i'm going to return it (i guess? i really like it but $58 is too much for a bag i can't use every day, even if i have to bring my laptop to school) and i got this bag instead:

brooklyn industries

i love it, and it should fit my laptop and school books and crap. and jeanne described it as looking like "something you would put horse feed in" which might be my style? if i wore leather or boots fit my calves i'd either be a robin hood person or look like someone who rides or tends to horses.

i wanted to make this entry more enriching and entertaining but work is fucking annoying ! i hate everything right now ! byeeeee.


  1. looking at that bag again I also think it's something you could put rolled up maps on parchment paper and half a loaf of bread wrapped in a handkerchief in.

  2. ps. my captcha just now was "hamoo" ?!?!?!

  3. My favorite things about this post- "violence sticks" and "cornholioing"

  4. hamoo is a killer whale that eats hams !!! i should draw that for mike !!!!!!!!!

    parchment and bread is like, all i carry.

  5. You could definitely put a "Hammo" in that bag

  6. Aaahhh where's your new bag from? I love it!

  7. BROOKLYN INDUSTRIES, i had a groupon.

  8. that bag is seriously so beautiful.

    "any time anyone else besides her is eating, she starts yelling at them and trying to get the food !"

    awww, it's like I never left! maybe she is channeling my residual energy.

    ps quality wood
    pps i might be cornholio for halloween cause i can't find a fucking wedding dress. everyone in sacramento is hoarding them. what the hell, you wear it ONCE!

  9. brooke come backkkkkkkkkkkkkk and fight over food with my kitten !!!

  10. weirdo won't stand a chance against this dense, intense mfer!

  11. those are three-section staffs aka the coiling dragon staff. there are no nunchucks in that picture!

  12. welllllll excuuuuuuuuse meeee michaelangelo gallelli

  13. hey brooke, my friend is having a halloween party and picked everyone a random costume from a hat and I got beavis! we should be cross coast beavis and beavis.

  14. omg jeanne i had a whole conversation with my friend the other day about how funny it would be to go as JUST beavis or JUST butthead!

  15. what is up with the creepy xray triplevision picture of gerald graff?? hahaha. i'm sure that's why you picked it but it just baffles me that it even exists

  16. weirdo & pizza are really cute but i am still way miffed by the cuddle rebuff! FORGET YOUSE.