Wednesday, March 9, 2011

remember our life?

ahh i've had an uneventful couple of days ! but i'm still gonna write a thing !

i'm pretty swamped at work- i was out for several weeks, and on vacation right before that, and i am taking on a bunch of new projects and responsibilities now (which include a surprise event tomorrow and an event next week)- but if i don't take a minute to like, think my thoughts, i will probably go insane.

last night mouse came over and we went to get coffee at the green line. i have to interrupt myself and say that i'm giving up caffeine for lent. it isn't ACTUALLY for lent, because i am not a practicing catholic and the tyranny and evil of the catholic church makes me sick to my fucking stomach, but i'm still "a catholic" in the way that people who grew up in the catholic church are- real superstitious and preoccupied with the saints and junk. but, anyway, i'm switching to decaf for now in hopes of switching to no caffeine, because i've gone from barely sleeping to not sleeping.


anyway, i met up with mouse and we went to the green line and had a good talk about ancient history. he's been listening to the hardcore history podcasts about ancient rome (which probably explains why he changed his facebook picture to a bust of caligula, but that could also be the fact that he is like a vegan caligula. minus wine. minus incest. minus vomiting. plus 8 hours of sleep a night.). it was pretty interesting, and boy, he sure taught me a lot about claudius.


facts about claudius
- super dumb
- ....or was he?!?!?!

in other news, or non-news, my cats still fucking hate each other. well, maybe not HATE. roxy jr. seems to really want to be friends with pizza- he follows her around and tries to sniff her and stuff, and she freaks out and hisses and runs away (or attacks him). here's a picture of him coming to say hi and her trying to run away:

cat friends

i am slowly coming to terms with being a single person with two cats, and it isn't bad so far. i'm conscious of seeming like a "cat person", but in reality i'm an equal opportunity "animal person" who just happens to have cats. if i had a turtle i'd talk about it and anthropomorphize it and dress it in clothing just as much !

i cannot write another interesting thing right now because i'm so swamped with work. i might do some hanging out/movie watching tonight (unfortunately i have to miss ryann's show at the bean, but you should go !), but i'm mostly going to be working from home and possibly eating cream of wheat.

p.s. maybe i should get a turtle


  1. i feel your description of lingering catholicism! i am fascinated by saints and can't figure out a way to make art about them without either seeming like a serious devout catholic, or seeming like a shitty punk kid trying to make a statement to make my mom mad. it's been frustrating me for about 2 years now, and makes me feel like a creep!

  2. maybe you could make a virgin mary doing that 'v' thing with her fingers and wiggling her tongue !!!

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  4. !!!! ROXY!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I will be writing about my own residual saint stuff in my blog sometime soon. I find the best way to represent catholic ideas in art is to represent them alongside a million other things I think are interesting but don't believe in as part of a big universal soup of archetypal images and ideas.

  5. Are you going to drink decaf everyday like you would regular coffee? I love coffee but I gave it up last July because I have an ulcer. It also made it increasingly difficult to sleep. Anyway, I didn't quit caffeine because I still drink yerba mate and green tea everyday. But I miss coffee.

  6. jeanne and megan, i'm also pretty confused about my interest in like.. catholic art and iconography. i loooove buying saint medallions and lazily praying to them when i need stuff :(

    jp, i'm just drinking decaf when i want coffee specifically now, but for the past few days i've mostly just been drinking water. today i did have some tea though because i have a sore throat. it's weird, i've only been drinking coffee since the fall and i'm like WHAT DO I DO WITHOUT IT??? now.

  7. i keep hoping you will come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hi there! i was looking for your email address somewhere on here, but couldn't find it anywhere. i'm so sorry if i offended you - that certainly wasn't my goal, at all. if you're a newer follower, you probably didn't see the body image crap i dealt with earlier in the year, and believe me - the last thing i want to do is make anyone feel crappy about the way they look. i guess you can't see it from the angle that i posted, but it was a wrap skirt and the piece of fabric was huge (it was about double the length to make sure nothing accidentally showed). i was trying to emphasize the size of the fabric. maybe next time i'll take the actual measurements. i changed the wording around a bit to clarify what i meant. if you'd like to chat about it more, you're more than welcome to shoot me an email - it's a bit hard to talk over blog comments :)

  9. Are you blogging anywhere now? I lost my BCO password and can't figure out how to get it sent to me, maybe you can help. This is Mike btw.

  10. misssssssss your writing, brilliant funny girl!